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Egypt's Second Revolution

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Egypt's Interior Minister Survives Assassination Attempt

September 5th 2013

Egypt Flag @ 6.2013 Anti-Morsi Protests

A bomb exploded near a convoy carrying Egyptian Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Wednesday in Cairo, an attack authorities are calling an assassination attempt. Several people were wounded but officials say the minister was unhurt. Ibrahim was leaving his home in Cairo's Nasr City neighborhood when the blast struck near his convoy. Authorities initially pointed to a car bomb, but later said they suspected an explosive was thrown from a nearby building.
State media described the attack as a failed assassination attempt, though there is no word on who is responsible. Senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Amr Darrag condemned the assassination attempt on Ibrahim. "The bombing allegedly targeting the minister of interior today is regrettable and the alliance strongly condemns it,'' Darrag said in a statement on behalf of the "Anti-Coup Alliance'', led by the Muslim Brotherhood.
Resident Raouf Mahmoud, who lives close to the minister, said he was parking his car when he heard a "massive explosion."
"People were running randomly. And just after that there were two cars or three cars, black BMW's from the security guard cars, they were on fire," he said. "Just after that, like three or four minutes, gunshots."

Hours later, Ibrahim appeared unharmed on state TV to denounce the attack as a "cowardly assassination bid". Security guards and a child were among the injured in the attack, which took place near his home in Nasr City.

No-one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. Muslim Brotherhood leader Amr Darrag said the group "strongly condemned" what happened.

Mr Ibrahim heads the police force which has carried out a crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood protests in recent weeks.

Nasr City is a stronghold of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood group. The explosion took place at about 10:30 local time (08:30 GMT) as Mr Ibrahim was being driven from his home to work. The minister told state television that his convoy was targeted by a "large" explosive device that might have been detonated by remote control. "It destroyed four of the vehicles of my protection team, with many shops in the area badly affected along with a vehicle of civilians and a small child who had a leg amputated," he said. "I have an officer with serious injuries and another officer with a leg amputation. There were many injuries amongst my guards." State media said at least eight people had been injured.

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