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The Edge of Genocide

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Edwin Black in North Carolina Scholar-in-Residence lectures on Racist Eugenics and US Complicity in Nazism

August 24th 2011

Contributors / Staff - Edwin Black

Renowned investigative journalist and author Edwin Black, as part of his intercontinental lecture tour, will update audiences in North Carolina on his latest books and research as a scholar-in-residence. As a featured speaker, Black will mainly discuss his research on eugenics, the corporate-funded pseudo-science Made in the USA that sought to identify and eliminate so-called inferior classes of people. He will also lecture on direct pivotal corporate collusion with the Nazis. Black is expected to speak specifically on the issues raised by his books War Against the Weak, Nazi Nexus, and The Farhud: The Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust, and the perennial issues they raise for America today.

Edwin Black’s many books have exposed readers all over the world to his exacting research on subjects that have raised vigorous debate and controversy, including the involvement of U.S. corporations with the Nazi war machine and the Holocaust, the racist American eugenics and sterilization movement in the 20th century, and the far-reaching corruption and geopolitics that stem from America’s dependence on petroleum.

A key reason for Black's visit is to North Carolina is to address the question of state compensation for eugenic sterilization. The measure is now before the legislature. "North Carolina's war against its own citizens was nothing short of genocide," said Black. The state should compensate. But the guilt must be shared with the philanthropic organizations and academic groups that pushed the state to do the unthinkable and tried to rationalize it as sound science—when it was all a fraud."

Special sponsors and co-chair for the Edwin Black in North Carolina Scholar-in-Residence include Rep. Larry M. Womble (Winston-Salem 71st District), Rep. Earline W. Parmon (72st District), Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines, Gary M. Green, and Keith Grandberry. See the tour here.

A sweeping coalition of public persons and more than a dozen leading universities and academic groups have come together to cosponsor Black's multi-campus tour. The list includes Winston-Salem State University, encompassing its School of Health Sciences, School of Business and Economics, School of Education, and Human Performance and College of Arts and Sciences North Carolina Holocaust Council, in association with Jewish Life at Duke University, Duke Center for Multicultural Affairs, North Carolina Central University, Appalachian State University Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies, the Charlotte and Dick Levin Jewish Community Center-Durham, Guilford College. The multi-city is tour cosponsored by Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, the State of California Center for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, Human Rights and Tolerance, the Binghamton Social Justice Fund, and History Network News, the Institute for Religion and Public Policy, Jewish Virtual Library, The Auto Channel, and Spero Forum.

Author Black kicks off his North Carolina tour on August 29 with an appearance at the Belk Library of the Appalachian State University Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies, where he will speak on "The Rise and Fall of Eugenics and its Re-emergence in North Carolina" based on the award-winning bestseller War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race.

Then in Durham, he will provide a reprise of this lecture at Center for Jewish Life at Duke University on August 30. "Duke was the birthplace of the term 'genocide,' the word being invented by Rafael Lemkin during his stay at Duke from 1941 to 1943, and then published in 1944," says Black. "How appropriate that we bring it all home."

Black will lecture on August 31 at the Charlotte and Dick Levin Jewish Community Center in Durham NC on his book Nazi Nexus: America's Corporate Complicity in the Holocaust. At the Durham JCC, he will detail on "America’s Corporate Connections to the Holocaust and the files of Ford, GM, Carnegie, Rockefeller, and IBM" and how they aided in the Nazi Final Solution and the invasion of Europe. The very scope of the slaughter," says Black, "was determined by pivotal American support for Nazi science and military might."

On September 1, he will repeat his “Rise and Fall of Eugenics and its Re-Emergence in North Carolina” lecture at the School of Health Sciences at Winston-Salem State University. War Against the Weak has been heralded by the National Review as "the best book on the subject" of eugenics—an attempt by pseudo-scientists funded by the Carnegie Endowment and abetted by state and local governments across the U.S.—that sought to eliminate through sterilization and even mass murder whole classes and races of people seen as genetically "unfit." The issue continues to resonate a century after the onset of the movement that would be followed to its logical terminus by Nazi Germany as it exterminated those it considered "unworthy of life."

On September 16, Black will speak at North Carolina Central University at Durham on a topic to be announced. There will be a book presentation and signing.

As part of his world tour, he has spoken to audiences about his books and research, as well as the connections between current anti-Semitic and anti-American movements with their pacifistic and extremist antecedents. America’s contribution to eugenic racism and the Holocaust, petropolitics, and the Middle East are also subjects that have captivated his audiences as far away as Australia.

Finally, on September 19, Black will appear at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC for a book presentation and autographing of his best-seller The Farhud where he will detail the Arab-Nazi alliance in the Holocaust in which Hitler's need for oil intersected Arab demand to oust Jews from their ancestral homes through the Middle East.

Black is an award-winning and New York Times best-selling investigative journalist, historian and author whose work focuses on the historical interplay between economics and politics in the Middle East, the Holocaust, genocide and hate, oil and alternative energy, and a wealth of other topics. With more than a million books in print, his work has been translated into 14 languages in 85 editions in more than 60 countries. Black's writings have received top editorial awards and been published in scores of major newspapers around the world. His books include IBM and the Holocaust (2001), British Petroleum and the Redline Agreement (2011), The Farhud (2010), Nazi Nexus (2009), The Plan (2008), Internal Combustion (2006), Banking on Baghdad (2004), War Against the Weak (2003) and The Transfer Agreement (1984).

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