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Operation Protective Edge

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Operation Protective Edge War-Blog: July 28, 2014

July 28th 2014

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7:45 PM ET July 28, 2014. Hamas has reportedly executed, without trial, over  30 alleged collaborators with Israel in the past few days. Palestinian media report that that the suspects were caught in the Shejaiya neighborhood in northern Gaza. Among the evidence for their collaboration were telephones with SIM cards from an Israeli cell phone provider. Hamas has come under fire from human rights groups for executing suspected collaborators without a trial. Sometimes Gazans are accused of being collaborators based on mere rumor and at other times those who fall out of favor with Hamas are deemed collaborators and executed.  Palestinian daily Al-Quds last week reported that collaborators were spotted firing tracer bullets near homes that Israel wanted to target, among other suspicious activity. -- i24News

6:10 PM ET July 28 2014. Israel has been using illumination rounds this evening to light up the sky over Gaza. According to CNN, some of those illumination round canisters have fallen into a U.N. school. These rounds have no explosive heads on them. Israel's Lt. Col. Peter Lerner has said that the incursions into Israel today by Hamas militants were met with force and the militants were killed.

5:30 PM ET July 28 2014. Three children were among 10 people killed in Israeli raids across Gaza, said PA spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra. Israel announced that five of its troops were killed today. The IDF struck central and southern Gaza as its air forces began bombing the Khan Yunis enclave following a Palestinian mortar attack on southern Israel. - i24 News.

5:25 PM ET July 28 2014. An on-again, off-again ceasefire during the morning hours allowed Muslims to celebrate the end of Ramadan. A mortar fired from Gaza broke the peace and killed at least four Israelis and seriously wounded six. There were two explosions near the central Shifa hospital in Gaza City, which killed nine children, according to Palestinian media. Palestinians attribute the deaths to an Israeli air raid, while Israel is blaming Hamas rockets. i24News.

5:20 PM ET July 28 2014. Since the beginning of Protective Edge, some 2,500 rockets were launched from Gaza. The Palestinian Health Ministry tallies the death toll in Gaza at 1,049, with nearly 6,000 wounded. On the Israeli side: 43 soldiers and three Israeli civilians dead. Over 65,000 reserve forces have been drafted. i24News and wires.

5:15 PM ET July 28 2014. Israeli premier's office says that the UN Security Council's Israel - Hamas ceasefire proposal does not address Israel's needs, specifically the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip. It also does not mention Hamas' targeting Israeli civilians. At an earlier press conference in New York, UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-Moon had said both side were interested in a 24-hour ceasefire. i24News.

5:00 PM ET July 28 2014. A four-year-old child and another Palestinian were killed by Israeli tank fire in northern Gaza. - i24News.

4:48 PM ET July 28 2014. Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri says Israel has only destroyed a small fraction of Hamas' miles of tunnels and that for every tunnel destroyed, there would be many more constructed in the future. - i24News.

09:29 ET July 28 2014. Rocket launched from Gaza lands in an open area near Ashkelon, no injuries reported. -Jerusalem Post09:07 ET July 28 2014: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says that both sides are interested in achieving a 24-hour ceasefire. -AP

12:43 GMT July 28 2014: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon holds news conference in New York. -NYT08:57 ET July 28 2014: Two rockets and a mortar fired from Gaza explode within Israel along Gaza border. -Times of Israel07:48 AM ET July 28 2014: Rocket fired from Gaza Strip over Israeli communities near Gaza border. No injuries reported. -Arutz Sheva

6:01 AM ET July 28 2014. Rockets fired from Gaza at 12:40 PM local time failed, falling into Palestinian territory. There had been relative quiet since midnight. -- i24News

5:59 AM ET July 28 2014. Culture and sports minister Limor Livnat said this morning that deterrence had still not been reached in Gaza. She said that Israel cannot allow Hamas to continue to fire and hurt Israeli citizens, urging PM Netanyahu to tell Obama concerning a ceasefire, "Not yet. We can't stop yet." i24News

5:50 AM ET July 28 2014. The IDF struck two rocket launching sites and a weapons production facility in Gaza Strip in response to a rocket fired at Ashkelon earlier. -- i24News

5:45 AM ET July 28 2014. Deputy Transportation Minister Tzipi Hotovely said the U.S. ceasefire proposal would only benefit Hamas. "Israel must postpone the cease-fire proposed by Obama," adding, "The majority of the Israeli public supports continuing the operation [Protective Edge], and the government's capability to provide a game changer in the Gaza Strip by removing Hamas." -- i24News

5:40 AM ET July 28 2014. The Israel and Hamas front was virtually silently at midnight July 27, as an unofficial ceasefire went into effect. Hamas sought the stop of hostilities to allow Gaza's 1.8 million Muslims to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, a three-day holiday marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Israel did not agree to a formal ceasefire, but repeated what it has said in the past that "silence will be met with silence." This means Israel will not launch offensives but would react to any attacks by Hamas and its allies. Meanwhile, Israel is destroying Hamas' tunnesl. -- Jerusalem Post.

5:37 AM ET July 28 2014. Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, some 2,500 rockets were launched from Gaza towards Israel. Israel struck some 3,800 terror targets since July 8. Palestinian authorities say 1,049 Gazans have died, while 6,000 are wounded. On the Israeli side, 43 soldiers have been killed and three Israeli civilians. Some 100 wounded soldiers are currently being treated in hospitals across Israel. Over 65,000 reserve forces have been drafted. -- Jerusalem Post

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