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The War on Terror


American Weapons Manufacturer Refuses Sale to Pakistan

January 6th 2014

A U.S. gun manufacturer has turned down a multi-million dollar opportunity to sell arms to Pakistan, citing concerns the weapons would be used against American soldiers.

Nick Young, founder of Desert Tech, said on his company's Facebook page that it had been approached to "legally supply" sniper systems to Pakistan. The company was formerly known as Desert Tactical Arms.

Young said the Utah-based company's "greatest fear" was that the equipment might be used against U.S. troops. He said he started the company "to protect Americans, not endanger them." He also said that his company employs several military veterans.

The contract was reported to be worth as much as $15 million.

"I don't feel good about this, and it really got the owner Nick Young to think about it," said Desert Tech Sales Manager Mike Davis.

Fans of Desert Tech weapons systems issued hundreds of comments on the company Facebook page in praise of the decision. One commenter, identified as AK Miller, wrote “Thank you for being a company that still believes in morals and ethics and doing the right thing for your employees. You have my respect...and my business!”

Sales manager Mike Davis told local media that with the unrest in Pakistan, the company "just ended up not feeling right," about selling to the South Asian nation. He told the Deseret News that "at the end of the day, we felt our ethics are worth more than the bottom line."

The rifles Desert Tech would have sold to Pakistan have the ability to change caliber within minutes and the capacity to shoot as far as 1.6 miles.

Weapon sales to U.S. allies such as Pakistan are nothing new, but they can be complicated, especially in a country with an al-Qaida presence. The U.S. military often targets al-Qaida, Taliban members and their Pakistani supporters in Pakistan's tribal regions.

Desert Tech said on its website that the company was created "to protect the freedom of the United States of America, our allies and people by providing the most compact, accurate and reliable precision weapons systems in the world." The company produces firearms, ammunition, optics and other products, as well as offering training.

-- from VOA News and wire services.

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