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The Iranian Threat

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Iranian Hit Squad Plans Attacks on Jewish and American Interests

April 2nd 2012

Iranian Revolutionary Guard

The Iranians have dispatched a network of covert assassins to hit Jewish, Israeli and Western targets in Turkey, Sky News reports. And now the surreptitious hit-squad has finally been given a name: Unit 400.

A 53-page secret study from a foreign intelligence agency obtained exclusively by Sky News reports as follows:

"Unit 400 is a top-secret "special ops" unit within the elite overseas wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Qods Force (IRGC-QF). It plans and carries out terror attacks on external targets, and provides material support to foreign militia groups, at the direct behest of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. This is in accordance with the regime's core strategic considerations about how best to challenge perceived enemies in Israel and the west - through asymmetric warfare - and to cope with mounting international pressure over its nuclear programme."

The commanders of the group has been identified as Hamed Abdellahi and Majid Alavi, the former deputy minister in Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security.

The document went on to note that, "[the] Supreme Leader makes a decision to conduct an attack, the Unit activates a cell to perform it and recruits foreign agents as required… Training is sometimes given in Iran, as was the case prior to an attempted attack on the Israeli consul in Istanbul in 2011, and additional countries in the Middle East and Europe are used in order to blur Iran's connection to the attack."

An intelligence official who spoke with Sky News on the matter also noted that the group was most likely responsible for the attempted assassination of the Saudi Arabian Ambassador in Washington last year. And there is no doubt that the hit squad is an integral part of the continued tit-for-tat strategy between Iran, Israel and the U.S. that includes the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists and the recent attempt made on the lives of Israeli diplomats in Tbilisi, Georgia, New Delhi and Bangkok.

The report concluded that, "The overall picture is one of an organisation which reaches out across the globe to commit carefully planned terror attacks of its own accord, as well as to arm proxy groups that will do so on its behest."

There are indications that the group has been given the green light to step up their activities in a show of Iran’s ‘asymmetric’ global power, especially in light of the heightened rhetoric over an Israeli or joint American strike on the Persian state.

This article was adapted from World Jewish Daily

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