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Edwin Black at Florida Atlantic University-Jupiter Chronicles How British Petroleum Made the Modern East

January 29th 2013

Edwin Black

Bestselling author Edwin Black will chronicle the complex saga of how the oil giant British Petroleum invented the modern conflict-ridden Middle East at a Florida Atlantic University presentation 7 PM, February 5, at the Elinor Bernon Rosenthal Lifelong Learning Complex, John D. MacArthur Campus, Florida Atlantic University. The event, Petropolitics, Oil and the Middle East, caps a day of "oil and history" events with the author who first coined the term "petropolitics" in 2005. 

The author says the lynchpin of BP’s statecraft in the Mideast was the legendary but secret pact known as “The Redline Agreement.” Black was the first to publish the secret agreement in his recent critically acclaimed book, “British Petroleum and the Redline Agreement: The West's Secret Pact to Get Mideast Oil.” The author was granted extraordinary unrestricted access to BP’s corporate archives where he uncovered the documents.

“The story of the Redline Agreement, the West’s secret pact to get Mideast oil,” says Black, “is a tortuous international escapade that travelled through World War I, the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and a tense story of greed and personal conflict to secure control of Mideast oil fields, and the pipelines to carry the crude that were laced across Palestine and Syria.” The Washington Post, speaking of his historical research, said, “Black’s impressive analysis, which included looking at more than 50,000 original documents and hundreds of scholarly books and articles ... explains why the West's record in the region so complicates nation-building there today ... Many readers may find the breadth of analysis too ambitious.” See more information about the Redline Agreement here, and a the book trailer here.

The main evening event follows two campus sessions for students. A morning session "The History of Oil Addiction and a Plan for Interruption" is based on the award-winning bestseller Internal Combustion--How Corporations and Governments Addicted the World to Oil and Derailed the Alternatives. Internal Combustion won four major editorial awards: Best Book by American Society of Journalists and Authors, a Rockower, the Green Globes, and the Thomas Edison Award. See more information about Internal Combustion here.

The afternoon event for students is a special presentation, How to Make a Difference in Environmental Writing and Rhetoric designed to "help journalists and writers penetrate the fog and smoked mirrors of energy information."

Black, author of the million-copy bestseller IBM and the Holocaust, is a popular speaker in South Florida, but has never spoken in Jupiter.

The FAU-Jupiter event kicks off a week-long, four-campus tour which includes visits to Florida International University, Broward College and the University of Miami. Further information about Black’s Florida tour can be found at http://www.edwinblack.com/index.php?page=10190. For tickets or specifics on the FAU-Jupiter presentation, call 561.799.8821 or visit www.llsjupiter.com.

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