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The Edge of Terrorism

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Hamas Base Rocket Production Facility in Sinai

December 12th 2011

Terrorism - Hamas Rocket

Hamas has established forward bases and rocket production facilities in the Sinai Peninsula, according to The Jerusalem Post's veteran military affairs correspondent Yaakov Katz. 

Hamas believes that relations between Israel and Egypt will deter Israel from attacking the weapons facilities with air strikes.

Though the Israeli government have issued requests for order to be restored in Sinai, the Egyptian military have made no moves to dissemble Hamas infrastructure in the peninsula.

Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Yaakov Katz reports that under the terms of the Egypt-Israel peace treaty, over a dozen Egyptian army battalions operate in Sinai but they have had little effect in preventing terrorist activity or the passage of arms bound for the Gaza Strip. Advanced weaponry stolen from the Libyan military and Russian-made shoulder-to-air missiles are amongst some of the munitions that have been smuggled into the Gaza Strip recently.

The IDF has strengthened border defences and a new regional brigade has been created to defend Eilat and its neighbouring area. A car travelling in Northern Gaza, bound for Israel via Sinai, was bombed by the IDF recently, a senior member of Aksa Martyrs Brigade who, according to the army, was plotting an attack on Israel was killed. A similar plot to enter Israel through Sinai in August resulted in an attack in which eight Israelis lost their lives.

A number of attacks along the border with Egypt are believed to have been planned by Hamas but the organization is not responsible for rocket attacks on Israeli communities. These attacks come from smaller terrorist groups beyond Hamas’ control.

Cutting Edge Correspondent Jude Freeman writes from London.

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