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Wikilieaks Releases Hillary's anti-Obama Emails

October 15th 2016

HIllary and Huma pals

The “October Surprise” from Wikileaks has been an early Christmas gift for Hillary Clinton's critics.

And with the 7th leak of the Podesta emails now available, a new bombshell reveals how Team Clinton floated the idea of using Obama's Muslim heritage to attack him politically.

In a 2008 email titled “McCain Survey Take 3,” Kristi Fuska, a polling analyst for the Democrat Party, fired off a series of talking points to Bill Clinton's ex-chief political strategist, Paul Begala.

The introduction in the email message relays that the survey has been reworked, but still calls the following talking points “negative facts”:

Interestingly enough, after Donald Trump was attacked by Clinton as a birther, he pointed out that she was the one who started the campaign to smear Obama for his Muslim roots.

Clinton denied the claims. But as Wikileaks has revealed, in this particular case, Trump was right on the money.

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