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University of California Provides Textbook Example of Anti-Israel Hatred

September 23rd 2016


As anti-Israel sentiment becomes more fashionable on liberal American college campuses, it is no surprise that the University of California at Berkeley has taken this disturbing trend to the next level. In addition to calculus, English and biology, students can now enroll in a class called “Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis.”

As one can deduce from the course title, this class is built equal parts bias and hatred. It is definitively one-sided, anti-Zionist, and presumes a history that did not exist. Yet because it is a college class, the students who sign up will be either duped or further indoctrinated in a fabricated narrative masquerading fact. These students are the next generation of leaders and potentially policymakers, so the misinformation they absorb on campus runs the serious risk of influencing their views well into the future. 

If that future is going to include a democratic presence in the Middle East and a secure homeland for the Jewish People, then this course cannot be permitted to proceed.   

Following outrage by pro-Israel groups around the nation, UC Berkeley recently pulled the class from its schedule. But less than one week later, it was back, and the content was hardly changed at all.  

The language in the course syllabus speaks for itself. Calling Israel a “colony” erroneously implies that there was no Jewish presence in the land prior to 1948. Claiming that all of Israel was once Palestinian land is also categorically untrue. There was never a state of Palestine. There has been a constant Jewish presence in the Holy Land for literally thousands of years. But in this course, which students can take for academic credit, history is apparently irrelevant. 

To “explore the possibilities of a decolonized Palestine,” as the class promises to do, is to explore the possibility of a world without Israel. Such demonization and delegitmization of the only Jewish state in the world is appalling. It is blatantly and unquestionably anti-Semitic.

To deny Jewish history, to deny Jewish self-determination and to deny Israel the right to exist is bad enough. To do so through at a public institution of higher learning is an affront to the decency and the values of the American people.

This is despicable. It’s contemptible. And since UC Berkeley is a public school, funded by taxpayer dollars, it amounts to state-sanctioned bigotry.

This is just another incident in a long string of horrifically anti-Israel and anti-Semitic episodes at UC-Berkeley. The campus is notorious for being one of the most hostile college environments for Jewish students. For years, Jewish students and supporters of Israel have reported being harassed and harangued by the crusaders from the vile group Students for Justice for Palestine. The campus has been home to swastikas, fake eviction notices, mock checkpoints and simulated Palestinian die-ins, all intended to paint Israel as an oppressive apartheid state. So news of this course is not surprising, but it is nevertheless alarming.

In fact, this course puts the university over the edge. UC Berkeley’s anti-Semitism has transitioned dangerously from op-eds in the student paper and bullying activist groups to a course that can actually count towards graduation for the students. With this move, UC Berkeley, which has long been considered a bastion of far left-wing ideology; has moved squarely into the realm of radical insanity. This class is an extremist propaganda machine masquerading as academia.

The potential repercussions are enormous. As radical Islam makes its best attempt to repress the Judeo-Christian world and dominate the Middle East, Israel stands alone in its neighborhood as a free and democratic society. This small but mighty nation, which I have had the privilege of visiting and touring a dozen times, is constantly under attack.

The same forces that threaten Israel threaten the United States and the entire Western world. Now, more than ever, it is crucial for America to double down on our support of Israel. If we do not, the world as we know it may very well cease to exist.

Instead of praising the only country in that region that believes in democracy, freedom of speech, an open and free press and the sanctity of all human life, this institution of higher learning is battering Israel from the other side. UC Berkeley is leveling ridiculous, historically false and absurdly biased accusations. Would the leftists prefer to see the Jewish state as part of a radical Islamic caliphate?

We should not stand by in silence as college students are being indoctrinated with prejudice and hatred. Israel is America’s greatest friend, and educating students to undermine and foment malice toward a vital U.S. ally is not only irresponsible and dangerous, but also reprehensible and immoral.

The descent into madness by UC Berkeley is proof positive that America is being simultaneously threated by two very different extremist ideologies – radical Islam and the radical left.

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