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Dan Hotels Israel Wins First Place in Market Test Survey

December 24th 2013

King David Hotel

The Management of the Dan Hotels takes great pride in announcing that once again it is the Dan chain that has come top of the guest list!

All the large hotel chains in Israel participated in this survey which took place during September and October 2013 in accordance and cooperation with "ACSI" (American Customer Satisfaction Index). It involved 612 guests who stayed in hotels in Israel during the previous 12 months and the results clearly show how the Dan Hotels comes top in nine of the thirteen categories analyzed, with the main ones being, customer satisfaction; willingness to recommend; and willingness to return.

"This is a great achievement and we all very proud of the results" commented Rafi Baeri, Vice President Marketing and Sales. "It is always a challenge to ensure customer satisfaction for the long- term but achieving first place for eight years in a row (since 2005, when the survey began) is very gratifying and ensures customer loyalty for the future. It is even more of a triumph this year as we have also managed to improve on Dan's perception by our customers as compared to previous years."

The long-term leading position of Dan Hotels is noted among all other "service industries" in Israel and according to Mr. Oded Shay, President of "Market Test", the leading position of Dan Hotels is an exception even in International terms among many Customer Satisfaction Surveys carried out according to ACSI guidelines in other countries.

Ami Hirschtein, President and CEO of Dan Hotels remarked; "One of the main operation goals set out by the Dan Hotels is to enhance the hospitality experience. The results of this survey show that we are on the right track and we will continue to work with our able and loyal staff to make stays at our hotels better than ever."
About the Dan Hotels:

The country’s leading luxury hotel chain was established in 1948 and the name has always been synonymous with the best hospitality experience for all its guests. Situated in Israel’s major tourist spots, the Dan Collection boasts 14 properties, all varying in size and design, but all carrying the same brand of excellence.

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