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Israel and Lebanon

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Ready for War

July 2nd 2012

IDF Soldiers

As violence escalates in Syria, the Israel Defense Forces are getting ready for the coming conflict with Lebanon, reports Haaretz.

“We understand that there is more than one factor, whether this is Lebanese, or whether it will come from somewhere else, that can ignite the border here,” Brigardier-General Hertzi Halevy told reporters on Thursday.

The fear that the collapse of the Assad regime might usher in a vacuum of power that jihadists will take advantage of, or the spillover of violence into Lebanon and then into Israel, drives the IDF to preparedness. The IDF reports that the border between the two Arab states is a veritable “lawless zone” and that in the six years since the Jewish state went to war with Lebanon, ten times more missiles – totaling 60,000 – are now ready for launch against Israel from home base of Hezbollah.

“The next war will be different, and therefore we should stop it as quickly as possible, in order to make things easier for the home front,” ays a senior officer in the Northern Command. “This means carrying out a very strong attack against Lebanon, and the damage will be enormous."

"The Goldstone report will pale in comparison to what will be here next time,” the officer continued ominously. “There is no choice but to fight against the enemy where he is, and that is in the heart of a populated area.” In practice, the IDF is dedicated to restraint. In reality – if it comes to war – fighting will no doubt be fierce between Israel’s military, their Lebanese counterparts, and Iran’s proxy terror army Hezbollah.

"The IDF is preparing seriously and professionally for another Lebanon war,” Halevy remarked. “The response will need to be sharper, harder, and in some ways very violent. The next war will be with very heavy exchanges of fire on both sides, and so both need to make every effort to stop this happening.

"In the Goldstone Report, the community and the world tended to get confused and think that this can be done in a nicer way," he continued. "It cannot be nice. Without the use of great force, we will find it difficult to achieve the aim, and the enemy should also know that."

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