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Broken Government

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State Department Scandal About State Department Scandals

June 24th 2015

Hillary Clinton

The State Department Inspector General inspected the agency’s Diplomatic Security Service, or DSS.  The inspection covered the final year of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. More than 1,000 cases of criminal conduct by State Department personnel were investigated by DSS in 2012. A final IG report was issued shortly after Clinton left office.

Reports of pedophilia, sexual abuse, and confrontations among co-workers should've been included in the report.  But they were not.

A pair of whistleblowers [Aurelia Fedenisn and Richard Higbie] separately came forward and reported criminal acts allegedly perpetrated by senior State Department personnel had been stripped from the final report

Some investigations were stopped in-progress. Like the case of a senior official who was alleged to have sexually abused foreign nationals while assigned to several embassies. 

The investigation of an ambassador -- accused of pedophilia -- was halted on orders from “someone on the 7th floor,” according to official documents. 

The State Department’s 7th floor is where the Secretary of State is located.

The atmosphere became so poisonous among DSS investigators -- who sometimes had to investigate one another -- that some agents “carry their . . . firearms constantly” fearful of “a nasty elevator confrontation.”

Why should anyone believe the whistleblowers? Because one of them gave to Congress earlier drafts of the IG report, which detailed the misconduct. Included were notes about what would be deleted from the final report.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce has given the State Department a deadline to turnover all related material. Aurelia Fedenisn has been the target of an intimidation campaign and her lawyer's offices were mysteriously broken into. Files on Fedensin were stolen while valuable computers and other extremely assets such as silver bars were left behind.

Richard Higbie had his email account hacked and four years worth of emails, including those detailing criminal activity by State Department officials, were deleted.

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