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Book Accused of Constituting a ‘Terrorist Organization’ by Turkish Court

March 30th 2018


Prominent Turkish investigative journalist Fehim Taştekin, whose reports on Syria have attracted wide public interest, on Wednesday issued a statement on his Twitter account criticizing a court ruling that banned his book “Rojava/Kürtlerin Zamanı” (Rojava/Time of Kurds).

Following a verdict rendered by the Kahta Magistrate’s Court of Adıyaman province in eastern Turkey, Taştekin’s book was banned from public consumption due to accusations of terrorist propaganda. In his tweet Taştekin pointed to the absurdity of the court decision, which accuses the book of “having the properties of a terrorist organization.” Read more ..

The Edge of Terrorism

Turkey’s Erdogan Mobilizing China’s Muslims for Jihadist Campaign

March 30th 2018

Turkish military parade with flags

Turkey’s ill-advised war in Syria’s Afrin enclave has further exposed how the Islamist regime of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his nationalist partners are mobilizing China’s Muslims, especially the Uyghurs, for their proxy battles to advance political and religious goals.

The clandestine web of networks that was set up by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) among Uyghurs and other Muslim groups from Central Asian countries involves not only transporting and facilitating jihadist fighters from China’s Xinxiang region, some of the fiercest and most battle-hardened militants who can only be compared to Russian’s Chechens on the field, but also mobilization of larger diaspora Uyghur groups in Turkey and abroad for a public relations campaign. Read more ..

Jewry on Edge

Why I’m Optimistic About the Jewish Future in America

March 30th 2018

Israeli flag and clouds

Jewish history teaches us that it takes great leaders to overcome major challenges.

At the turn of the century, Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, founder of Revisionist Zionism Ze’ev Jabotinsky, World Zionist Organization president Chaim Weizmann, Israel’s first female prime minister Golda Meir, and Hadassah founder Henrietta Szold saw growing antisemitism and acted to lay the foundations for an independent Jewish state.

During World War II, Mordechai Anielewicz led Jews to fight Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, at the same time that Peter Bergson (a disciple of Jabotinsky) managed a heroic campaign to form a Jewish army to fight for the allies while raising awareness about the destruction of European Jewry. Read more ..

The Battle for Syria

Swedish Party Leader: Turkish attack on Afrin 'Ethnic Cleansing'

March 29th 2018

Turkish Armored vehicle

Jonas Sjöstedt, head of Sweden's Left Party and Member of Parliament, said that the Turkish military offensive in Afrin was “a massive killing of civilians, it’s an ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of people.”

see the video

He expressed worry that war will continue and Erdogan “will attack other parts of Rojava [Syrian Kurdistan] and maybe also northern Iraq and Kurdistan” and said the only thing that can stop this “is the outside world. There has to be stronger condemnations, there has to be economic sanctions, there has to be an immediate stop of the export of arms to Turkey.”

Sjöstedt concluded by saying that “Turkey is becoming a dictatorship that is not only harmful to the Turks and Kurds Read more ..

The Edge of Health

NYC Health Officials Said to Show 86 Percent of TB Cases Among Immigrants

March 29th 2018

Medical bag

In 2017, reported cases of deadly tuberculosis rose by an unexpected 10 percent in New York City. According to the city’s health department, it was the biggest increase since 1992. While tuberculosis is usually associated with the lungs, it can also infect and invade the brain, bones, kidneys, spine, and other organs. The contagious disease, if left untreated, can be deadly. In 2017, the 

While there were 556 cases reported in 2016, that number jumped to 613 in 2017, according to the Health Department. Tuberculosis reached a peak of 3,811 in 1992. No explanation was offered by health authorities in a notice to medical professionals on Monday. 

At high risk for tuberculosis are HIV-positive people, patients with compromised immune systems, and substance abusers.


Financing the Flames

Palestinian Authority to Pay $355 Million in 2018 to Terrorists and their Families

March 29th 2018

International Currency 3

The Palestinian Authority has authorized payments of $355 million to convicted terrorists and the families of terrorists as part of their 2018, according to a report.

Get Financing the Flames and read the original Edwin Black investigation on the topic

According to Palestinian Media Watch, the P.A. budget for the Commission of Prisoner Affairs, which pays the salaries of terrorist prisoners and released prisoners, is set at $166 million, of which $158 million will go to terrorists.

Additionally, the budget for the Families of the Martyrs and Wounded Institution is set at $200 million, of which $197 million will go to the families of terrorists.

As such, the total payment by the P.A. for 2018 is set at $355 million, which is 7.47 percent of its operation budget of $4.76 billion in 2018 and some 44 percent of the funding the P.A. hopes to receive in foreign aid this year. Read more ..

UNWRA on Edge

Use UNRWA’s Financial Crisis to End its Shameful Apartheid System

March 29th 2018

UNRWA Protest

UNRWA, the United Nations agency tasked with caring for Palestinian refugees and their descendants in perpetuity, is facing what it terms its worst financial crisis ever. “Crisis” is an exaggeration, but the agency undoubtedly has less money than it wants. Given Gaza’s multiple woes (which UNRWA’s aid ostensibly alleviates) and Israeli fears that these woes could spark another Hamas-Israel war, this may sound like bad news. In fact, it’s good news for anyone who cares about either Palestinians or Israelis.

Obviously, no one wants a humanitarian crisis, but UNRWA’s budget shortfall won’t cause one. True, the agency is nearly $350 million short of its $1.2 billion budget, despite obtaining $100 million in new pledges at an emergency conference in mid-March, mainly because the Trump administration cut America’s contribution to just $60 million this year, down from $364 million last year.


Author Interview

New Book Exposes Depth of Anti-Israel Hate on American Campuses

March 29th 2018


About six months after Andrew Pessin posted on his Facebook profile a defense of Israel during its 2014 war against Hamas, the once popular Connecticut College philosophy professor was subjected to an academic smear campaign. The school paper published articles defaming him. The administration hosted condemnations of Pessin from across the campus community on the school's website, and tolerated other anti-Semitic activities that only worsened the climate for Jews and Israel supporters. Pessin received death threats and, in the spring of 2015, took a medical leave of absence. The Connecticut College administration offered no meaningful protection or support to Pessin, and never issued any apology for its role in his abuse. Read more ..

Destination Bangalore

Introducing The Den Hotel In Bangalore-- Lush Luxury Hotel Overlooking International Tech Park

March 28th 2018

Indian Spices

THE DEN, a 226-room luxury hotel is now open in the southern Indian city of Bengaluru (Bangalore). Known for its centrality to India's high-tech industry, the "garden city" of Bangalore is also a must on many tourists' itineraries in the world's second-most-populous country.
The tower hotel is located in Whitefield, adjacent to Bangalore's wealth of IT parks and business areas. Offering spectacular views of the bustling International Tech Park (ITPL) district, it is also perfectly located for visits to sights such as the Vidhana Souda - India's largest legislature, and the magical Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Another plus for VIP travelers is the rooftop helipad.

THE DEN fulfills the needs of the demanding business and leisure traveler, offering an assortment of room grades - each equipped with state-of-the-art technology, a work space, high-speed internet, smart-screen televisions and decorated in post-modern style. All 63 rooms within the property's highest room category, The Den Club Room, include express check-in/check-out, airport assistance, lounge facilities and board meeting spaces with tea and coffee service throughout the day. The property also offers four suite categories: The Den Suites, The Loft Suites, The Townhall Suites and The Paramount Suites.

The Race for IoT

Truck Tires Become part of the IoT

March 26th 2018

Volvo truck

In a joint effort, automotive supplier Continental and mobile network provider Vodafone increase the safety level on county roads and highways: A digital data platform and smart tires are the ingredients of a system that ensures a higher safety level on the roads, especially for commercial vehicles: By monitoring critical tire parameters such as pressure and temperature via mobile radio and the ContinConnect platform, trucks and buses transmit tire temperature and pressure data to a central web portal. Fleet managers can monitor the data of all emergency vehicles at any time.

When the tire values reach a critical level, the system automatically sends an alarm to defined receivers, for example to the control center and the driver. If necessary, the platform then automatically offers corrective measures. ContiConnect thus prevents expensive punctures in commercial vehicles. It also helps to optimize the operating times of commercial vehicles. Vodafone's mobile network transmits data almost instantaneously around the world. The service is now available in the first markets and will in future operate across Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia.


The Race for EVs

New Lithium Air Battery Design Promises up to 5x Energy Boost

March 26th 2018

Ford Focus electric

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago and the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory has produced a design for a lithium-air battery that could have five times the energy capacity of today’s lithium ion batteries.

“Others have tried to build lithium-air battery cells that run on air, but they failed because of little cycle life,” said Larry Curtiss, co-principal investigator and Argonne Distinguished Fellow. Previous battery cells tested in the lab required a separate supply of pure oxygen, requiring a tank of oxygen gas would have to be part of the battery system. A lithium-air battery that uses air from outside eliminates this problem.

“This first demonstration of a true lithium-air battery is an important step toward what we call ‘beyond-lithium-ion’ batteries,” said Amin Salehi-Khojin, assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


South Africa's New Racism

As Expropriation Looms, Leftist Tells Farmers to Leave Behind their Homes and Tractors

March 24th 2018

Upset South African miners

At rally to note Human Rights Day on Wednesday, controversial South African politician Julius Malema called on white to leave behind their property before departing from South Africa so that it can be redistributed to blacks. Australia recently moved to provide emergency visas for white South Africans seeking to leave their country in the wake of threats by the ruling African National Congress party and Malema’s leftist EFF party to seize farmland without compensation. Referring to the offer, Malema -- who leads the EFF -- told his cheering audience, ”A racist country like Australia says…'EFF wants to kill white farmers – they must come to Australia'." Read more ..

Venezuela on Edge

Desperate Venezuelans Grapple for Spoiled Food, Leave Corpses in Street

March 24th 2018

Venezuela protests

In Venezuela, where the South American nation’s economy continues to implode under its socialist government, a video of children and adults scrambling to grab food scraps and refuse showed scenes of hunger and desperation. The video, according to Venezuelan journalist Luis Olavarrieta, was recorded in El Cementerio neighborhood in Aricagua, a town in Portuguesa State of northwestern Venezuela. Adults and children grapple with each other in the video, grabbing what appear to be bunches of rotten bananas and plantains that were dumped in the street by a vendor.

According to Olavarrieta, every day it is more common to see Venezuelans going to garbage dumps to satisfy their growing hunger. Read more ..

Inside Airports

Growing Questions about CNN's Airport Monopoly as Network Veers Left

March 24th 2018

United Airlines jet liner

CNN’s ubiquitous presence in airports -- where it broadcasts from thousands of screens to a captive audience of millions -- is facing new scrutiny after the cable network's hard left turn.

The CNN Airport network dates back to when CNN was known for straightforward news programming -- and has been a fixture at airports since before competitors MSNBC and Fox News even existed. But critics are now asking if busy travelers should be subjected to CNN’s increasingly ideological programming -- at gates, bars, food courts and baggage claims -- which can include on-screen chyrons or subtitles that gleefully mock President Trump. Many travelers have even taken to Twitter and started online petitions to urge airports to change the channel.

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor told Fox News that CNN has become more partisan than MSNBC since Trump moved into the White House and travelers should have the option of not watching the network. Read more ..

The Digital Edge

IBM Computer the Size of a Grain of Salt Embeds in Everyday Objects

March 22nd 2018

Computer chips

IBM says it has developed the world's smallest computer – one that is smaller than a grain of salt.

Announced at the company's Think 2018 technology event, the IBM-designed edge device architecture and computing platform is a system-on-chip (SoC) with a processor, SRAM, storage, a communication module, and a photovoltaic cell for power. The micro-computer's processor comprises several hundred thousand transistors and is said to have a performance on par with an x86 CPU from 1990.

According to IBM, the device will cost less than ten cents to manufacture and can monitor, analyze, communicate, and even act on data. Within the next five years, the company says, such micro-computers will be embedded in everyday objects and devices as "cryptographic anchors" that - in tandem with blockchain's distributed ledger technology – will be used to help track and verify the authenticity of goods.


Lebanon At an Economic Turning Point if Iran Does Not Interfere

March 17th 2018

The Lebanese Information Center (LIC) in Washington has been closely following the latest diplomatic developments in Lebanon and the region, particularly those linked to the maritime border dispute with Israel. LIC President Dr. Joseph Gebeily just returned from a trip to Lebanon, where he discussed this issue and its potential diplomatic resolution with government representatives, political figures, and leading security force commanders. This critical period could be a turning point for Lebanon economically and politically, but it is vital that all parties proceed with levelheadedness. The LIC reaffirms its position that all parties must respect Lebanon's sovereignty and independence, which are to be defended by the sole authority of the Lebanese state. Lebanon has a right to develop its resources and begin oil and gas exploration within its demarcated maritime borders and in accordance with international laws and conventions. As the nature of Lebanon's border dispute shifts to a resource-focused one, it is crucial that UN Security Council Resolutions 1559 and 1701, which mandate disarming Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias, are fully implemented.

The LIC stressed these positions during a range of recent meetings with U.S. officials in Washington, at the State Department, the Department of Defense, and with White House-National Security Staff as well as with relevant congressional committees. The LIC deeply appreciates the U.S. administration's continued support to Lebanon, through military, security, and economic assistance that has amounted to several billion dollars in recent years. We welcome Secretary Tillerson’s positions during his latest visit to Lebanon and appreciate Assistant Secretary Satterfield’s tireless efforts to mediate between Lebanon and Israel over drilling rights.

At the same time, we strongly condemn the hostile stances expressed by Iran's proxies in Lebanon against the United States. These proxies prioritize Iran's ambitions, not Lebanon’s wellbeing and economic future. They are primarily concerned with furthering Iran’s political agenda in Lebanon and the region, at the expense of Lebanon's core interests and U.S. mediation efforts.

In addition to its appeals to U.S. officials and other friends of Lebanon, the LIC calls on Lebanese officials to:
1- Extend the Government of Lebanon's control to all Lebanese territory, both land and sea;
2- Commit to the disbanding and disarming of all militias;
3- Employ all diplomatic and political means to engage the international community in helping Lebanon resolve territorial disputes with neighboring countries; and
4- Cooperate with the U.S.'s mediation efforts and take full advantage its expertise and willingness to play this role.

After the Election

Andrew McCabe Fired Just Hours Before Retirement

March 17th 2018

FBI dudes

Attorney General Jeff Sessions late Friday night fired former FBI deputy director Andrew Mc­Cabe, a little more than 24 hours before McCabe was set to retire — a move that McCabe alleged was an attempt to slander him and undermine the ongoing special counsel investigation into the Trump campaign.

Sessions announced the decision in a statement just before 10 p.m., noting that both the Justice Department inspector general and the FBI office that handles discipline had found “that Mr. McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor — including under oath — on multiple occasions.”

He said based on those findings and the recommendation of the department’s senior career official, “I have terminated the employment of Andrew McCabe effective immediately.” Read more ..

Book Review

Islam Wins World War III in Provocative New Science Fiction Novel

March 16th 2018

Osama bin-Laden preaching

Gary Morgenstein’s fifth novel A Mound Over Hell is a powerful and explosive story about a nightmare – what if America and the West loses World War Three to Islam? In the novel, Israel has been wiped out and world Jewry decimated. Europe is now Muslim Europe. Out of the ashes, America, surrounded, has created a new society based on love and ethics, led by Grandma, head of The Family.

All acts of patriotism, from flying the flag to singing the National Anthem, are illegal. Social media has been banned under the Anti-Narcissism Laws. Religion, associated with Islam, is also illegal. In a nation where children are revered, abortion and the use of contraceptives are capital offenses along with pedophilia. Banks, lawyers, psychologists and the entertainment industry were banned by the Anti-Parasite Laws I and II. Robots with faces are also outlawed; during the 2030s the AIs caused havoc by posing as humans and blending into society. Read more ..

South Africa on Edge

Australia Offers Emergency Visas to South African White Farmers

March 16th 2018

South Africa Flag

Following a vote in February, South Africa passed a measure to amendment its constitution to allow land seizure without compensation. In the midst of swelling racist rhetoric against whites, Australia is proposing emergency visas for white farmers who may be in danger. Australia’s Home Minister Peter Dutton, who oversees immigration, said white South African farmers may need the visas for their "special protection." According to the New York Times, Dutton said, “I think these people deserve special attention and we’re certainly applying that special attention now.” He added, “We want people who want to come here, abide by our laws, integrate into our society, work hard, not lead a life on welfare."

South Africa’s foreign ministry disagreed with Dutton, while claiming that whites in South Africa face no danger. “There is no reason for any government anywhere in the world to suspect that any South African is in danger from their own democratically elected government,” spokesman Ndivhuwo Mabaya said. “That threat simply does not exist.”


The Race for Smart Farming

Smart Farming Optimizes Transport of Perishable Crops

March 15th 2018

wheat fields

Researchers at the University of Illinois (Champaign, IL) have developed a mathematical model that determines the optimal time for transporting a grower's hand-picked crops from the field to cold storage.

Growers of such high-value perishable fresh produce, such as strawberries, face greater challenges than other producers looking to employ 'smart farming' technologies. Currently, most such technologies - which help growers harvest their crops faster and more efficiently - focus primarily on row crops like corn and soybeans.

"The large machines used to harvest row crops such as wheat, corn, and soybeans provide a natural platform for improving efficiency," says Richard Sowers, a professor of industrial and enterprise systems engineering and of mathematics at the University of Illinois. "However, the story is radically different in high-value, hand-picked crops like strawberries, which may be many times more valuable per acre than corn. With hand-picked crops, precision agriculture lags significantly behind."


Palestinians on Edge

Amid U.S. Cuts, Palestinian Refugee Agency Left in the Lurch

March 15th 2018


Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, bet she could compel others to help America shoulder the financial burden of aiding Palestinian refugees if only the U.S. choked off its own humanitarian aid spigot.

So far, the Palestinians have come up empty-handed.

Two months after the United States withheld $65 million in pledged funding to a U.N. agency that serves more than 5 million Palestinian refugees, no other country has stepped forward to increase its 2018 funding pledge.

In an effort to address the sudden cutback in U.S. aid, ministers from nearly 90 countries will meet in Rome Thursday for a major funding conference on Palestinian aid. Read more ..

Jewry on Edge

Brandeis Center Applauds Miami-Dade Police Chiefs for Anti-Semitism Resolution

March 15th 2018

boycott Israel t-shirt

The Miami-Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police have unanimously adopted a resolution recognizing the U.S. State Department's definition of anti-Semitism when investigating crimes. This important resolution follows the Village of Bal Harbour, Florida - a municipality within the county - becoming the first government body in the country to adopt a definition of anti-Semitism into their laws, for which the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law (LDB) had testified in its support. LDB is a national, non-profit civil rights organization committed to combating anti-Semitism.

"The Miami-Dade Police Chiefs' resolution marks an important 'next step' following Bal Harbour's adoption of the U.S. State Department definition of anti-Semitism in in December. These steps taken in Florida should serve as a model for community leaders throughout the country who seek to curb the current resurgence of anti-Semitism," stated LDB's COO & Director of Policy, Alyza Lewin.

America and Israel

Americans Remain Staunchly in Israel's Corner

March 15th 2018

Israeli flag and clouds

As the Trump administration prepares to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and is reportedly finalizing its broader Middle East peace plan, Americans' stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is as strongly pro-Israel as at any time in Gallup's three-decade trend. Sixty-four percent say their sympathies in the dispute lie more with the Israelis, tying the high previously recorded in 2013 and 1991.

Just 19% of Americans today sympathize more with the Palestinians than with the Israelis, slightly higher than the 15% in Gallup's initial 1988 measurement and ranking among the highest percentages favoring the Arab side of the conflict in Gallup's trend.

Meanwhile, the percentage of Americans who sympathize with neither side, with both sides or who have no opinion about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is now 16%, the lowest to date. This neutral category has been shrinking as more Americans take positions on the dispute. Read more ..

The Digital Edge

Defense Agency Moving Classified Data to Amazon's Secret Cloud After Protest Resolved

March 13th 2018

Amazon Box2

For the first time, the Defense Department will begin moving classified data and applications to Amazon Web Services’ Secret Region—the same cloud environment developed for the CIA and intelligence community several years ago.

U.S. Transportation Command—the part of the department responsible for moving troops and equipment around the globe—announced its intent to make use of AWS’ Classified Secret Commercial Cloud Services in December after the company expanded its capabilities and availability to non-intelligence agencies.

The Defense Department’s sole-source decision—a contract awarded without a full and open competition—was protested by Microsoft, which itself offers a variety of cloud services to the federal government. The company withdrew its protest March 8, allowing TRANSCOM to begin migrating data to the AWS Secret Region. In a statement to Nextgov, Microsoft said it withdrew its protest “because the issues involved were resolved” to the company’s satisfaction. Read more ..

Congress on Edge

GOP Leaders Demand Resignation of 7 Congressional Black Caucus Members

March 13th 2018

US Capital Day

We constantly hear the absurd rhetoric from the progressive socialist left that Donald Trump is a racist. Funny, there are no instances of President Trump meeting with any KKK leaders or members, yet, he is incessantly associated with white supremacists. However, the left fights doggedly for Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by a white supremacist and racist.

The Democrats were crying rivers and delivering great accolades over the death of one Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, Senator Robert Byrd. It was Robert Byrd who had voted against the civil rights legislation…Republican Senator Everett Dirksen enabled its passage. But somehow the Republicans — you know, the political party established in 1854 to end slavery – are racist. And President Donald Trump, regardless of the fact that black unemployment is now at a record low, is a racist. Read more ..

America on Edge

2018 Oscars Get Abysmally Low TV Ratings; Politics Cited

March 12th 2018

Television Array

The 90th Annual Academy award was an unmitigated disaster. The decision to bring back one of the most polarizing figures of late night TV Jimmy Kimmel was not very wise. The ratings tanked, Kimmel bombed and the Red Carpet award show on E! was an embarrassment.

The 90th Academy Awards on Sunday drew an average 26.5 million viewers, making it the lowest rated Academy Awards show ever, as per Variety

It’s a nearly 20% drop from last year’s telecast, which brought in roughly 33 million viewers.

Several factors can be contributed to these horrible numbers. First the movies nominated for Best Picture were not very popular films to begin with. Seven of the nine films nominated for best picture averaged just $47 million at the box office, which means only about 5 million people saw them, according to Breitbart News. Second, Jimmy Kimmel. Read more ..

Inside American Jewry

AIPAC Leadership Losing the Plot

March 12th 2018


The American Jewish leadership’s downward spiral has accelerated. This can be traced back to its cowardly silence when then-President Barack Obama began treating Israel as a rogue state and applied moral equivalence to Israelis defending themselves and Palestinian terrorists.

The leaders of the Reform and Conservative movements and the Anti-Defamation League have effectively become adjuncts of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. Many have become so obsessed with hatred of President Donald Trump that their bitterness supersedes their support for Israel.

The chaos was reflected in recent weeks by the bizarre Qatari-sponsored visits of leading American Jewish personalities, designed to curry favor with the U.S. The Qataris, however, did not terminate their massive financial support of Hamas and remain closely allied with Iran and Hezbollah. These and similar misguided actions by Jewish leaders reflect a lack of leadership that will be accelerated with the retirement of Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Read more ..

Palestinians on Edge

Palestinians Angry at Arab Countries for Failing to Stop US Foreign Policy

March 11th 2018

Palestinans for Yeshua?

The Palestinians are angry at the Arab world’s lack of action in response to President Donald Trump’s historic recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Malki on Thursday decried the Arabs’ “failure to carry out their decisions over the past decades” which he claimed “has encouraged the United States to continue with its unfortunate approach and to make its decision on Jerusalem.”

The Arab countries have repeatedly threatened to cut diplomatic ties with any country that recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel or move its embassy there. However, when the US made that decision in December, no Arab action was taken against it other than to condemn it in statements or by voting in favor of a United Nations General Assembly resolution denouncing the US move. Read more ..

Inside Film

How Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ Saw Into the Future

March 10th 2018


A broad slate of top aerospace and computer companies were brought on board as advisers for ‘2001.’ Photo: Mary Evans/Everett Collection

Fifty years ago next month, invitation-only audiences gathered in specially equipped Cinerama theaters in Washington, New York and Los Angeles to preview a widescreen epic that director Stanley Kubrick had been working on for four years. Conceived in collaboration with the science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, “2001: A Space Odyssey” was way over budget, and Hollywood rumor held that MGM had essentially bet the studio on the project.

The film’s previews were an unmitigated disaster. Its story line encompassed an exceptional temporal sweep, starting with the initial contact between pre-human ape-men and an omnipotent alien civilization and then vaulting forward to later encounters between Homo sapiens and the elusive aliens, represented throughout by the film’s iconic metallic-black monolith. Although featuring visual effects of unprecedented realism and power, Kubrick’s panoramic journey into space and time made few concessions to viewer understanding. The film was essentially a nonverbal experience. Its first words came only a good half-hour in.


Israel and the Gulf States

Saudi Crown Prince Reportedly Met Senior Israeli Officials in Egypt, Discussed Future Ties

March 9th 2018

Saudi princes

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman met with senior Israeli officials during his visit to Egypt this week, the London-based Arab newspaper Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported on Wednesday. The report said the meeting focused on the normalization of ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia, and included the Kingdom’s commitment to the “deal of the century,” the Middle East peace plan being devised by the Trump administration.

Within that framework, Israel would take part in the unprecedented real estate venture being sponsored by the Saudis in the Gulf of Aqaba. Crown Prince Mohammed first announced plans for the 26,500-square-kilometer (10,230-square-mile) zone at an international investment conference in Riyadh last October. Read more ..

The Race for Smart Roads

Smart Road Stud System Makes Driving Safer

March 7th 2018

Broken Road

Just as skin is the body’s largest organ, roads are the earth’s largest infrastructure, covering a total of 30 million kilometers (8 million miles) worldwide.

And yet only 4 percent of the world’s roads are outfitted with sensors to convey critical data such as traffic patterns, hazardous conditions, driver behavior and accidents. That’s because it costs about $3 million per mile today to make roads “smart.”

“When it comes to data, roads are the final frontier. The main problem is the need for very expensive communication cables, cameras, patrols and control centers,” says Gabriel Jacobson, CEO of Valerann an Israeli and British company whose cloud-based road digitization system aims to change all that by slashing current costs by as much as 90%. Read more ..

The Race for Alt Fuel

Alternative Fuels vs. Oil: Which is Cheaper?

March 7th 2018

Oil Barrels

Something we hear a lot is “It’d be nice if America could use more alternative fuels that are cleaner and American-made, but they’re just not affordable compared to oil.” It’s time to put that myth to bed.

Apologists for the oil industry would like us to think that the reason alternative fuels haven’t put them out of business already is because they cost too much. However, a closer look at the cost of transportation fuels shows that, far from being expensive, alternative fuels are actually cheaper than oil-derived gasoline and diesel.

Gasoline, diesel, and ethanol price is per gallon. As electricity and natural gas are not liquids, their prices were determined using the gallon of gasoline equivalent (GGE)


America and Israel

Netanyahu Said America and Israel are Painting the World Blue

March 6th 2018

Binyamin Netanyahu and flag

Addressing the annual meeting of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke warmly of President Donald Trump, who he has known for decades. Regarding his country’s role, "Israel drives the world." Speaking at the conference in Washington DC, Netanyahu told the bipartisan group, “You know, in the last few years Israel’s incredible intelligence services have foiled dozens, dozens of major terrorist attacks across the world in dozens of countries." 

Netanyahu said, "That plane could have been blown out of the sky if it weren’t for Israeli intelligence. You’re boarding planes when you leave this place. You are safer because of Israeli intelligence. It not only protects Israeli lives, it protects innocent lives around the world."

Pointing to a map revealing Israel’s diplomatic initiatives that gave the U.S. primacy of place, Netanyahu said, "Here’s how the dots connect. Because we have this tremendous capacity for security and intelligence... many countries are coming to Israel because they want to share with us these benefits. And that creates the third great change, which is a flourishing of Israel’s diplomatic relations around the world."


The Race for E-Hailing

City Council Proposes Bill Targeting Uber and Other “E-hail” Services.

March 6th 2018

new cars close up

The NY City Council has proposed a new bill targeting Uber, Lyft and other app.-based car services, Crain’s reported.

The bill was written by the new “For-Hire Vehicle Committee” of the City Council and will include tighter regulations and higher fees, including a new $2000 yearly fee for each car. App.- based drivers work independently using their own vehicles and obtain passengers via a smart phone app.

These services are also referred to as “e-hail” since the one requesting the car simply goes online to do so instead of hailing a cab in the street.

The fee is designed to slow the growth of these services, essentially pricing out some drivers. The app-based companies have come under scrutiny as their rapid growth has contributed to record levels of congestion in Manhattan while undermining the traditional hired-car industries, Crain’s reported. Read more ..

Human Rights on Edge

The Politics of Social Justice

March 6th 2018

boycott Israel t-shirt

On October of 1967, Martin Luther King underscored that "when people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You're talking anti-Semitism!" This bold and unapologetic statement is something that you would not hear today from the membership of Black Lives Matter (BLM).

In today's age of technology, we see more rapid use of social media and soft power by pro-Palestinian groups hijacking the narrative of peace, justice and human rights, while in reality they yearn for Israel's destruction.

The term "social justice" is nothing new in today's world but may represent new ways of thinking among many who advocate for full equality in our society. Among many African Americans, the mere notion of social justice can be a constant reminder that institutionalized forms of racism still exist across all sectors of our society.


Hollywood on Edge

Jimmy Kimmel Targets Pence's Faith, Hollywood's Laughter Show Anti-Christian Bias

March 6th 2018

Television Array

Vice President Mike Pence has come under attack once again by media leftists for his conservative Christian beliefs – this time it happened at the Oscars in front of millions.  

Academy Awards host Jimmy Kimmel made a joke about a film that features a homosexual romance between a teen boy and a man – a story that some might consider pedophilia.

And Hollywood loved it, laughing at his joke and giving the controversial film, "Call Me By Your Name," an Oscar for best adapted screenplay.

During a politically correct evening that was laced with anti-Trump political statements and marred by low ratings, apparently, the one group Hollywood still finds it acceptable to offend is Christians.


India on Edge

The Forgotten Murder of Millions of Hindus

March 4th 2018

Indian child bride

Genocide is the intentional attempt to destroy an ethnic community, or by extension any community constituted by bonds of kinship, of common religion or ideology, of common socio-economic position or of common race. The pure form is the complete extermination of every man, woman and child of the group. Examples include the native Tasmanians and many Amerindian nations, from Patagonia to Canada, by European settlers in the 16th-19th century. The most notorious attempt was the Nazi "final solution of the Jewish question" in 1941 to 45. In April 1994, Hutu militias in Rwanda went about slaughtering the Tutsi minority, killing ca 800,000, in anticipation of the conquest of their country by an Uganda-based Tutsi army.

Hindus suffered such attempted extermination in East Bengal in 1971, when the Pakistani Army killed one to three million people, with Hindus as their most common target. It is significant that no serious count or religion-wise breakdown of the death toll has been attempted. Read more ..

Islam on Edge

The Left and Islam--A Historical Delve

March 4th 2018

Muslims pray on a rug

Feminists are far from the only so-called left-wing or liberal group to betray their own basic principles out of a bizarre admiration for Islam, whether its history, its values, or its self-proclaimed victimization. Real liberals believe in human rights, women's rights, racial equality, free speech, and more, rejecting extremism on both the right and left. However, the left in the UK and elsewhere seems to have abandoned those principles and betrayed the very people they had previously supported.[1]

This willingness to indulge even the most anti-liberal beliefs and behaviour finds many of its roots in the general disdain that many so-called left-wingers and liberals seem to feel for Western democracy, human rights and individual freedom. This disdain, however, does not explain why so many people -- often decent people -- are drawn to defend Islam, Islamic patriarchy, Islamic discrimination against women, or violence in the name of Islam, especially when such defence is obviously anti-liberal in the extreme. Examples are not hard to find, for instance feminists who urge Muslim women to submit to the veil and abandon their rights as free women in favour of Muslim men and their power over them.


Israel's Next War

Under Shadow Of Hezbollah’s Growing Arsenal, Israeli Home Front Gets Busy

March 3rd 2018

IDF Medical Teams

With Hezbollah pointing more than 120,000 projectiles at Israeli cities, towns and villages, it is clear to emergency and defense planners that any eruption of a new armed conflict will not resemble previous wars.

The essence of Hezbollah’s war doctrine—and that of its patron, Iran—is to direct heavy fire at Israel’s soft underbelly: its civilian front.

On the military front, the Israel Defense Forces is drawing up offensive plans to deal with this threat; at the same time, on the defensive front the military is also working closely with emergency responders and local authorities to improve general readiness. Read more ..

Author's on Tour

Author Launches Israel @ 70 Series at Manhattan East Synagogue

March 2nd 2018

Edwin Black

New York Times best-selling historian Edwin Black, author of IBM and the Holocaust, appears March 20 at 7 PM at Manhattan East Synagogue to launch a 15-city lecture series outlining Israel’s history from ancient times to its most recent diplomatic dilemmas. No PowerPoint or slide show is used. Instead, as many as 80 live URLs are used to display that is settled knowledge that anyone can access on the Internet.

The presentation, Israel and International Law—the Historical Underpinnings, was described in one newspaper with this comment: “It was nothing short of spectacular. I thought I had a pretty good amount of knowledge … In reality, I knew almost nothing. Mr. Black gave us an education beyond anyone’s expectations.”

Black has assembled an impressive panel of expert questioners to lead the Q-A session afterword. Manhattan East Synagogue’s Rabbi Elie Abadie will head up the panel, followed by Israel lecturer Ken Abramowitz, and Rambam Mesivta High School Principal Rabbi Yotav Eliach, the author of a forthcoming exhaustive book chronicling the history of Zionism.

Black says, “Bring on the experts. The history projected onto the screen delves deep, and brings numerous threads together in a way that will change the very fabric of understanding most people have for Jewish State and its place in the geo-political word. Even the experts will learn. I myself am constantly updating the visuals.” Award-winning author Black has delivered versions of the presentation to university campuses and synagogues across America, but has freshly updated it to include the latest developments on Jerusalem recognition and Palestinian finance, as well as the significance of Israel at 70. Read more ..

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