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The Massacre in Syria

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Syrian Massacre and After Massacre--Where are You Obama?

June 10th 2012


Another day, another massacre.

The reaction from Washington? Silence, or worse, more empty rhetoric.

Syrian forces killed at least 96 rebels and civilians Saturday and Sunday in attacks across the country. According to CNN: "random shelling tormented the Homs neighborhood of Talbiseh early Sunday, pausing every four minutes only to continue with artillery and mortars. The violence followed a particularly gruesome day across Syria, where at least 96 people were killed, opposition activists said." At the same time, the opposition Syrian National Council elected a new leader, a Kurdish exile who analysts say may unite Kurdish forces with the anti-Assad militia. The Syrian National Council named Abdul Baset Sieda, a Syrian native now living in Sweden, as its leader.

Israeli officials presented their strongest statements to date, deploring the violence in neighboring Syria. Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon told Israel Radio Sunday that the Jewish state will offer aid to Syrian refugees. Ayalon added, "that the situation in Syria had gone "completely out of control" as a result of the "indifferent attitude and lack of leadership" in the international community. Ayalon called the conflict a 'fight to the death' and that the ousting of Assad would not necessarily solve the problem. ...Without large contingents of U.N. troops, it will not be possible to stop the Syrian people's suffering," he said.

Israel's prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, repeated the charge that Syria was being aided by Hezbollah and Iran. “The world needs to see this concentrated axis of evil,” Netanyahu said at the weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday. “The face of this axis has been revealed in all its ugliness and everyone should see the sort of environment we live in.”

Vice Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz called the Syrian government's killings "a crime against humanity." He added, "genocide is being conducted in Syria today. And the silence of the world powers is contrary to all human logic."

The Obama administration has opposed military action in Syria, suggesting it will lead to a wider military conflict. In the meantime, innocents die and Iran's closest ally remains in power.

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