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The Race for Autonomous Cars

Autonomous Auto Security Research Ramps up

September 30th 2016

Dashboard for electric car

Karamba Security has released Autonomous Security for connected and autonomous vehicles, a solution that empowers electronic control units (ECUs) to protect themselves from hackers and which the company claims would have blocked the recent Tesla-type hacks.

Autonomous Security is an extension to the company’s Carwall ECU security platform, enabling automotive technology providers to achieve the goals set out in the U.S. Department of Transportation's guidelines for the safe deployment of autonomous cars. Cyberattacks can only infiltrate a car by compromising the externally-connected ECUs controlling infotainment, navigation and OBDII telematics dongles, for example. Karamba Security’s Autonomous Security technology allows any car’s ECU to protect itself from this threat by automatically locking it down to the ECU's factory settings.


The Weapon's Edge

U.S. Military Is Building a $100 Million Drone Base in Africa

September 30th 2016

MQ-1 Predator Drone

From high above, Agadez almost blends into the cocoa-colored wasteland that surrounds it. Only when you descend farther can you make out a city that curves around an airfield before fading into the desert. Once a nexus for camel caravans hauling tea and salt across the Sahara, Agadez is now a West African paradise for people smugglers and a way station for refugees and migrants intent on reaching Europe’s shores by any means necessary.

Africans fleeing unrest and poverty are not, however, the only foreigners making their way to this town in the center of Niger. U.S. military documents reveal new information about an American drone base under construction on the outskirts of the city. The long-planned project — considered the most important U.S. military construction effort in Africa, according to formerly secret files obtained by The Intercept through the Freedom of Information Act — is slated to cost $100 million, and is just one of a number of recent American military initiatives in the impoverished nation.

Significant Lives

Remembering Shimon Peres, A Man of Wisdom

September 29th 2016

Shimon Peres

It is painful to declare it, yet it is true: at the age of 93, Shimon Peres is gone.

In the coming days, the Jewish state of Israel will grieve the loss of its elder statesman and a man who personified the words made famous by Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism: “If you will it, it is not a dream.”

For Shimon Peres, the dream of re-establishing a state in the historic homeland of the Jewish people came to pass.  And until his final days on earth, he was singularly committed to seeking a better future for his nation, and to working toward the goal of peace.

Vote 2016

In Their Own Words: Why Bill’s ‘Bimbos’ Fear a Hillary Presidency

September 29th 2016

Hillary Clinton in blue

Last week, Hillary accused Republican canddiate Donald Trump of having a “penchant for sexism” in an interview with the Des Moines Register in Iowa.  The billionaire fired back on Twitter: “Be careful Hillary as you play the war on women or women being degraded card.”

Trump followed up with a second tweet, saying, “Hillary, when you complain about ‘a penchant for sexism,’ who are you referring to? I have great respect for women. BE CAREFUL!”

Clinton has sought to portray her campaign as one that is fighting for women’s rights.  On several occasions, she has tweeted about sex assault survivors’ right to be believed, and awkwardly starred in a campaign ad in which she insisted that one must always side with women who accuse men of sexual assault – a strange position given that her husband was repeatedly accused of precisely that crime. Read more ..

The Edge of Justice

Texas Prisons Ban Dante's 'Inferno' but okay with 'Mein Kampf'

September 29th 2016

jail door closeup

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has banned about 15,000 books from the prisons it operated in the Lone Star State. Among the banned books are those by former Republican Sen. Bob Dole, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Sojourner Truth. But Texas has an open mind about Adolf Hitler. The totalitarian dictator’s signal work, “Mein Kampf,” is available to readers in Texas penitenciaries. Also allowed is “My Awakening,” by white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan official David Duke.
This comes during “Banned Books Week”: an annual event noting books targeted by official censors. Deborah Caldwell-Stone of the American Library Assn., a Banned Books Week sponsor, condemned the Texas ban of "Wolf Boys: Two American Teenagers and Mexico's Most Dangerous Drug Cartel" by Dan Slater. The non-fiction "Wolf Boys" is about two Texas teenagers who go to work for the murderous Mexican narcoterrorist organization, the Zetas, and are then caught and sentenced.  Both teenagers reside in Texas prisons.

Campus Hate

Anti-Semitism On Campus Is Not Just Uncivil, It’s Intolerant

September 29th 2016

boycott Israel t-shirt

“Events like these are not welcome on our campus anymore.”
Head of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at University of California Davis addressing a group of more than 70 activists preparing to disrupt a Jewish student event about Israel.

Incivility: “Rude or unsociable speech or behavior”
Intolerance: “An unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own”

When more than a dozen Jewish student events about Israel were violently disrupted at schools from coast to coast this year, including San Francisco State University, University of California Irvine and Davis, University of Maryland, Boston University, University of New Mexico, University of South Florida, University of Georgia, University of Chicago and the University of Minnesota, is it “incivility” or “intolerance”?
When Jewish students who attempt to express their opposition to anti-Israel boycott resolutions are viciously mocked, vilified and heckled during student government meetings at schools such as Vassar College, Ohio University, UC Santa Barbara and University of Illinois, is it “incivility” or “intolerance”?

StandWithUs Mourns the Loss of Shimon Peres, Former Prime Minister and President of Israel

September 29th 2016

Shimon Peres was a symbol of the reborn Jewish state and strode the world stage representing the hopes and dreams of everyday Israelis and Jews around the world. A kibbutznik, he became the personal right-hand man of Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion.  He is the last of Israel's “founding fathers” whose seventy years of public service to Israel included Member of Knesset, Minister of Defense, Foreign Minister, Prime Minister and President.  Driven by his vision of peace he was a primary architect of the ill-fated Oslo Peace Process - ultimately rejected by Yasser Arafat in 2000 with tragic consequences for the Israeli and Palestinian peoples - for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Even when ending conflict seemed distant, Peres never lost hope and launched a multitude of efforts aimed at building peace between Arabs and Jews. As President, he became Israel's elder statesman. He used his office to promote high tech innovation to be used for the advancement of humanity around the world, often with humor and charm. He was equally at home with world leaders and common citizens alike - from kings, presidents, generals and popes to shopkeepers, workers, and green IDF recruits. Shimon Peres had spoken of his praise for the work of StandWithUs in reaching out to people around the world about Israel. His unremitting commitment to Israel and the Jewish people will be his enduring memorial.  May his memory be a blessing. 

The Edge of Nature

How Israel is Saving the Honeybees

September 28th 2016


Honeybees across the world are in a sticky situation. Their numbers are dwindling dramatically due to colony collapse disorder (CCD) for reasons that are not fully understood. Yet the honeybee population in Israel is holding steady.

That’s great news at this time of year, when sweet Jewish New Year dishes push honey demand to its peak. And most importantly, bees play a crucial role in agriculture by pollinating vegetables and fruits.

Israel takes measures to ensure that its bee population declines no more than 10 percent each year, compared to 30%-50% in the United States, where the problem is so severe that Häagen-Dazs ice cream has donated $1 million to honeybee research since 2008, and President Obama initiated a national strategy to promote bee health.

“We try all kinds of things,” Israeli Honey Board CEO Hertzel Avidor tells ISRAEL21c, such as supporting Israeli research into all the biological and botanical angles on CCD, from boosting bees’ immune systems to developing nectar-rich plants.The council helps Israel’s 500 beekeepers implement innovative tactics to support a collective 110,000 hives.


Significant Lives

Israel Mourns Loss of Shimon Peres

September 28th 2016

Shimon Peres

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife expressed their condolences early Wednesday morning at the passing of Israel’s ninth president and internationally cherished diplomat emeritus Shimon Peres. Few are the people in Israel's history who have done as much for the state and the Jewish people as Shimon Peres, Netanyahu said in a statement released just before a special cabinet meeting he is convening to honor the former president. “Like all the citizens of Israel, the whole Jewish people, and many in the world, I bow my head in memory of our beloved Shimon Peres,” he said in a statement.

Peres, who dedicated his life to Israel's independence, was a visionary who looked to the future, Netanyahu said. But he was also a man for whom security was utmost in his mind, and who buttressed the country's security capacities in many ways, some of which are still not publicly known to this day.


Shimon Peres Mourned by Millions

September 28th 2016

I join millions of people in Israel, the United States, and around the world in mourning the loss of former Israeli Prime Minister and President Shimon Peres. As one of Israel's founding fathers, President Peres played an integral role in firmly cementing the Jewish state as a beacon of democracy in the region and America's closest ally. President Peres was one of the most admired peacemakers of our time. Throughout tumultuous periods in Israel, including wars, assassinations, and political upheaval, President Peres remained committed to the goal of peace between Israel and all her neighbors.  He worked tirelessly to resolve the complicated differences between Israelis and Palestinians, never giving up on the vision of two states for two peoples. Part of his indelible and everlasting legacy instructs each of us to never give up on peace.  As we mourn the loss of this extraordinary leader and world-renowned statesman, let us redouble our commitment to the many causes to which he devoted his life.  President Peres' memory is a blessing and an inspiration to all.

Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey (D-Rockland/Westchester) is Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee

Significant Lives

Former Israeli President, Prime Minister Shimon Peres Dead at 93

September 28th 2016

Israeli flag and clouds

Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres died early Wednesday morning at the age of 93, according to Hebrew media reports.

His condition had deteriorated on Tuesday, two weeks after he suffered a major stroke, and his family was summoned to his side at Tel Aviv’s Tel Hashomer Hospital to say their final goodbyes.

Peres, who also served in a host of other government positions, was most recently the Jewish state’s president from 2007-2014. He emigrated from Poland to Palestine in 1932, before the founding of modern Israel in 1948. He was considered the last of Israel’s founding fathers.

He led the creation of Israel’s defense industry, negotiated key arms deals with France and Germany and was the prime mover behind the development of Israel’s nuclear weapons. But he was consistent in his search for an accommodation with the Arab world, a search that in recent years left him orphaned as Israeli society lost interest, especially after the upheavals of the 2011 Arab Spring led to tumult on its borders. Read more ..

The Caliphate

Beyond Mosul

September 28th 2016

Syrian Refugees

Black smoke was rising from the Qayara oilfelds as the refugees huddled in the shade.  They had arrived that morning – from ISIS controlled territory a little further west.

These  refugees had come from Jahala village.  They were Sunni Arabs.   They had elected earlier that day to risk an escape from IS territory across the desert – a route ending in certain death if caught by the jihadis.  ‘ISIS have set fire to the oil fields,’  one of them told us. ‘The smoke makes it impossible to breathe.  12 or so people every day need the hospital. It’s impossible to stay.’ Read more ..

Inside the Israeli-American Community

IAC National Conference Marks Transformative Moment for Israeli-American Community as 2,100 Gather in Washington, D.C.

September 27th 2016

IAC Awards Miriam & Sheldon Adelson, Adam Milstein, Shawn Evenhaim, and Shoham Nicolet
IAC Awards Miriam & Sheldon Adelson, Adam Milstein, Shawn Evenhaim,
and Shoham Nicolet

Over the course of three days at the Israeli-American Council National Conference, more than 220 speakers addressed 2,100 activists and leaders in four plenaries and 39 panels on topics ranging from the hybrid identity of Israeli-Americans and the next generations to the U.S.-Israel alliance and the two-state solution.

Adam Milstein, IAC Chairman, also spoke to this idea during his opening keynote, "We proudly embrace our new identity, and love and cherish our home in America while remaining deeply connected to our Jewish homeland in Eretz Israel." Milstein opened the conference by announcing that California Gov. Jerry Brown has just signed into law AB2844, a piece of legislation championed by the IAC that prevents those companies engaging in discriminatory boycotts from doing business with the State of California.


Author Interview

Nazism: How It Could Happen Again

September 27th 2016

Holocaust cattle cars

Eduardo Szklarz is a journalist based in Buenos Aires who covers political and economic news. In his new book, which is available currently in his native Portuguese only, he shows his prowess in explaining to Latin American writers that there remains fertile ground in the world where crazed national socialism of the sort that gripped Germany and much of Europe during the second two quarters of the 20th century.

Szklarz does a yeoman's service and brings his scholarship to bear by referring to multiple sources in multiple languages to show how a civilized nation -- Germany -- sank into barbarism and then savagery but always with terrible purposefulness and efficiency. He cites the work of Edwin Black, the author of "IBM and the Holocaust" and "War against the Weak", as a warning against those who all too easily fall into the trap of seeking to create a heaven on earth but ultimately create a hell like Auschwitz and Dachau. It was American social reforme Read more ..

The Toxic Edge

Deadly Pathogens Repeatedly Dispatched By U.S. Labs To Unsecure Sites

September 27th 2016

Worker contemplates nuclear waste

Public, academic and private laboratories that work with deadly diseases have mistakenly transferred highly contagious viruses and bacteria to unsecure locations at least twenty-one times in the past 13 years, a frequency more than double what the officials overseeing such work previously said their data showed, according to a new Government Accountability Office report.

In each case, the scientists and officials involved wrongly concluded that the deadly pathogens had been inactivated and thus were safe to transport elsewhere. One of the incidents, involving mistaken shipments by a Defense Department laboratory of live anthrax bacteria, attracted wide notice in 2015. But the GAO report said key government agencies have been slow to fix managerial and policy lapses that contributed to that event and might provoke additional errors.


The Race for Energy Efficiency

Car-mounted Sensors Can Automate Street Light Maintenance

September 27th 2016

Downtown LA Neighborhood

Researchers from the MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering hope to lower the cost of monitoring and maintenance for street lighting by automatically sensing and mapping all street lights at night.

They devised a set of cameras and sensors to be mounted on top of city-owned vehicles, such as police cars, night buses or garbage trucks which regularly cruise the city's streets. Tagging it with GPS data, the sensor pack uses digital cameras and sophisticated software to distinguish between streetlights and other sources of illumination, and even to estimate the height of each lamp. Other sensors measure the exact level of illumination to determine if lights are failing, or if there are dark areas between lights which would indicate a possible lamp outage or a need for an additional light pole.


Campus Jihad

Alan Dershowitz Calls on Alumni, Donors to Divest From Universities That Boycott Israel

September 27th 2016

Yale University

Attempts by universities to divest from Israel “should be met with a similar counter response from alumni and donors,” internationally acclaimed attorney Alan Dershowitz told The Algemeiner on Thursday.

In light of growing support for the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement across college campuses around the world, Dershowitz said, it is time to take a stand against this “dangerous force.”

“The policy will be that in response to any university that divests from Israel, alumni and parents will divest from that university,” he explained. “It is important to fight economic threats with economic counter-threats.”

Recounting his own experience as a parent, Dershowitz said that when he heard about faculty at Hampshire University — the alma mater of one of his children — voting to boycott Israel, “I called up the president and said I would lead a campaign to urge all donors and alumni to divest from the school. He then assured me that Hampshire will never divest from Israel, and it never has.”


Book Review

High Hitler: Nazi Drug Abuse and Germany's leader

September 26th 2016


Blizted by Norman Ohler. Allen Lane Publishers. 2016. 16 BP. 368 pages.

The German writer Norman Ohler lives on the top floor of a 19th-century apartment building on the south bank of the river Spree in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Visiting him there is a vertiginous experience. For one thing, he works – and likes to entertain visitors – in what he calls his “writing tower”, a flimsy-seeming, glass-walled turret perched right on the very edge of the roof. (Look down, if you dare, and you will see his little boat moored far below.) For another, there is the fact that from this vantage point it is possible to discern two Berlins, one thrusting and breezy, the other spectral and grey. To our left, busy with traffic, is the Oberbaum Bridge, where there was once a cold war checkpoint, and beyond it the longest remaining section of the Berlin Wall, its doleful length rudely interrupted by the block of luxury flats that went up in 2013. As for the large building immediately opposite, these days it’s the home of Universal Music. Not so very long ago, however, it was the GDR’s egg storage facility.


The Digital Age

Smart Home Security 'Woefully Inadequate'

September 26th 2016

Downtown LA Neighborhood

ABI Research forecasts 360 million smart home device shipments by 2020 as vendors and startups scramble to become a part of the home automation, smart home movement.

However, many companies are leaving open major security flaws in their rush to market, producing products riddled with bugs and unpatched vulnerabilities. Ignoring cybersecurity at the design level provides a wide open door for malicious threat actors to exploit smart home products.

"We see an alarming increase in ransomware in smart TVs and IP cameras, code injection attacks, evidence of zero-day threats, and password eavesdropping for smart locks and connected devices," says Dimitrios Pavlakis, Industry Analyst at ABI Research. "The current state of security in the smart home ecosystem is woefully inadequate. Smart home device vendors need to start implementing cybersecurity mechanisms at the design stage of their products."


The Battle for Syria

Syria Announces New Offensive, Truce Collapses

September 26th 2016

Syria fighting injured baby

Syria announced a new offensive against rebel-held areas of Aleppo on Thursday while diplomats failed to find a way in New York to revive a U.S. and Russian-brokered ceasefire that collapsed this week.

Warplanes mounted the heaviest air strikes in months against rebel-held districts of Syria's commercial hub and largest city, dealing a fresh blow to efforts to end Syrian civil war that has raged since 2011.

Rebel officials and rescue workers said incendiary bombs were among the weapons that rained down on Aleppo. Hamza al-Khatib, the director of a hospital in the rebel-held east, told Reuters 45 people were killed."It's as if the planes are trying to compensate for all the days they didn't drop bombs" during the ceasefire, Ammar al-Selmo, the head of the civil defense rescue service in opposition-held eastern Aleppo, told Reuters.


India on Edge

India Is Quietly Shining a Light on the Refugee Crisis

September 23rd 2016

India Street Scene

Earlier this summer, around mid-July, India introduced a bill to its 1955 Citizenship Act. The bill, if passed, will not only prioritize foreign ethnic and religious minorities for citizenship, but will cut their naturalization wait time from eleven to six years.

"Provided that persons belonging to minority communities, namely, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, and Christians from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan … shall not be treated as illegal migrants for the purposes of this Act," reads the proposed amendment to India's Citizenship Act.

This bill is in response to the many minority groups, most with Indian origins, who have emigrated to India because of religious persecution.

Take Pakistan's Christians as an example.


After the Holocaust

Detroit Holocaust Museum Enters New Phase -- Cheryl Guyer Stays Strangely Mum

September 23rd 2016

Detroit Holocaust Memorial Center

Of the many local and regional Holocaust memorials and museums scattered across America, one stands out among the best: The Holocaust Memorial Center in suburban Detroit. For me, the legacy and future of the institution is personal.


Correctly billed as America’s “first Holocaust museum,” the Detroit enterprise was conceived fourteen years before the dominant United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. was even commissioned by President Jimmy Carter in 1978. The Detroit museum opened its original doors at its first location in suburban West Bloomfield, Michigan in 1984. Subsequently, the Washington D.C. museum opened its doors in 1993. Read more ..

Israeli and Palestinians

A Palestinian State Free of Jews?

September 23rd 2016


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu provoked a storm of diplomatic disapproval last week, when he pointed out that “the Palestinian Authority actually demands a Palestinian state with one precondition: no Jews.” The Obama Administration responded that it is “inappropriate” to speak of demands for a removal of settlers in such terms. Removing the settlers, Netanyahu’s critics say, is natural and appropriate: their presence in a Palestinian state would cause tension and problems, and in any case, they should not have been there in the first place.

While it is not surprising that the head of the U.N. was unhappy with Netanyahu’s remarks, the head of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, also joined in. But neither actually addressed the central issue that Netanyahu raised: why it is legitimate for the Palestinians to ask for a Jew-free state? Read more ..

Campus Jihad

University of California Provides Textbook Example of Anti-Israel Hatred

September 23rd 2016


As anti-Israel sentiment becomes more fashionable on liberal American college campuses, it is no surprise that the University of California at Berkeley has taken this disturbing trend to the next level. In addition to calculus, English and biology, students can now enroll in a class called “Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis.”

As one can deduce from the course title, this class is built equal parts bias and hatred. It is definitively one-sided, anti-Zionist, and presumes a history that did not exist. Yet because it is a college class, the students who sign up will be either duped or further indoctrinated in a fabricated narrative masquerading fact. These students are the next generation of leaders and potentially policymakers, so the misinformation they absorb on campus runs the serious risk of influencing their views well into the future. 

If that future is going to include a democratic presence in the Middle East and a secure homeland for the Jewish People, then this course cannot be permitted to proceed.   

Following outrage by pro-Israel groups around the nation, UC Berkeley recently pulled the class from its schedule. But less than one week later, it was back, and the content was hardly changed at all.  

The language in the course syllabus speaks for itself. Calling Israel a “colony” erroneously implies that there was no Jewish presence in the land prior to 1948. Claiming that all of Israel was once Palestinian land is also categorically untrue. There was never a state of Palestine. There has been a constant Jewish presence in the Holy Land for literally thousands of years. But in this course, which students can take for academic credit, history is apparently irrelevant.  Read more ..

Obama and Israel

Is the US Aid Deal Good for Israel?

September 22nd 2016

Obama Bibi Informal Tarmac

The recent signing of the new 10 year memorandum of understanding (MOU) on security assistance between the US and Israel is less of an accomplishment than the fanfare around it might indicate. In the MOU, signed September 14th in Washington, the US pledged $38 Billion in military aid to Israel over the next ten years (2019-2028); Israel promised to no longer seek additional funds from Congress, and for the next two years has promised to reject any additional funding. Finally, the ability of Israel to spend one quarter of the aid in its own domestic defense industry, rather than having to spend all of it in the US, will be phased out. This MOU represents modest monetary gains to Israel, but sadly reflects a subtle diminution in the US-Israel relationship. Read more ..

The Edge of Terrorism

The New York Bomber Was Not a Lone Wolf

September 22nd 2016

NYPD and flag

It was no surprise that in the first hours after the New York and New Jersey bombing attacks, the culprit was widely suggested to be a “lone wolf.” The term, used to describe an individual inspired by others but acting on his or her own, has become the counterterrorism metaphor-of-choice in the age of the Islamic State.

It’s time, however, to put the lone-wolf metaphor, and its associated counterterrorism analysis, out to pasture. According to Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, we now live in a world where terrorism is “carried out by those who live among us in the homeland and self-radicalize, inspired by terrorist propaganda on the internet.”But if that diagnosis isn’t wrong, it is incomplete. The New York bomber may have been “self-radicalized,” but it’s very unlikely he was merely “inspired” by terrorist groups. Read more ..

Vote 2016

‘Jews for Trump’ Applaud Candidate’s Praise of Israeli Profiling Techniques

September 22nd 2016

Donald Trump Laconia NM Michael Vadon Jul 16 2015 03

A Jewish group supporting Donald Trump’s campaign for the US presidency defended the Republican candidate’s praise for Israel’s use of profiling to prevent terrorist attacks.

“Rather than being concerned with political correctness, our government needs to be concerned number one with our safety,” said Richard Allen, the New York director of Jews Choose Trump.

The group was referring to a Fox News interview on September 19 in which Trump said, “As you know in Israel they profile, they’ve done an unbelievable job — as good as you can do. They see somebody who’s suspicious, they profile, they will take that person and they’ll check him out.” Read more ..

Economy on Edge

UN Fears Third Leg of The Global Financial Crisis, With Epic Debt Defaults

September 22nd 2016

International Currency 2

The third leg of the world's intractable depression is yet to come. If trade economists at the United Nations are right, the next traumatic episode may entail the greatest debt jubilee in history.

It may also prove to be the definitive crisis of globalized capitalism, the demise of the liberal free-market orthodoxies promoted for almost forty years by the Bretton Woods institutions, the OECD, and the Davos fraternity.

"Alarm bells have been ringing over the explosion of corporate debt levels in emerging economies, which now exceed $25 trillion. Damaging deflationary spirals cannot be ruled out," said the annual report of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

We know already that the poisonous side-effect of zero rates and quantitative easing in the US, Europe, and Japan was to flood developing nations with cheap credit, upsetting their internal chemistry and drawing them into a snare. What is less understood is just how destructive this has been. Read more ..

Economic Jihad

Greens Should Follow Germany's Lead And Reject Israel Boycotts

September 21st 2016

Boycott Israel

While Iran's regime continues to expand its nuclear facilities and Syrian dictator Bashar Assad's war has caused a half million deaths, the Green parties in North America are bizarrely preoccupied with boycotting the Jewish state. The parties' counterpart in Germany is, however, a vehement opponent of the anti-Semitic boycott movement. The German Greens should serve as a model for Canadian and U.S. Greens to revise their anti-Israel positions.

Last month, the Green Party of Canada became the country's first party to endorse the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement (BDS) targeting Israel. BDS claims to seek concessions from Israel to advance the cause of Palestinian statehood. The movement is actually against peace because it seeks to dismantle Israel and to impose a one-state solution, rather than two states for two peoples.


North Korea's Nukes

U.S. Nuclear Deterrent to North Korea

September 21st 2016

Kim Jong Un

Can the United States provide sufficient help to offset the growing North Korean and Chinese threat to the independence and security of South Korea and Japan? It can. It should put Pershing missiles in both countries.

How should the U.S. respond to North Korea?  Thus far the U.S. response has had little or no effect on the North Korean drive to test nuclear weapons, work on miniaturization of warheads, launch ballistic missiles in the Sea of Japan and move forward on a submarine-launched ballistic missile threat.

The U.S. has shown some determination by flying B-1B nuclear bombers over South Korea.  But they departed almost as soon as they arrived, and while a point was made it had no impact on North Korea’s programs.  Read more ..

The Digital Age

Flexible Color E-paper Developed

September 19th 2016

Paper Stack

Together with flexible electrophoretic displays manufacturer E Ink, Toppan Printing Co Ltd has co-developed a 32-inch flexible colour electronic paper (e-paper) prototype, reports Nikkei Technology. This is the world's largest-screen flexible colour e-paper that uses one driving TFT substrate (back plate), according to Toppan Printing.

While the display panel was manufactured by E Ink, featuring the company's "E Ink Pearl" front plate and its "Mobius" back plate base material, Toppan Printing optimized the highly accurate deposition of proprietary colour filters on the flexible back, yielding brighter colour tones.

The prototype has a display size of 691.2x388.8mm and is overlaid with a colour filter of RGBW square pattern at a pixel count of 1,280x720 (for a total of 2,560x1,440 sub-pixels on the back plate) at a pixel pitch of 540μm. It boasts a contrast ratio of 10-20:1 for a purely reflective display and can display 4,096 colours.


The Race for Ethanol

A Response to David Gelles - The Standoff Between Big Oil and Big Corn - New York Times

September 19th 2016

Oil Barrels

A Response to David Gelles - THE STANDOFF BETWEEN BIG OIL AND BIG CORN - New York Times

There's two extremely simple ways to determine whether the Renewable Fuel Standard/Renewable Fuels Mandate has been successful in addressing energy independence, environmental problems, and certain health issues. These two ways are so uncomplicated that anyone should be able to understand them, including PhD professors on the Big Oil dole.

But first, this piece of history:

The original fuel used in the original internal combustion engines was alcohol or an alcohol-turpentine mixture. The original fuel for the diesel engine was peanut oil. Notice that there's no mention of any petroleum oil fuels. Petroleum oil fuels came into prominence in the U.S. because of monstrous taxes on alcohol production for more than 40 years, which covered all the formative years of the creation of the automobile and automotive industry. The taxes simply priced alcohol (ethanol) out of market competition for nearly all users, except race teams, scientific experimentation, and engine designers. Read more ..

The Caliphate

The Balkan’s ISIS Training Grounds

September 18th 2016

ISIS Group with Flags

The individuals involved with the January and the November 2015 attacks in Paris, the June 2016 attack at Atatűrk International Airport in Istanbul, and the July 2016 Ansbach suicide-bombing in Germany had one thing in common; all spent time in or transited through the Balkans in the preceding period.

None of this is surprising. Already in May 2007, an American observer of Balkan Islam had noted that “a visitor to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia encountered unmistakable evidence that extremist intruders are opening a Balkan front in the global jihad.”  In January 2010 Israeli officials warned that the Balkan region “is global jihad’s next destination for creating an infrastructure and recruiting activists.”


Jewry on Edge

Shame on the ADL

September 15th 2016

Isi Libler

Irrespective of one’s personal opinion of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s videotaped remarks on Palestinian “ethnic cleansing” of Jews from any future Palestinian state, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt’s scornful public condemnation is simply beyond the pale.

On numerous occasions over the past few months, I have expressed incredulity and anger at the statements of Greenblatt for determinedly tilting the ADL policy away from its primary mandate of combating anti-Semitism and steering it toward partisan social action issues.

The latest example of this was his kumbaya remarks to a J Street audience when he effectively endorsed moral equivalence between Israelis and Palestinians, complained of our failure to recognize the legitimacy of the Palestinian narrative, questioned Israel’s democratic structure, engaged in partisan electoral politics and condemned the Republican platform as “anti-Zionist for omitting a two-state structure, and insisted that groups supporting the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, which he admittedly condemns, are “animated by a desire for justice.”

Greenblatt also continues to align the ADL with the Black Lives Matter movement, despite that the movement has accused Israel of ethnic cleansing and genocide and called on black institutions to support BDS. He refuses to disassociate from them and continues to promote Black Lives Matter in the ADL’s educational and family discussion guides in schools and elsewhere. He considers that this organization, despite its anti-Semitism, is promoting “critical civil rights issues that merit attention” and that only “a small minority of the leaders” are responsible for the anti-Semitic campaigns. Read more ..

Jewry on Edge

ADL's Greenblatt Wrongly Attacks Netanyahu's Accurate Condemnation of PA Demand for Jew-Free State

September 15th 2016

Bibi Netanyahu with Glasses

It is painful and frightening that Anti-Defamation League (ADL) head Jonathan Greenblatt (a former Obama administration official) joined with the Obama administration and Palestinian Arab terrorists to harshly condemn Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for accurately and appropriately condemning Palestinian Authority’s leaders’ stated goal to “ethnically cleanse”  Jews from any future Palestinian State. Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly insisted that a Palestinian state “would not see the presence of a single Israeli — civilian or soldier — on our lands.”  (Abbas pledges: There will be no Israelis in Palestine,’ Times of Israel, July 30, 2013).  That is ethnic cleansing of Jews.

Instead of furthering the ADL’s supposed mission of combatting anti-Semitism, ADL leader Jonathan Greenblatt’s September 13, 2016 essay in Foreign Policy and on the front page of ADL’s website viciously and sarcastically condemned “Bibi” for telling the truth about monstrous PA anti-Semitism.  Read more ..

The Edge of Aging

Yisrael Kristal: A Story of Faith and Longevity of World's Oldest Man

September 15th 2016

Holding Hands

Yisrael Kristal, at 113 years of age, is not only celebrating a birthday but also a Jewish rite of passage that comes 100 years late. Daughter Shulimath Kristal Kuperstoch expressed her joy, saying “We will bless him, we will dance with him, we will be happy.” The celebration of Kristal’s bar mitzvah – the age-old Jewish ritual that marks a boy’s transition to manhood – will be held in Israel, where Kristal will be joined by 100 family members who are coming from overseas.
Kristal was born on September 15, 1903 in Zarnow, Poland. It was in 1916 that Kristal would have celebrated his transformation into Jewish manhood. But the First World War intervened in his native Poland, delaying the essential ceremony. His father was serving in the Russian army, and his mother had died. But it did not stop him from taking on the duties and responsibilities of manhood. Kristal moved to Lodz in 1920 to work in his family’s candy business. He married at the age of 25 and continued to operate the family business.

The Race for IoT

Smart Buildings and IoT

September 15th 2016

Minneapolis skyline

Even though the smart buildings market still suffers from a fragmented ecosystem as proprietary building automation systems continue dominate, ABI Research expects that smart buildings global facility services revenue will grow from $625 million in 2015 to more than $8 billion in 2021.

The bulk of the revenue will stem from North America and Western Europe, as large buildings in these regions implement cloud-based smart building platforms or integrate existing building management systems to smart building platforms.


The Future Edge

The Future of Obsolescence

September 15th 2016

Panic in Detroit

In ten years’ time robots will cease to be subservient/submissive, manufacturing won't exist as we know it and we'll be 3D printing our own clothes before we go out. Do any of these sound like familiar predictions you've heard over the last five years?

We thought so. With this in mind, we'll tread lightly when talking about what the highly interconnected future has in store for industrial automation.

At this point, it’s worth explaining the Gartner Hype Cycle – a theory that says a new technology first experiences a period of speculation and excitement before settling into a plateau of actual use.

Sometimes this excitement manifests itself in the form of highly ambitious predictions that probably won’t become widespread in the near future. More than 30 years ago, General Motors dreamed of creating factories where robots made robots with minimal human supervision. Lights out manufacturing, the stuff of sci-fi, was going to revolutionise the manufacturing industry and in the 1980s there was a buzz of anticipation.


Israel on Edge

At the U.N., Israel Is the Only ‘Occupying Power.' But what about Russia in Crimea, Armenia in Azerbaijan, and Vietnam in Cambodia?

September 14th 2016

Western/Wailing Wall

The United Nations began its annual session this week, and Israel will be prominent on the agenda. Many fear the Security Council may consider a resolution setting definite territorial parameters, and a deadline, for the creation of a Palestinian state.

President Obama has hinted that in the final months of his term, he may reverse the traditional U.S. policy of vetoing such resolutions. The General Assembly, meanwhile, is likely to act as the chorus in this drama, reciting its yearly litany of resolutions criticizing Israel.

If Mr. Obama is seeking to leave his mark on the Israeli-Arab conflict—and outside the negotiated peace process that began in Oslo—there is no worse place to do it than the U.N. New research we have conducted shows that the U.N.’s focus on Israel not only undermines the organization’s legitimacy regarding the Jewish state. It also has apparently made the U.N. blind to the world’s many situations of occupation and settlements. Read more ..

Vote 2016

MSNBC Claims Democrats to Consider Replacement for Hillary

September 13th 2016

Hillary Clinton in blue

MSNBC reporter David Shuster has tweeted, following Hillary Clinton's collapse in New York City after unexpectedly leaving a commemoration of 9/11, that officials within the Democratic party are planning to convene an emergency meeting to consider a replacement for Clinton.
While Clinton's personal physician announced today that the candidate is receiving antibiotics for pneumonia, it was revealed later that the diagnosis came on September 9.
Earlier, Clinton's persistent coughing fits have been attributed to "allergies." After a two-minute coughing jab on Labor Day in Cleveland, Clinton joked that it came because she is "allergic to Trump."

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