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The ADL Has Changed - It Is No Longer The Adl We Came To Trust And Support

November 27th 2016

There was a time when the Anti-Defamation League or ADL, under the leadership of Abe Foxman, tried to remain apoltical and stand for the fight against anti-Semitism across the political spectrum. Under the new leadership of Jonathan Greenblatt that is no longer true. Who is Jonathan Greenblatt? Prior to taking over the leadership of the ADL in 2015, Greenblatt held a position in the White House as Special Assistant to Barack Obama and Director of the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation. At the same time, he worked for the billionaire, George Soros, at the Aspen Institute, a self-styled social justice organization. Much has been written about George Soros and his hate war against Israel, but it can be concisely summarized as follows:

"But perhaps the archetype of Israel-hating is billionaire, George Soros. Mr. Soros spends millions of his own money each year to support anti-Israel organizations and pressures the American government to support the supposed “victims” of Israel."

Before his stint with the Obama administration and with the Soros funded Aspen Institute, Greenblatt was an aide in the Clinton White House, and in 1992, he worked on Bill Clinton's first Presidential campaign. All of which would not matter if Greenblatt was capable of avoiding partisanship and steering the ADL on a straight and narrow, non-partisan course. But that's not what he is doing, and if allowed to stay in this position, he will destroy the ADL as we have come to know it. 

Two issues illustrate the partisanship Greenblatt has adopted for the ADL's agenda.

First, a movement arose this year in many states to pass legislation that would have barred government contracts with groups supporting BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel. It is important to understand that these laws did not prevent the anti-Israel and usually anti-Semitic BDS campaigners from exercising their First Amendment rights and continuing their campaigns to attack Israel. BDS activities themselves were not banned or criminalized. But the proposed laws restricted state government agencies from indirectly supporting BDS groups by preventing government agencies from bestowing government contracts upon them. There was nothing wrong with such legislation, yet the ADL publicly opposed it. Many former ADL supporters were stunned by the ADL's perfidy in acting to help those attacking Israel. This article in Frontpage magazine illustrates Greenblatt's protection of the BDS movement and other left wing groups that attack Israel, such as J Street.

Second, a most recent example of Greenblatt's partisan transformation of ADL is its praise of Representative Keith Ellison, a leading candidate to chair the Democratic National Committee. Ellison, a Muslim congressman from Minnesota, has a long history of anti-Israel advocacy. He has labeled Israel a proponent of Apartheid, blamed Israel for causing a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, defended the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case involving the funneling of funds to Hamas, and voted against the bill to provide $225 million in funding for Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense system. But perhaps most egregious is Ellison's 9 year association with Louis Farrakhan and his notoriously anti-Semitic Nation of Islam organization. Ellison in the past wrote under the names "Keith E. Hakim, in which he spoke respectfully of Farrakhan and defended the NOI's national spokesman and Farrakhan's right-hand man, Khalid Abdul Muhammad, notorious for his anti-white, anti-Jewish, and anti-gay opinions. Elsewhere, Ellison used other pseudonyms, including Keith X Ellison and Keith Ellison Muhammad." Ellison appeared on stage with Khalid Abdul Muhammad at a rally in which Muhammad proclaimed "If words were swords, the chests of Jews, gays and whites would be pierced." Two years earlier Muhammad "described Jews as 'hook-nosed, bagel-eatin', lox-eatin' impostors...." http://www.meforum.org/2756/keith-ellison-stealth-jihad

You can read the ADL's statement of support for Ellison here , and you can read criticism of the ADL's position and Ellison's anti-Israel past in this Algemeiner article and this article from Tablet Magazine.

Although it has only been a short period of time since Greenblatt took over at the ADL, another change in leadership is needed to avoid the destruction of the reputation it earned over many years.

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