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Clinton Emails -- A Dark Sampling

October 28th 2016

Hilary Clinton

Most Americans know very little about the leaked Clinton emails.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Major news organizations buried the most damaging. So we’re sharing some with you.

The FBI and State Department used the term “quid pro quo” in secret negotiations to alter the Clinton investigation in exchange for more embassy assignments.

The campaign strategized on political contributions from lobbyists of foreign governments.

The term “pay-to-play” was used in selling ambassadorships to donors.

The New York Times coordinated its criticism of Trump with Clinton officials.

The campaign chair [John Podesta] was disappointed the San Bernardino terrorist was Muslim and not a white guy.

[A lobbyist offered $5,000 in return for a White House meeting.

Staffers consider Chelsea “a spoiled brat kid.”]

Chelsea used charity money in her for-profit business.

Obama used Clinton’s private email while claiming he didn’t know about it.

Staff mocked Catholics, evangelicals, Bernie Sanders voters and Hispanics. And called southern states the “confederacy.”

DOJ colluded with staffers on the email investigation.

Clinton, staff and/or supporters were worried about:

Hillary’s health.

The private server was “above the law.”

Primary opponents would use illegal voters like Obama did.

Accepting foreign government money while publicly claiming the Foundation wasn’t.

Favoring “open trade and open borders” while publicly saying otherwise.

Labeling a 15-dollar minimum wage bad policy while publicly supporting it.

And that’s just a sample.

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