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School Lunch Obesity Problem Must be Tackled

April 12th 2010
Instead of just complaining about the obesity of our children, parents must face uncomfortable facts which your artuicle illuminated ( see Society April 5, 2010 School Lunches May Make for Obese Children). The schools have stopped the physical exercise that we all knew, those programs are gone. Then because of lobbyists and salesmen, schools fill their tummies with the worst, cheapest food that is guaranteed to make our kids overweight. Junk food is a fact in school whether it is served hot or in a wrapper. The answer is to hold the feet of our school district officials to the fire and demand immediate change in the menu and in their mentality.

Michael Marrus Misses Thomas J. Watson Conviction

April 5th 2010
The great Canadian professor Michael Marrus claimed that Thomas J. Watson, president of IBM, was no "corporate scoundrel" (see Michael Marrus Falters in Some Measure of Justice, Arts, March 1, 2010), but rather just a "maverick." Here is what I did. I checked Google Books and after one minute found several biographies written over a period of years that all referred in some detail or another to Waton's criminal conviction and jail sentence in the National Cash Register extortion and harassment conspiracy. Watson was not alone--he was part of a gang--all convicted. I did not have a foundation grant, but I did locate the information using my laptop. Our nation is being hammered by corporate thieves right now from the mortgage industry to health insurance. This is not the time to rewrite history to minimize the crimes corporate executives commit in the name of profits or amassing sheer power. If we cannot face up to what corporate robber barons and clever criminals like Thomas J. Watson have done in the past, just think about what the next generation will be reading about Enron, Countrywide and the like.

Trolley Lines Should be Encouraged Not Dismissed

April 5th 2010

I am another who believes The Washington Times has written a dismissive editorial (entitled “Obama’s Trolley Folly”) that frames streetcars and public transportation as a left versus right issue. Nothing should be further from the truth. Support for public transportation, especially streetcars, should be a non-partisan, non-ideological infrastructure issue. No one can seriously argue that our over-reliance on the automobile doesn’t have serious consequences for our economy and our national security. Perhaps you have heard that sucking sound, of all those dollars that we spend on oil being sent back to ruling regimes in countries such as Venezuela and Iran that, frankly, do not wish us well. Streetcars are one attempt to stimulate livable communities where working, shopping and recreation are within easy reach of a mode that promotes economic development, reduces our dependence on oil and fosters stable, energetic communities. While the successful Portland example is like waving a red flag in front of anti-rail bulls, the successes found in Kenosha, WI, the F line in San Francisco and the vintage streetcar lines in Little Rock, AR and Tampa, FL make the point as well. Nothing begets success like success. That’s why Oklahoma City residents recently voted to retain a tax will provide dollars to build a downtown streetcar system and why Cincinnati residents voted to reject a proposal to prohibit funding for a downtown streetcar. And, each recent Stimulus grant mentioned in the editorial (Tucson, New Orleans, Portland, and Dallas) will continue these successes. Rather than The Washington Times approach to treat every rail transit project as a potential diversion from some badly needed highway project, we need to adopt a truly balanced approach to our transportation needs. Comparing streetcar costs to “just $680,000 for a bus line” indicates a superficial appreciation of the differences between modes and the capabilities of each mode. Where transit is competitive, that is, where high quality transit exists to compete with auto, people will use it. The percentage of people using transit to access downtown Washington, DC is a healthy 40 percent, not exactly the 1 percent cited by The Washington Times. Finally, streetcar operating costs per passenger mile are much efficient for the very reason that they carry more passengers per mile. Streetcars are a mode whose time has come (again).

Coverage of Africa Top Notch

April 5th 2010
As a man who spent some time a few years back associated with the European diplomatic corps and residing in Africa, I find news coverage of both the tragedies and the majesties of every day life in Africa is simply absent from newspapers and networks in the United States. For this reason, I am happy that The Cutting Edge News finds it useful to present features and analysis involving Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, the Sudan, South Africa and the other countries of that troubled continent. Typical was your unusual take on the pending World Cup in South Africa, focussing not just on the glamour of the games but the seemy side of human trafficking, child sex slavery and organized international prostitution that will be employed to service the crowd. Please continue with such "cutting edge coverage" as it makes your publication a staple on my computer every Monday morning.

Michael Marrus and Ford Foundation Money

March 29th 2010

I was fascinated to read that Michael Marrus thanked the Ford Foundation for generous financial support for his book (see Michael Marrus Falters in Some Measure of Justice, Arts, March 1, 2010). That means, I am guessing, that American taxpayers directly or indirectly were a factor in a Canadian professor's work, since the Ford Foundation is a U.S. tax exempt entity. I would like to know just how much Michael Marrus received and what the money was used for? What was the foundation's input into how its money was spent is something I would like to know as well. Do they get to review the manuscript? In the future perhaps, such books should disclose somewhere the scope of involvement of a tax-exempt foundations, such as Ford, in the books we read.

Another Bump in the Mideast Road

March 29th 2010

While the Israeli interior minister’s announcement that new housing has been approved in Jerusalem may have been inopportune for Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., it was inappropriate for Mr. Biden to issue his “condemnation” of the announcement. Israel has made it clear that its building freeze does not extend to Jerusalem. What you refer to as “East Jerusalem” is the heart of historically Jewish Jerusalem. The Jewish presence was eliminated by force between 1948 and 1967 and has since returned. Where is America’s “condemnation” of the Palestinian Authority’s announcement that, coinciding with Mr. Biden’s visit, the central square in Ramallah would be named for a terrorist responsible for many Israeli civilian deaths, despite the request from Israel to withdraw that decision? Doesn’t that undermine the trust he seeks to develop between the parties?

Obama Shows He’s No Friend Of Israel By Disgraceful Action Toward Jewish State

March 29th 2010

Reports and editorials from around the world state that President Obama treated Prime Minister Netanyahu of the Jewish state of Israel in a disgraceful and unwarranted manner. The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) strongly condemns President Obama for his behavior toward the Jewish state. We consider Obama’s actions an affront and an insult to all Jews in America and throughout all the world. Obama apparently also made new and substantial demands of Israel while making no demands of the anti-peace regime of Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority.

The ZOA concurs with the words of Commentary Magazine’s Jennifer Rubin who wrote, “… the Obami are sticking with their modus operandi – preconditions and ultimatums for the Israelis, and water-carrying for the Palestinians; Netanyahu reportedly wanted to know where the “reciprocity” was and why he was the one making all the concessions. … (“Netanyahu, according to senior officials, said that while the US held him responsible for the timing of the announcement to build 1,600 units in Ramat Shlomo, rather than holding Interior Minister Eli Yishai responsible, Abbas was not held responsible when it came to the PA – which recently presided over the naming of a square in Ramallah for the terrorist responsible for the Coastal Road massacre.”) … It is not that the Obami fear daylight between the U.S. and Israel; it is that they flaunt it. It is not credibility as an honest broker that the Obami are establishing but rather fidelity to the Palestinian negotiating stance. And after all this, and the revelation that the proposed sanctions will be pinpricks at best, would any reasonable Israeli leader believe this administration will do everything (or even anything too strenuous) to remove the existential threat to the Jewish state?

The low point in the history of U.S.-Israel relations has come about not because of a housing permit but because we have a president fundamentally uninterested in retaining the robust, close relationship between the two countries that other administrations of both parties have cultivated. The Obami set out to separate the U.S. from Israel, to pressure and cajole the Jewish state, and to remake the U.S. into an eager suitor to the Muslim World. In the process, anti-Israel delegitimizing efforts have been unleashed as Israel’s enemies (and our own allies) sense that we have downgraded the relationship with the Jewish state, the Israeli public has come to distrust the administration, the American Jewish electorate is somewhere between stunned and horrified, and Israel is less secure and more isolated than ever before.

If mainstream Jewish organizations are serious about their stated mission, it is incumbent upon them to protest this state of affairs clearly and loudly and make their support for this president and his congressional enablers conditional, based on a change of policy in regard to Israel.  Otherwise, they are enabling a potentially fatal assault on the security of the Jewish state.  Silence is acquiescence, meekness is shameful.  A generation from now, Jews will be asking those who led key American Jewish organizations, what did you do to protect Israel?  What did you do to protest the creep toward a “containment” policy for a nuclear-armed Iran? They better have a good answer.”

Morton A. Klein is the president of the Zionist Organization of America.

University of Wisconsin Press Should Fact Check Once Notified

March 22nd 2010
I think Edwin Black errs if he suggests that university presses must fact check before they publish a book (see Michael Marrus Falters in Some Measure of Justice, Arts, March 1, 2010). That would simply be too massive a job for any publisher given the wide variety of topics from science to history to biography. But certainly Edwin Black is completely correct, as are others, to suggest that any publisher—including and especially academic publishers—should have a system in place to aggressively and independently respond to credible notice of errors or potential errors. This process should be independent of the author and the author's circle of endorsers. Publishers should take the initiative. If they find a problem, publish their findings; if no problem is found, then say that. The University of Wisconsin Press should not be immune from this standard.

Turkey Must Recognize the Armenian Genocide

March 22nd 2010
For decades, Turkey has been holding the world hostage as it grapples with the unavoidable truth: the Ottoman Empire committed a systematic war of genocide against Armenian civilians during the first World War. Istanbul has threatened allies, funneled cash into bogus academic efforts, and created it own myths about the mass murder of over 1 million Armenians. It does not change the facts. America should stand up to Turkey and Turkey should stand up to its own history—as Germany did after World War II. I thank the Cutting Edge News for its recent coverage of both the past facts and the current events to deny it.

Appalled that the University of Wisconsin Press Does Not Fact Check

March 15th 2010

I was appalled to read about the University of Wisconsin Press (see Michael Marrus Falters in Some Measure of Justice, Arts, March 1, 2010) and their attitude toward editorial errors and fact checking. The excuse, “We are an academic press,” is no excuse at all. As I watch TV, I see students and teachers protesting throughout this country about the high cost of tuition only getting higher and budget cuts that are undermining the campuses we expect to turn out our next leaders. If the colleges want to cut to save money, maybe they should examine their support for university book publishing operations, especially the ones that claim they are not bound to check their facts. If any college press cannot get its facts straight, it is hardly doing education favor. I agree with the reviewer that the University of Wisconsin Press should "rethink its answers in this realm," and let me add a suggestion to the University of Wisconsin itself: rethink its book publishing arm.

Holocaust Museum Urged to Oppose Yad Vashem on North African Victims

March 15th 2010
I just received a letter from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum asking people to speak up against Holocaust deniers. What about those among us who deny? Please, help stop Yad Vashem from promoting a false history of the Holocaust with false quotations and manipulations of history of the Holocaust, in order to justify not continuing research, documentation, and information on Jews in the European possessions in North Africa who suffered in the Holocaust. With the Internet, even Holocaust deniers will soon learn about Yad Vashem and the silence of Holocaust groups.

The Washington Times vs Public Transit

March 8th 2010

The Washington Times wrote an editorial which amounted to a slam on public transportation. And more specifically, it was a slam on the rebirth of electric street cars in this country. The reason today's streets are congested is because far too many people are clogging them with private cars. And in most cases, it's one person to a car. Not enough people are using mass transit. The reason may be because the mass transit alternative to the private auto isn't attractive enough or reliable enough. Instead of blaming the Obama administration for supporting electric mass transit, they should bame the previous administration for allowing it to wither and die. The sad fact is that we're addicted to oil in this country. We're in an automobile society. Most everything is based on the automobile.

It's almost impossible to get many places without a car today. And it was all planned this way. We're paying the price with pollution, noise, stress, and unnecessary wars to keep us in oil to run all of these cars. The billions of dollars we spend each week in wars and loss of life is a hidden cost factor to that traffic congestion they complained about. Electric street cars are not an obsolete form of transportation. There is nothing nostalgic about them. It worked before and will work again. They were killed off by the oil industry, automobile and bus manufacturers, tire companies, etc. The concept of swift, safe electric transportation on rails was and still is a good, viable idea.

As a matter of recorded fact, transit use declined about 75 percent in the years from 1946 to 1981, when buses replaced most street cars. That is what congested the streets and ruined downtown business. A lane of auto traffic downtown can move only 900 people per hour in autos, but with street cars on a two-minute headway, that same lane can move 3,000—more than triple. That makes for less congestion, not more. Read more ..

Ed Martin Should Not Play Dumb

March 8th 2010

On March 3, 2010, Ed Martin, candidate for US Congress, held a Town Hall meeting. He winked at several facts rather than dealing with them. What does it matter if candidates and Representatives and Senators play dumb? Martin claimed to not understand the Federal Reserve or fractional reserve banking--fair enough if true. But in his faux ignorance, he knows enough to demand complete transparency and an “audit” of the super private Federal Reserve. But he doesn't know the Federal Reserve is the largest international scam on the planet? Read End the Fed by US Rep. Ron Paul (R, Tex) or watch “Money as Debt” by Grignon—and judge for yourself.

Surely Martin does know banks “loan” into existence (create) money and then expect it to be paid to them as if it had been theirs all along. These same banks are private member banks of the Federal Reserve, making private profit from collecting “repayment” and “interest” of national debt that is neither. It's not money they ever had so it isn't “re-paid;” it's just “paid." Sounds like a protection racket, doesn't it? It is an open secret. Let someone (who cannot get so much money any other way) use the money first, to pseudo-legitimize it: launder the funds through borrowers and the economy. The interest charged just reinforces the air of undeserved legitimacy to the idea of them getting what is not theirs. Eventually the interest compounds until it is larger than all of the principal in the system. The Pyramid falls, the banker takes all. They foreclose on what they can get away with.

You can't play dumb, let the voters believe a lie, and call that serving them honestly, can you?

The writer is a candidate for US Congress and can be found at www.DavidArnoldForCongress.com.

Attempts by Disruptive Islamists to Take Over Campuses--Are Rocks Next?

March 1st 2010
Mr. Edelman's report on Muslim extremists disrupting the free flow of ideas on campus (see A Week of Uncivil Discourse on Campus, Features, February 15, 2010) is just another reminder of what is happening to this country. If in one week we witness identical disruptions at UC Irvine, UCLA, York University in Canada, Cambridge, and Oxford Universities in Great Britain, we are seeing an organized, planned and coordinated program to destabilize our campuses. The regents, boards of governors, and faculty should move swiftly to recapture their institutions as places where ideas can be expressed, and where leading speakers can openly take the rostrum. As a recent grad, I know that is a tall order. But if the regents allow this to happen, there is no hope. Students disrupting should be arrested and expelled as surely if they threw a rock at a window. I assure you, that is next.

Shame on Obama for Dalai Lama's Exit Through the Garbage Bags

February 22nd 2010

I was never so ashamed of this country as when the White House forced the revered Dalai Lama to exit through a side entrance through piles of garbage bags after out of his meeting with President Obama. Everyone knows the Chinese protested loudly over Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama. Everyone one knows we must now kow-tow to the Chinese because they own almost a trillion dollars worth of our debt. But no one could imagine how low we would stoop to satiate our creditors the Chinese. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry gets to walk out the front door. But a man of peace such as the Dalia Lama must exit through the service door in the middle of a brutal winter because our government is afraid of upsetting the Chinese masters. I have now seen it all.

See US Downplays Obama's Meeting with Dalai Lama as Part of Chess Game with the Chinese.

Optimism is Possible After Dalai Lama's Visit to White House

February 22nd 2010

The visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and President Barack Obama has far more far reaching significance than many commentators are giving credit. The President, despite Chinese objections, is showing the Dalai Lama greater respect than any president before him and this is also a meeting of two very special people.

First of all the Dalai Lama is meeting with the first African-American to hold that office, a symbol of how intolerance and repression can give way to freedom and high achievement. Secondly we see two men, both leaders of their people and both winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, sitting together. As they talked, we cannot imagine them doing other than attempting to map a strategy of understanding between Tibet and China, two peoples of such character, learning and spiritual development. Thirdly, President Obama is the first American President to formally invite the Dalai Lama to the White House on an official visit. This meeting was not planned as a casual encounter during a walk in the park.

As I watched the interviews following the meeting my outlook for the results of this visit was optimistic. My sense is that Chinese government members and negotiators are feeling some pressure to make a breakthrough in their Tibetan stance. A few months ago while President Obama was in China talking with President Hu, many critics at home were complaining that our President was snubbing the Dalai Lama for economic and political reasons. My reading is different. The White House had already sent two envoys to Dharamsala to discuss and carefully plan a visit by His Holiness to Washington. These discussions did not seem like a haphazard, spur of the moment apology for a snubbing. Neither man is ever unmindful of what he must do nor what he must say to achieve the goals he desires and avoid the pitfalls that lie in wait. Read more ..

Coptic Christians Must Be Protected

February 15th 2010
I applaud The Cutting Edge for its coverage of the plight of the Coptic Christians in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East. There are at least 70,000 Coptic Orthodox Christians here in Australia who have fled to this country from their persecution in Egypt. Egypt and the Muslim world want tolerance for their status and religion. I am for that. But the same must apply whey they are the dominant group in their own countries. The example set by Egypt where its own citizens are persecuted just because they are Christians is not an anomaly. It is a harsh norm we all should take note of and seek to rectify.

Haiti Medical Rescues Need Prosthetics As Part of the Team

February 15th 2010
I was disappointed to read Lee Miller's comment about the prosthetics profession. As I think of the many medical professionals I have seen on TV or read about in the newspapers volunteering for Haiti, the list has spanned everything from heart surgeons and pediatricians to x-ray technicians and dentists. I have not seen any of the prosthetics professions, not even doing a survey. Apparently, prosthetics are very expensive. So is the time of the prosthetics professional. But the same can be said for every other medical doctor and piece of equipment. The more doctors save the shattered lives of the victims in Haiti, the more their futures will require thousands of artificial limbs. Hopefully, the prosthetics industry will step up to the plate.

Why is the Prosthetic Profession Silent about Haiti?

February 8th 2010

I do not think I am alone wondering when the prosthetic profession will step up to the plate on the Haiti crisis. Students at my school recently called several individuals in the prosthetic world in various cities to ask what they were doing about the estimated 100,000 individuals in Haiti who are said to need artificial limbs. This may be the biggest sudden need for artificial limbs in recent history. But all we heard was "no comment" or "haven't even thought about it." Doctors and therapists from everywhere have been volunteering, even TV medical correspondents have worked round the clock. Hospitals have established field clinics. Hollywood has gone to bat. But from the prosthetic profession we get silence. What gives? Are they waiting for a big payday before mobilizing?

Editor Note: The Cutting Edge News repeatedly tried to contact leading local and national orthotic and prosthetic sources to get an insight into their plans and were repeatedly told there were no plans and no comment.

Has South Carolina Learned Nothing from War Against the Weak?

February 8th 2010

The lieutenant governor of South Carolina, Andre Bauer, recently gained national attention on the campaign trail for comparing welfare recipients to stray animals, who shouldn’t be fed because it will only encourage them to breed. See http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_lt_gov_don_t_help_the_poor. From the tone of the coverage, Bauer was put squarely into the ‘don’t politicians say the stupidest things?’ category – subject to a few eye-rolls and then a pass. But anyone who’s read Edwin Black’s bestselling book, War Against the Weak, knows that Bauer should be labeled not foolish, but dangerous. In the early twentieth century, such attitudes were fuel for the movement that led to the forced sterilization of more than 60,000 Americans “unfit” and heavily influenced the Nazi’s Final Solution. Anyone who voices such opinions should be the subject of a very public education lesson in the dark history of the American eugenics movement, and should, in addition, be considered unfit for public office.

Why You Can’t Convert Your Vehicle to Natural Gas in the United States

February 8th 2010

Overall, there were an estimated 254.4 million registered passenger vehicles in the United States according to a 2007 DOT study. In that same year there were only 110,000 Natural Gas Vehicles in the US. This means that .043 percent of the vehicles in the US are Natural Gas vehicles.  Other countries have converted up to 25 percent their total vehicles to natural gas. Little Bangladesh with only a million vehicles has been able to convert 25 percent of their vehicles to natural gas. It has been an American tradition to solve problems by appointing commissions and forming agencies. Here in the United States we chose to pile NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) conversions on the “Global Warming” fire as another reason for us to feel guilty for driving our gasoline vehicles. As the EPA revved up their bureaucratic engines and cranked out more ambiguous vague regulations natural gas conversions slowed to a crawl. Even though over the last 15 years there have been at least five car manufacturers selling OEM CNG Vehicles in the United States as of 2010 there is only one OEM natural gas vehicle still in production the Honda Civic GX. There will have to be a paradigm shift in the way the United States looks at the CNG Conversion process in order for it to catch up with Bangladesh, Utah is working putting CNG conversion testing back in the hands of the states and individuals. Maybe the idea of less regulation and more entrepreneurship is a good idea.

CNN Seems to Have Woken Up

February 1st 2010
I had given up on CNN as a news channel last year. All I heard was political heads babbling, little real news, and the exalting coverage of Obama. I have discovered a change--and I know when it happened--the day the Nigerian underwear bomber tried to bomb an airliner landing in Detroit. It was as though CNN had be reinvented. They immediately saw a total government breakdown in the security realm. They reported it day and night both from the terrorism view and the federal breakdown. At the same time, they became skeptical of the Obama administration's record, the health care backroom deals, and the Congressional failures. Then came the Haiti earthquake with round-the-clock coverage. It seems CNN returned to the news business. I am now happy to leave the naysayers of Fox.

US Air Visa Credit Card Hawkers at Airports Are Obnoxious

January 25th 2010
Recently, I was trying to make my way through the Baltimore-Washington International Airport. Every few feet, a US Air credit card hawker motion to me to approach with all the come-on of an alley dope dealer. The come-ons involved seductive, finger waving, "hey you" shouts to the middle of the aisle and invariably they all want to know where I am flying. It is none of their business where I am flying. Yet I am bothered every few feet in the terminal. The TSA refused to act when I complained. US Air personnel at the gates say they are helpless and emphasize the credit card hawkers only appear to be US Air employees--they are in fact not. Does US Air not know how bad this looks for their business? US Air must stop this conduct at the airports which sells their product. If US Air must sell its credit card--who needs it--it should do so quietly and courteously without hassling travelers.

Ancient Iraqi Tomb Being Altered to Erase Hebrew Inscriptions

January 18th 2010

Following Shelomo Alfassa’s January 11,2010 article, Islamists Erase Jewish Identity from Ezekiel’s Tomb in Iraq, I wish to remind your readers aware of this potentially disastrous development in cultural history. The tomb of the prophet Ezekiel at al-Kifl, near Baghdad, is one of the oldest Jewish shrines in the world. It has been a centre for Jewish pilgrimage through the ages. But 150,000 Jews have been driven out of Iraq in the last 50 years. In the entire country there are only seven left. Not content with erasing Jews physically, according to a recent news report, the Iraqis now want to erase traces of their 3,000-year old Jewish history. As part of their renovation plans the Iraqi authorities are coming under pressure from Islamic parties in Iraq to obliterate the tomb’s Hebrew inscriptions and panels. Only international pressure might force the Iraqi authorities to reconsider their plans. We urge your readers to contact UNESCO Director-General, Mrs Irina Bokova at the following address. See: http://www.unesco.org/webworld/portal/processing/forms/contact/en/form.php)

Lyn Julius represents the UK Association of Jews from the Middle East and N Africa.

Invasive Biology and Genocide Suggested

January 18th 2010

There is a new biological threat to Jews around the world that has the potential for mass destruction of life. It is not in the form of a disease or mutation. This biological threat comes in the form of a theory, called invasion biology. It started with the Nazi's, and it now dominates environmentalism worldwide. It extols the “native” and exterminates the “alien”. It seeks to purify the environment of the unwanted and destructive influence of “invasive species.”

But the analogy to humans is clear. As Hitler put it in 1943, "Everywhere we encounter seeds which represent the beginnings of parasitic growths which must sooner or later be the ruin of our culture...(O)ne of the most potent principles of Nature's rule: the inner segregation of the species of all living beings on this earth."

As a result of contact, immigration and assimilation, cultures that once had a relatively unified sense of identity are now changing, alarming the old guard and causing a resurgence of nationalism and exclusivism, along with anti-immigrant hostility. They have gone from promoting immigration to the other extreme of xenophobia. Likewise, the environment has been treated as a melting pot, with plants and animals transported around the world to increase biodiversity and bring desirable species to new areas. And the resulting threat to the identity of the environment has led to a form of biological nationalism, with laws protecting native species and hostile to immigrant species, a form of bio-xenophobia.

The issue is especially relevant to the Diaspora Jew. Jews are all around the globe, and come in all colors and races. Where are we considered “native”? More to the point, what will happen to us when the “natives” in cultures in which we live decide that we are unwanted “aliens”?

To God, and nature, it's all one planet. People, creatures, and plants move around. It has been going on for millennia and will continue. It is only to man, with his desire to control and create an artificial order to the world, that nativity has any meaning. Surely, there is a time and place for weeding, selecting, and controlling species, and people. But we must reject the very notion that some species should be eradicated simply because they are not “native.” In human affairs we call this ethnic cleansing and genocide, and we have seen how ugly it is. It is no less ugly when unleashed on a plant or animal, its seeds of intolerance and hatred lying dormant for the next Holocaust.

Religious Profiling Unfortunate But May Be Necessary

January 11th 2010
Our media and "talking head" establishment is once again talking in circles. This time is it is about the need to profile. As we have seen from shoe bombers, to underwear bombers--from Mexican-Americans to Pakistanis to home grown boys in Arkansas, by and large it is not their race or nationality that matters but their connection to religious extremism. I mean Islamic extremism. To debate this newest threat properly, we need to get away from Middle East men and focus on the reality. The overwhelming majority of the terrorism threat comes from Islamic extremism whether it is Jose Padilla, Richard Reid or Nidal Hassan, they share on thing in common. So start the conversation there. Religious profiling is hateful and un-American. But if all the bombers are affiliated with the IRA, look for the Irish. And so on.

Rejection of Saudi-Linked J-Street Proves Israel Lobby Not Monolithic

January 4th 2010
Until recently, I never head of J Street. I just assumed it was another pro-Israel lobby. Then I began reading reports that the mainstream Jewish community has rejected this group's approach. Now I see with Lenny Ben-David's (see December 28, 2009 Slices: The Saudi Take a Stroll on J Street) well-documented article, that this group has strong links to the Saudis and their spokesmen. This proves two things. First, the Jewish community is not monolithic in their support for Israel or how that support is to manifest. Second, as in energy lobbies, food lobbies, tax lobbies and healthcare lobbies, we need to check who is funding the operation before we take them seriously. Sometimes it is the one opposed to progress that is sending us messages.

Fleischman and Chavistas

December 28th 2009
Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela is now the greatest threat to democracy in our hemisphere and is in fact the front line for Iran and other anti-Western regimes and ironically a communist or socialist ideology that even China and Russia have abandoned. His oil power and political long arm are slowly projecting his influence throughout Latin America. I agree with an earlier writer who states that the mainstream media has largely ignored this threat. Your many articles, including those by Luis Fleischman shine the light where it needs to go. Fleischman's writing, and that of others, on Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Bolivia is giving us a window into what is happening there. True to form, the mainstream media will only discover Venezuela as they have Yemen--when the crisis hits the top of the thermometer. By then it is generally too late.

Robbing The Cradle Makes its Historical Point

December 21st 2009
I have often wondered just why the Iraqis and the Mesopotamians before them are trapped in such and uncivil society of bombings and beheadings even though that region is the so-called Cradle of Civilization. I found this answered excellently by Edwin Black in the excerpt from Banking on Baghdad (see Robbing the Cradle Page One Dec 14, 2009). When I lived in the United States I remember the effect of the Watts riots and similar urban devestation. We can see it now even in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. No wonder a country like Iraq which has been historically decimated time after time has never been able to recover. They invented writing and counting, but none of that matters, I guess, when eveything is continually brutalized into ashes and misery.

The Moment for Energy Independence Has Passed Us By

December 14th 2009
Last year when gasoline was hovering at about $5 per gallon, and the country was in an uproar over imported oil, we had a once in a decade--perhaps once in a generation--opportunity to start the movement to get off of oil. The economy tanked, the politicians faked us out with compromise legislation, the uproar became muted as people applauded a very bad program known as Cash for Clunkers. Now we can only wait the moment when oil supplies are squeezed shut due to machinations in the Persian Gulf. What a waste of energy--so to speak.

Uruguay Coverage is Correct

December 7th 2009
Thank you for covering Latin America as you do. We see little of that in the mainstream media even though Latin America is on our doorstep and has it history, present and future intertwined with ours. Your most recent article by Luis Fleischman on Uruguay called it right. If that country falls into the Chavista sphere, it will not only be another notch for Venezuelan influence. It will further extend Iranian influence into our hemisphere since Venezuela and Iran have become an axis. Please continue writing about Latin America. I can only hope more people will pay attention.

Oust Holocaust Museum Bosses if They War Against Survivors

November 30th 2009
I am not Jewish or a Holocaust survivor, but members of my family fought in World War II and helped liberate camps. The thought that the executives at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum are refusing to provide the Bad Arolsen files to survivor communities--that so many died for--is an outrage. Therefore, I wish to add my name to those calling for these Museum executives to be ousted from their jobs. This is after all an American federal museum. Its job is to serve the community first and its own designs of exclusivity second--or not at all.

Super Bunker Buster Coverage Scoops CNN by Weeks

November 23rd 2009
A few days ago, I saw a CNN Breaking News piece about a Super Bunker Buster, that is the Massive Ordinance Penetrator... nicknamed MOP. I went looking online for more news and discovered The Cutting Edge News has broken the story and covered it extensively on September 21. Several other publications merely reference or repeated your coverage. Did no one tell CNN that this was old news?

Saudi Succession Series Welcomed

November 23rd 2009
For more than a month now, you have been running a series on the subject of Saudi Succession. You came it in great detail from different angles. I for one found it fascinating. Please continue your excellent coverage of Mideast issues.

Coverage of Africa and Middle East

November 16th 2009
I am a recent reader discoverer of The Cutting Edge News and I am extremely pleased to see the diversity of thought and information in your articles. I am particularly struck by your coverage of the nightmares and social deprivation of Afircan society, something our mainstream media ignore while millions suffer. Why do we not hear about these issues on the nightly news? At the same time, your articles on the Middle East, Jews, Arabs, and the conflict with a nuclear Iran, offer a dimension to the problems in this area that I cannot get elsewhere. This includes your excellent articles on Turkey, the seemingly inevitable showdown with a nuclear Iran, and the history and archaeology of the region. Thank you for making the effort to include all this information, and give us more.

The Transfer Agreement—What We Know Now vs What they Knew Then

November 9th 2009
With reference to the 25th anniversary re-release of the Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black, it is important to distinguish between what we know now and what the Zionists knew then. Given what the Zionists knew then about Hitler and the Nazis, did they not make the right decision to negotiate and to get some way of recovering something in Palestine. What would critics say to that generation of German Jews who migrated the Palestine -- tens of thousands of them -- and their descendants -- hundreds of thousands of Israelis -- to convince them that this operation was not a successful rescue operation.  
Michael Berenbaum is the former Director of the United States Holocaust Research Institute at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

A Call for Action Against CAIR

November 9th 2009

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. For years there has been plenty of smoke around CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. In the past twelve months that smoke has thickened. First, CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing trial. Then, the FBI severed official ties with CAIR due to its connections to Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. Now, the curtain has been completely thrown back with the release of the must-read blockbuster book, Muslim Mafia. Thanks to a daring undercover operation, Muslim Mafia contains many stunning allegations, including (these are quotes from the front flap of the book):

• CAIR has previously unreported ties to al Qaeda
• CAIR board members and advisors have privately advocated Uzi jihads against American cities
• CAIR planted spies inside key law enforcement agencies

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Yet, astonishingly, many government leaders and members of the media continue to defend CAIR. It’s past time our government did its duty in protecting national security and launched appropriate investigations of CAIR.

Brigitte Gabriel is ACT! for America president at www.actforamerica.org. Read more ..

Tracing Who the Arabs Are is Long Overdue

November 2nd 2009
As one who lives and works in Arab countries, I was gratified to see the excerpt from Edwin Black's book, Banking on Baghdad finally provide this information on the Arab formative history and identity in a cogent and documented fashion. There is so much misinformation of the nature of this people, especially when many conflate Islam with Arabs. Islam of course began with the Arabs, as Black rightly states in his book and article. However, it now encompasses nations and national ethnic groups from Indonesia to Iran to Turkey and none of these people are Arabs. Many of those in the extended Middle East such as the people of Iran are commonly mislabelled Arabs. They aren't. Thank you for running this important factual history that sets the record straight.

Essays Sought Analyzing the US-Israel Special Relationship

October 26th 2009

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME), an academic community of over 28,000 scholars worldwide, wants to call to your attention that our call for essays up to 2,000-words analyzing the special relationship between the United States and Israel. Essays submitted should convey the mutual benefits of this deep-rooted, multi-faceted relationship, based on moral values, common strategic interests and shared humanitarian visions. The essays should be written in clear, jargon-free language for distribution among policy-makers, opinion-leaders, faculty and students across all academic disciplines. A title page should include the title of the essay and the author’s or authors’ name, address, academic affiliation (if any), email address, and daytime and evening telephone numbers.  Source citations and bibliography should be included. Deadline for submission electronically is January 15, 2010.  Essays will be academically reviewed by a panel of scholars with the best selected for electronic and paper publications and distribution.  Essays should be sent to SPME at spmeexecdir@gmail.com .

The Transfer Agreement Shows the Painful Decisions of the Zionists and the Jews During the Holocaust

October 12th 2009
Reading the accounts of Edwin Black's re-released book, The Transfer Agreement, I find the entire story anguishing. I must agree with Abraham Foxman who wrote: "Decades later, it is easy to employ judgmental hindsight. Those who do so were not there but seem to think that books, records, and movies can adequately recreate the context. We are talking about the thirties—a very bad time for European Jews. But no one back then could imagine how bad things would actually become.... In light of the bitter reality of the Holocaust and the world’s unwillingness to stop it, the decision to transfer Jews and their possessions to Palestine was a wise one." I also agree with the author's assessment that the whole world had agreements with the Nazi regime, and the Zionists were pursuing their's to rescue people and assets. In this case, it was not for pure profit or political expediency but to help save a people and help create a state, their safe haven in Israel. Yet like the author, Mr. Black, I too am haunted by his final thought when he writes: "Was it madness? Or was it genius?"

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