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Mr. President--Stop the Terror Payments

May 17th 2017

To the President of the United States, the Honorable Mr. Donald Trump

Dear Mr. President,

We, the undersigned families of terror victims in Israel, welcome your upcoming visit to Israel. We are, however, concerned about your plans to facilitate direct talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) prior to any declaration by the latter to halt payments to murderous terrorists. As is widely documented, the PA pays large sums of money to convicted terrorists who have murdered innocent Israelis, among them our loved ones. In the past year alone the PA has paid some 250 million USD to terrorists, which is nothing short of incitement that motivates Palestinian youth to murder Israelis. As the size of the payments are made in accordance with the severity of the crime, terrorists are motivated to commit extreme acts of cruelty and barbarity. This immoral policy must stop immediately before any talks can commence.

We still recall how in 2013, under heavy pressure from the previous US administration, Israel released dozens of terrorists from prison as part of a deal aimed at advancing peace talks.  The PA, led by Abu Mazen, awarded those murderers with large “prison release grants” - blood payments for their acts of terror. We hope and pray that history will not repeat itself. In light of this, we hereby extend a request to meet with you in order to share with you our views and stories. We are the voice of the terror victims and bereaved families in Israel, and unfortunately, our number and pain are great. With your current mission to the Middle East and your desire to meet with all sides of the conflict, we call upon you to meet with us as well, the victims of decades-long Palestinian terror and violence that has claimed so many lives. We have followed the recent elections in the United States with great interest, and believe that your victory heralds an opportunity for change. This change, however, must also affect the Palestinians. Before there can be any dialogue, the Palestinians must demonstrate good faith and show that they are truly willing to change their ways by stopping incitement and halting all payments to terrorists who murdered Israelis, only for being Jews.

We pray that you will be blessed with success in your efforts to bring a just and lasting peace to the Land of Israel, and to the Middle East as a whole, during your time in office.

We, the bereaved families of terror victims in Israel, who have tragically lost our loved ones, innocent Israelis, young and old, from all walks of life, know best the meaning of violence and terror, and wish to secure a better and safer future for our children and for the children of all peoples around us. 

We hope that we can meet with you to discuss this further. 

Yours truly, 

The Undersigned Families

This letter is signed by the following people whose loved ones were murdered in terrorist attacks:

1) Lea and Yossi Zur, parents of Asaf

2) Hagit and Yossi Mendelevich, parents of Yuval

3) Ronit Harush, sister of Daniel 

4) Zipi and Moni Harush, parents of Daniel 

5) Ron Kehrmann, father of Tal 

6) Dror Kehrman, brother of Tal 

7) Nava and Moti Lachem, parents of Eliyahu 

8) Chaya Rond, Mother of Erez 

9) Doron Menchel, Father of Daniel 

10) Zeev Rap, Father of Helena 

11) Ilana Romano, widow of Yosef Romano, member of Israel delegation to Munich Olympics 

12) Anki Shpitzer, widow of Andrei, member of Israel delegation to Munich Olympics 

13) Gila Molcho, sister of Ian Fienberg 

14) Pnina Kachlon, mother of Ronen  

15) Shvuel Schivscurder, son of Mordechai and Zirel and brother of Avraham, Chemda & Raya killed in Sbaro restaurant in Jerusalem

16) Amichai Ariel, Father of Halel 

17) Dov Kalmanovich, was badly wounded in a terror attack

18) Shula and Zamir Oved, parents of Be’eri 

19) Chayim Katav, brother of Meital 

20) Eliyahu Katav, father of Meital 

21) Devora and Eli David, sister of Moti and aunt of Tom 

22) Menucha Kurman, daughter of Yehudit and Eliezer 

23) Devora Gonen, mother of Danni 

24) Chayim Yosef and Ruti Luver, Sister of Dani Gonen

25) Netanel and Hani Kanias, sister of Dani Gonen

26) Ika Atia, father of Inbar 

27) Avi Bromberg, Nephew of Avraham Bromberg 

28) Roni and Dani Lerner, parents of Baruch 

29) Miri Firstenberg, Daughter of Ephrayim and Chana, and sister of Chaim 

30) Anat Zer Cohen, Sister of Gilad Zer 

31) Esther Firsteter, Mother of Smadar 

32) Avishai Firsteter, brother of Smadar 

33) Almakaies Shimon, father of Keren  and grandfather of Liran and Noya 

34) Chaim Didovsky, widower of Rina 

35) Dina and Omer Kit, parents of Ophir 

36) Edna and Danni Bahat, parents of Ziki 

37) Leah and Chaim Lichterman, parents of Gideon 

38) Zvika Shachak, father of Bat-Chen 

39) Ofra Arieli, Widow of Moti Hershko 

40) Hadas Mizrachi, widow of Baruch 

41) Sara Pekizgi, Daughter of Devora and Michael Krim

42) Yaakov Gavrieli, father of Yifat 

43) Avner Weiss, father of Inbal  and brother of Yanai 

44) Miriyam Arami, mother of Netanel 

45) Sherri Mandel, mother of Kobi 

46) Yaron Friedman, brother of Guy 

47) Oded Karmani, brother of Ronen Levy 

48) Yeremi Kurman, brother of Yehudit and Eliezer 

49) Zohar Buchris, brother of Hadar 

50) Dalia Bublil Ochan, sister of David Dedi 

51) Meirav Vender Osher, daughter of Avi Osher 

52) Yechiel Shmuel, brother of Erez 

53) Tali Getenue, daughter of Sara Sharon 

54) Yaniv Eliyahu, son of Yossi Eliyahu 

55) Nati Smadar, son of Chaim 

56) Shay Odser, son of Mordechai  and nephew of Shlomo 

57) Sharona Shitrit, sister of Mordechai, Aharon and Yocheved 

58) Ayelet and Oren Tamam, brother of Moshe Tamam 

59) Ortal Tamam, nephew of Moshe 

60) Adva Biton mother of Adel 

61) Rina and Eliezer Rozenfeld, parents of Malachi

62) Natalie Yesayev, widow of Aharon 

63) Eyal Gelman, brother of Eliav

64) Simona Yakobovich, mother of Binyamin Zvi

65) Adel Bennet, widow of Rabbi Aharon

66) Yosef and Miryam Gal, parents in law of Rabbi Aharon Bennet

67) Ruth Chasno, widow of Asher

68) Sigal Tzabari Elyakim, sister in law of Dalia (Sigal brother Rami was badly wounded)

69) Orly Grego, mother of Mazi

70) Orna Amrani, sister of Shaltiel Akiva

71) Shay Odser, Son of Moti and nephew of Shlomo

72) Sapir Hazut, Daughter of Daniel Hazut

73) Sharona Shitrit, relative of Fani, Yocheved, Aharon and Moti 

74) Lea Federing, daughter of Moris Edri

75) Palmach Zeevi, son of Minister Rechavam Zeevi

76) Fahad Kenaan, son of Mufid Kenaan

77) Yael Maman, sister of Kochava Shriki

78) Elyada Borovski, brother of Evyatar Borovski

79) Elichay Ben Yishay, lost his sister, brother in law and three nephews in Itamar

80) Iris Yifrach, mother of Eyal Yifrach

81) Yagil Henekin, brother of Rabbi Eitam and brother in law of Naama

82) Taama Yakobson, sister of Rabbi Eitam Henekin

83) Benzi Ben Shoham, brother of Limor

84) Zvia Becker, daughter of Moshe

85) Yaakov Shemesh, brother of Gad and brother in law of Zipi

86) Zion Svery, lost his son Doron, daughter Sharon and son in law Yaniv

87) Sara Yagen, mother of Lea-Liat

88) Zafrira Adorian, widow of Eli

89) Yona Hos Rotenstein, sister of Nahum Hos

90) Hemdat Malka, sister of Avia Malka

91) Rabbi Uri Sherki, father of Shalom Yochai

92) Dikla Malka, Sister of Netanel Arami

93) Inbal Akkrin, Sister of Netanel Arami

94) Sara Tchiya Bigel, sister of Netanel Litman and daughter of Rabbi Yaakob Litman

95) Noa Litman, widow of Rabbi Yaakov Litman

96) Meirav and Asher Hagag, parents of Shir Hagag

97) Natalie Shmuel, daughter of Avraham Asher Chasno

98) Leah Sigbecker, daughter of Avraham Asher Chasno

99) Zadika Ben Daviv, daughter of Avraham Asher Chasno

100) Elchanan and Mazal Meydad, daughter and son in law of Avraham Asher Chasno

101) Eldad Chasno, son of Avraham Asher Chasno

102) Chayim and Dina Simons, parents of Hadas Mizrachi wounded in terror attack and parents in law of Baruch Mizrachi

103) Sara Don, widow of Rabbi Yaakov Don

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