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Gallaudet University Should be an Example of ASL Leadership

December 12th 2010
Tim Riker's insightful article (see Gallaudet University's Identity Struggle Continues, Opinion December 6, 2010) regarding Catherine Murphy as pr director at Gallaudet University hit the mark. With ASL (American Sign Language) under assault by forces from the California legislature to eugenics-minded "reformers," Gallaudet University should be an example of leadership. Is there no one in America with a command of ASL available to the school for this sensitive position? Praise to The Cutting Edge News for covering Deaf issue.

Blaxthos Not a Typical Wikipedia Editor--Do not Judge the Whole Community

December 12th 2010
Emphasis on Wikipedian Blaxthos is misplaced. Few would disagree he has been involved in his share of combative episodes. Check out his many arguments. The best Wikipedians use their real names, or permit their real names to be displayed next to their online identities. Do not judge Wikipedia by the likes of Blaxthos. Like any community, Wikipedia has it good ones and its bad ones, and shades of gray within that.

Blaxthos Probably Just Lonely and Afraid to Use his Name

December 11th 2010
All the hubbub about Blaxthos on Wikipedia strikes me as overblown. In my opinion, Blaxthos seems like a man who is probably just very lonely, afraid to use his real name, hides behind a silly nickname, and inflates his sense of self-worth via anonymous posts on Wikipedia. Of course, Wikipedia actually encourages same. Anyone who checks out the Blaxthos track record on Wikipedia--which itself is a complete waste of time--will discover that he gets into lots of arguments with lots of people about lots of topics. Delving just beneath the surface, he seems to have mastered the art of gaming the system, complaining, protesting, appealing, and interpreting the so-called rules any way he sees fit until some one in authority makes him go away, or he gets his own way. Those of us who appreciate the value of Wikipedia know that the system is imperfect--like any community. Wikipedia has its excellence and nuisance. I will leave it to the Wikipedia world to figure out which side of that balance Blaxthos tilts.

Arrest Made of Wikileaks Attackers Should be Wake-up Call to Wikipedia

December 10th 2010
News today from Holland indicates that teen-aged boy is now looking at six years in jail after he confessed to cyber attacks against Mastercard and Visa credit card companies over their cancellation of WikiLeaks accounts. The young man was grabbed by the Dutch hi-tech police while he slept in The Hague.This should be a lesson to all those at Wikileaks and Wikipedia that they are not above the law--civil or criminal. I have no doubt that the repercussions of this will be a wake-up call to American lawmakers to change the Communications Decency Act provisions that extend pornography freedoms to all corners of the world wide web. Wikipedia people and Wikileakers take note. Changes, they are a-coming.

Blaxthos is at it Again

December 9th 2010
Just for the record, the anonymous poster known as Blaxthos is once again editing the Wikipedia page of Edwin Black. Blaxthos was among the subjects of a stinging investigation by Black (see Wikipedia—The Dumbing Down of World Knowledge, Page One, April 12, 2010). If that doesn't earn Blaxthos a conflict of interest disqualification, I cannot imagine what would. Doesn't Wikipedia have prohibitions on such people editing such articles?

Gallaudet University Identity Crisis

December 9th 2010
Congratulations to Mr. Riker for his excellent article (see Gallaudet University's Identity Struggle Continues, Opinion December 6, 2010) highlighting the problems surrounding the selection of Catherine Murphy as pr director at Gallaudet University recently. His assessment is more than correct. Her selection is nothing less than proof positive that this once noble institution is undergoing an identity crisis.

All Pretense of Wikileaks as Journalism Gone Due to Cyberattacks

December 9th 2010
The misguided souls that tried to claim that Wikileaks was a journalistic enterprise now surely know better. All pretense of that is now gone. First of all, journalism requires reporting, context, and original writing--not just raw document dumps. Most importantly, the recent attacks by Wikileaks surrogates against Master Card, Visa, and Paypal, among others, shows that Wikileaks and its supporters are just a band of cybervandals, stealing documents and holding themselves above the law. Many of the cables are of course revealing. But that is simply not their call. These documents belong to the government.

Wikipedia Should be Judged by Accuracy not Criminal Contributors

December 9th 2010
Apropos a recent question about criminals modifying pages on Wikipedia, the inclination is probably that burglars and dope peddlers should not be contributing to pages on alarm systems and drug cartels, but that is a bit simplistic. Someone may have committed an infraction ten or twenty years ago--maybe they smoked pot, or shoplifted. All that is now irrelevant in their life and the eye of society. I think the better measuring stick is not the criminality of the contributor, or lack of it, but the accuracy of the information. Wikipedia's normal vetting process takes care of accuracy.

Wikileaks Criminals Reminds One of Wikipedia Criminals

December 9th 2010
The current mess over Wikileaks, and what appears to be a growing criminal enterprise, complete with cyberwarfare retaliation, brings to mind another Wiki problem in our world--namely, Wikipedia. Does Wikipedia have a policy against those with criminal records manipulating and editing its pages? There is at least one American gentleman editing there now, who has a criminal record for a computer crime, yet he gets to edit articles involving computer technology. Another in Holland has a record involving sexual matters, yet this man is permitted to edit pages on gender and sexuality issues. What is Wikipedia's policy on that?

Impact of Global Climate Change will be Swifter than we Think

December 7th 2010
Your recent article on icebergs and the processes that shatter the ice shelves (see Understanding How Icebergs Form May Lead to Better Forecasts of Global Warming, Sci-tech Dec. 6, 2010) was a good reminder that what lies in store as the global climate changes will be swift and shocking. I refer to your sentence, "The Larsen B ice shelf in Antarctica—a 2,000-square-mile, 700-foot-thick slab that had been stable for thousands of years—disintegrated in about six weeks between January and March of 2002." Imagine a great iced over pond warming. First we will see shattering, then large cracking, thinning, and then a sudden collapse of the ice over that pond. In the years to come, our planet will see one climate catastrophe after another. Great and unbearable heat producing more moisture leading to continuous flooding and massive snowfalls. All the science makes clear that we only understand a fragment of what is in store. When the catastrophes come, they will be swift and stunning.

Why Boycott Israel in Light of Farhud Revelations?

December 6th 2010
Here in the Bay Area, we have been assaulted by a wide band of calls for boycotts against Israel, claiming and alleging religious and other discrimination by Israelis against Palestinian Arabs. In light of the revelations in Edwin Black's Farhud book about the heinous Palestinian Arab massacres of Jews just for sitting down while praying (see When Arabs Massacred Jews Because they Sat While Praying, November 15, 2010, Page One), it is a total distortion to believe that the situation would become humane under Arab rule. I have done a little research, especially but not exclusively at The Cutting Edge News, enough to ask a few intelligent questions. Should we replace Israeli products with Egyptian ones, knowing that Egypt sanctions the burning of Coptic Christian churches? Should we replace Israeli products with Saudi ones, knowing that Saudi Arabia sanctions discrimination against all non-Islamic religions? Should we replace Israeli products with Turkish ones, knowing that Turkey sanctions discrimination against the Armenian Christian churches and fosters intolerance of Catholics? Should we replace Israeli products with Iranian ones, knowing that Iran sanctions discrimination against Bahia's and persecutes them viciously? Should we replace Israeli products with Palestinian ones, knowing that Hamas sanctions discrimination against women including honor killings? I am not switching any buying or purchasing until I see more enlightened regimes in the Arab and Muslim world who respect other religions. So hypocritical calls for me to boycott Israel won't work any time soon.

Blue Fin Endangered because of Appetities and Unscrupulous Fishing

November 29th 2010
Your article Mediterranean Feeding Frenzy on Blue Fin, November 22, 2010 proves that we need to do much more to protect these fish from the likes of predator fishing companies and appetites that do not consider the damage they are doing to this diminishing species. Only when unscrupulous fishing enterprises are exposed, can we make the start to recognize the damage this industry is having on our seas and on vulnerable fish life.

Farhud Violence--Arabs Against Praying Jews--is Shocking

November 22nd 2010
I thought I had heard it all. But to think that Jewish people in the twentieth century were massacred by Arabs at the Wailing Hall in Holy Jerusalem and in Hebron in 1929, as related in Edwin Black's book and article on The Farhud (see When Arabs Massacred Jews Because they Sat While Praying, November 15, 2010, Page One), shows how far the Arab peoples are from accepting people of other religions as neighbors. It does not matter if you cross yourself, kneel, touch the ground, or sit down when you pray. There is no excuse for what the Arabs did then, and I can only wonder what would happen if that group again gained control over Jerusalem. Freedom of religion must guaranteed for all.

Airport Pat Downs Not Needed--Just Go for the Scan

November 22nd 2010
The current hysteria about airport pat-downs and frisking is completely unnecessary. While it is true that pilots and flight attendants should not have to subject themselves to radiation numerous times daily, for the average person flying once or twice per month--or double that, the full scan is convenient and not a bother for me at all. Naturally, if you opt-out of the normal scanning, then you subject yourselves to the pat-down. Suggestion: just go for the scan, keep the hysteria down, and let our TSA workers do their job.

Airport Pat Downs Prove We Must Profile Muslims

November 22nd 2010
Common sense shows that we must treat the Islamic threat to our airports as we would any criminal threat. We must respond with criminal-style profiling of this threat. This means unfortunately, that our Muslim neighbors must be subjected to special attention, along with all Muslims entering this country. I never thought I would say this in a letter, but I have. If the threat is from the IRA, then we pay special attention to and profile the guys called Kelly and O’Keefe coming in from Ireland, and even if they are here since the potato famine. If the threat is Hassidic Jews, then we profile all the guys with hassidic outfits. If the threat is related to the Mafia, and it involves my own from Sicily, go to it, and profile all those named Luciano and Palumbo, or hailing from Sicily. Italians have been profiled for Mafia for decades. Mexicans have been profiled forever for drug smuggling. I guess it is time to admit that the unifying theme in this terrorism is not age, nationality, or skin hue. It is Islamic extremism. If we don't start profiling Muslims now—with apologies to Paterson NJ—then soon we will be forced to do cavity searches. If you watch the news, the Yemenite terrorists are inserting explosives in their cavities—not just their underwear. So if we have to choose between a cavity search for every man, woman, and child and recognizing the threat, then so be it.

Palestinian Checkpoints and American Airports

November 22nd 2010
The next time Palestinian protesters want to to complain about Israeli checkpoints, I would invite them to visit American airports where men, women, and children must be publicly patted down in their private parts because of Arab and Islamic terrorism. Apparently, the Israeli people have come to grips what we in America are just discovering. I suggest profiling is the answer, and this way my 73-years grandma does not need to be touched in humiliating ways.

Mexico's Violence is Stunning and Must Be Contained

November 22nd 2010
The horrific violence in Mexico that is revealed by The Cutting Edge News in its in-depth regular coverage of the Mexican drug wars is stunning beyond belief. This violence and these gangs now control much of Mexico, and will soon be controlling our border areas unless contained. How does one reconcile ordinary crime with the rampant beheadings, torture, and dismemberment that have become hallmarks of these cartels. Yet this is what is on display daily throughout Mexico. While we are fighting a brutal insurgency overseas, while another is brewing just across the river. We need to get our priorities straight. I thank The Cutting Edge News for having the guts to publish the articles we do not receive on the nightly news.

Black's Latest Book--The Farhud--a True Nightmare

November 19th 2010
Now that I have read Edwin Black's latest book, The Farhud, and read his article on the 1929 Hebron events (see When Arabs Massacred Jews Because they Sat While Praying, November 15, 2010, Page One), I can fully agree that the content of the book is shattering, as a prior letter writer commented. Black spoke in Cleveland on this matter last month, giving us a sneak preview of the book to come, and I finally got our family’s book a few days ago. I stayed up all night reading it. The article in The Cutting Edge News was nothing compared to the full content of the book. It is a book everyone should read, but be prepared for a nightmare. In fact, the author’s first words in his introduction are: “This book is a nightmare.” He was correct.

ADL Denounces Torching of Coptic Christian Homes in Egypt

November 18th 2010

The torching of at least 10 houses belonging to Coptic Christians in southern Egypt, following rumors that a Christian resident had an affair with a Muslim girl, is outrageous and shocking. We have called on the Egyptian government to vigorously prosecute the perpetrators. These arsons are only the latest in a series of escalating attacks on Coptic Christians, a minority religion in Egypt making up about 10 percent of the population. In the aftermath of this heinous attack, Egypt needs to send a clear message to the world that it intends to fully protect freedom of religion and its religious minorities against acts of terrorism.

Abraham H. Foxman is National Director of Anti-Defamation League.

Academic Boycott does not Endanger Academic Freedom

November 18th 2010

There is a flaw in the argument made by Yitzhak Santis in his article “Foreign Entities Endanger Academic Freedom in the US.” Santis (see Foreign Entities Endanger Academic Freedom in the US, Slices November 15, 2010) seems to believe that suspending the Bill of Rights on the basis of protecting some imaginary "national security" is the same as suspending academic freedom to liberate people from real oppression. By holding academic freedom as a sacred and holy absolute, would Santis agree that a professor's academic freedom should not be limited even if that professor produces anti-Semitic or other bigoted work? After all, suspending it would invite tyranny as he says. All this aside, Santis seems to have deliberately disregarded the entire statement by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), which if read carefully, explains that the academic boycott does not infringe on the individual rights and academic freedoms of Israeli academics, whom American academics are not being asked to boycott, but targets the institutions that are complicit in Israel’s occupation and apartheid policies. Moreover, Santis misconstrues the part of the letter he does quote. When PACBI says "the protection of academic freedom and the free exchange of ideas cannot be the only norm dictating the political engagement of scholars," what is meant is that this academic freedom cannot come at the expense of the dispossession, disenfranchisement, and outright oppression and occupation of another people. It follows the same principles that I'm sure we all agree with regarding freedom: Your freedom stops when it begins to oppress mine. The idea is that we must uphold academic freedom but not at the expense of the freedom of Palestinians, especially when Israeli academic institutions are complicit in allowing for this oppression (there is a very good report detailing some of this by the Alternative Information Center that can be found at http://www.alternativenews.org/english/index.php/topics/news/980-the-case-for-academic-boycott-against-israel). Furthermore, we are always told that we must uphold academic freedom, yet nobody talks about the academic freedom of the Palestinians.  Indeed, academic freedom should be enshrined, but it can never be held higher than a people’s more general right to live freely. The question then becomes: what do we prioritize and consider being of higher value, academic freedom or the freedom of Palestinians? I leave readers to make that decision in good faith.

Farhud Book Episode is Shattering

November 16th 2010

I am not sure if I should be thankful or sorry that you published the excerpt from Edwin Black’s new book, The Farhud (see When Arabs Massacred Jews Because they Sat While Praying, November 15, 2010, Page One). Suffice it to say, I found that episode of about the 1929 massacre at Hebron, and the history leading up to it, to be a shattering moment in my reading life. I wonder how peace can be possible when there is so much hatred pent up that Jews were actually mass murdered because they sat down during their prayers. Heaven help us that a Farhud does not come to America.

Santis Hit the Nail on the Head in Defending Academic Freedom

November 16th 2010

Mr. Santis hit the nail on the head with his article about suppressing religious freedom in the name of boycotting Israel (see Foreign Entities Endanger Academic Freedom in the US, Slices November 15, 2010). I am sure there is always an excuse for suppressing the freedom of women, another religious group, or academia. We have seen it many times, particularly, in Nazi Germany, where students and faculty were ostracized or even attacked if they did not toe the party line. In this case, the party line is the crusade against Israel centered in Ramallah. I suggest we use our academic powers to explore the possibilities for peace. There is never a reason to suppress ordinary academic freedom.

Santis Shows Civilized World is Threatened by Boycott Movement and PACBI

November 16th 2010
The recent comment by Yitzhak Santis (see Foreign Entities Endanger Academic Freedom in the US, Slices November 15, 2010) about academic freedom, the boycott movement against Israel and the false appeal by the Palestinian Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) should be a reminder of how the civilized world is always threatened by those who skillfully use our democracy to undermine our own democratic institutions. I am particularly revolted by the use of Jewish names and Jewish personalities in this movement as though that lends any credence to the cause. It does not. I disregard that factor and others should as well.

Oil Subsidies Reached $319 billion in 2009--A Trend We Must Reverse

November 11th 2010

The International Energy Agency World Energy Outlook has revealed that global fossil-fuel subsidies amounted to $312 billion in 2009. The $312 billion included subsidies to fossil fuels used in final consumption and to fossil fuel inputs to power generation but, did not include direct producer subsidies which topped $100 billion last year according to the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance. According to the IEA, these consumption subsidies were down from $558 billion in 2008 largely because oil prices declined in 2009. Conversely, these oil subsidies are set to climb in 2010 with increasing oil prices. As we strive to develop alternatives to oil we must recognize that renewables are not competing on a level playing field. Massive multi-billion dollar oil subsides are a serious obstacle to the development of cleaner greener alternatives. Oil has a huge competitive advantage financed by global taxpayers. The G20 will meet in Korea and the issue of oil subsidies is on the agenda following a commitment made at the last G20 meeting in Pittsburgh in September 2009. Despite the IEA’s public optimism that there is momentum for reducing subsidies, not one country has eliminated an oil subsidy program since signing on to the pledge in 2009. In addition to the consumption subsidies, several countries continue to provide domestic producer subsidies to oil companies at alarming rates. According to a November 2010 study done by Earth Track, many countries continue to provide direct producer subsidies to oil companies. Canada, for example, provides over $2 billion per year to oil companies, while U.S. producer subsidies reached  $52 billion in 2009. Elsewhere, the European Union provided $8 billion in subsidies to oil companies in 2009.

It is time for the G20 to show leadership and reverse this practice of never ending subsidies to big oil.  It is time to move beyond oil to a world with sustainable alternatives to crude oil such as biofuels and other renewable forms of energy.

Bliss Baker represents the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance.

Discovering Jihad Boycott and BDS Opened My Eyes

November 8th 2010
After reading your article and the letter from a reader about the jihad boycott against Israel (see 38 Nobel Laureates Call for Rejection of Anti-Israel Boycott and Divestment Initiatives, News, November 8, 2010), I picked up on the term "BDS," which stands for Boycott, Dis-Investment and Sanctions, and discovered that major companies everywhere are under assault by anti-Israel boycotters. My eyes have been opened. This is nothing less than harassment. Our corporations and investment funds owe an allegiance to our country and their investors, not boycotters under foreign control. Happy The Cutting Edge News ran this article, but not happy it has become necessary. Our country needs to fight back against this movement. I also wonder if the anti-Israel boycott includes drugs and pharmaceuticals produced in Israel by Israeli companies? I suppose it depends if your health depends upon it. Mine does.

Boycott Against Israel is Collapsing Because it is Economic Jihad

November 8th 2010
Congratulations to the 38 Nobel laureates for condemning the anti-Israel economic boycott that economic jihadists are waging across our country (see 38 Nobel Laureates Call for Rejection of Anti-Israel Boycott and Divestment Initiatives, News, November 8, 2010). This so-called humanitarian-based boycott is like the "humanitarian flotilla" to Gaza. It is just another method for pro-Islamic radicals to control our normal commerce, and force us to submit to the will of those who would have us discriminate against Israel and adhere to a jihadist agenda. Jihad comes in many forms, and this is just one of them. Israel makes it possible for my community to visit and worship freely the Christian sites that we hold holy. This bothers the economic jihadists who wage war against Christians and Jews using every tool at their disposal--from suicide vests to boycott demands. Look at what has been done to Catholics, Armenians, and Copts in the Middle East. I hope everyone will help unmask this so-called BDS movement for what it is: an economic jihad as your article labelled it.

Pollard Clemency Editorial Spot On

November 3rd 2010
Your editorial (see Obama Should Grant Pollard Clemency, November 1, 2010) suggesting Pollard be granted clemency after more than 25 years of imprisonment is a good one but fails to ask the principle question. What are the forces that have come together to keep him in prison for five and six times longer than some of the worst and most damaging espionage offenses against this country. Pollard's was a violation but his disclosure was to an ally. So when will someone look into the "why" of his fantastically long imprisonment?

Pollard Should Receive Clemency

November 1st 2010
Jonathon Pollard has now served more than 9100 days in a federal prison. He is entering the 26th year of incarceration. If anyone was ever a candidate for executive clemency to time-served, it is Pollard. The average for even the worst espionage cases is just a fraction of what Pollard has served, in some cases just a few years, but generally less than eight years. Remember that Pollard was never found guilty by any trial proceeding. He entered a guilty plea to a single charge of passing classified information to an ally without intent to harm the USA. Pollard intended to cooperate with the investigation and and did so, and was promised leniency. Yet, Pollard received a life sentence. Today, he is serving a much longer sentence than the worst enemies of America have served for far more egregious cases. Caspar Weinberger, at the time secretary of defense, the man who demanded that Pollard be sentenced to life, has admitted in an interview with investigative reporter Edwin Black that the entire Pollard affair was an exaggeration. Black's article spotlighted the fact that Weinberger omitted the Pollard episode from his published memoir. Black wrote, "Asked in an interview why he omitted the incident, Weinberger casually replied, 'Because it was, in a sense, a very minor matter but made very important.' Asked to elaborate, Weinberger repeated, 'As I say, the Pollard matter was comparatively minor. It was made far bigger than its actual importance.' Pressed on why the case was made far bigger than its actual importance, Weinberger answered, 'I don't know why — it just was.'" It is time to now undo the tragic injustice done to Pollard. President Obama is the only one with the power to grant Pollard clemency. He should do so today.

Juan Williams Firing an Example of Media Manipulation

October 31st 2010
NPR's firing of Juan Williams because he expressed him honestly--but sensitively--about Muslim dress on airlines while he was on the O'Reilly Show shows us how the media manipulates our everyday speech. First, the Williams firing conveys what the NPR-types would call "a chilling effect" on other members of the media to avoid speech that NPR personalities feel should be censored. Second, we the people are deprived of the free exchange of ideas that Williams was participating in, a free exchange which defines our very democracy. It is fine for the head of NPR to denigrate Williams the next day before the cameras saying Williams must consult his psychiatrist, and that ad hominem evokes no sanction. The double standard is at play once again. But this the media is diverse enough that it can be exposed. I think Williams should consider a lawsuit.

Holocaust Claims Conference Just Waiting for Survivors to Die To Spend Their Money

October 27th 2010

The Claims Conference has over a billion dollars in the bank and exists for the purpose of helping Holocaust survivors. Talk about charity cases. While  all sorts of programs get hundreds of thousands of dollars, survivors should be a pathetic charity case? Holocaust survivors must go begging while the Claims Conference gives to Birthright so that kids from Greenwich CT with millionaire parents can go to Israel for free? I know three personally. It is time for Holocaust survivors to stop thinking like pathetic jerks who don't deserve anything. What law says Child Survivors need to have been abandoned for 18 months to get some of that money? Why not a single day? And why do we allow all types of organizations to serve on the  board of the Claims Conference instead of only survivors? Let them deal with US and let that organization finally become transparent and responsible. Every day I speak to survivors who were rejected - rudely, always - with some excuse. I have said many times that Greg Schneider and company have only disdain for us...and can't wait until we all die so that they can do "really important" things with the money. Food and shelter and medication and health care are only a waste of money as far as they are concerned. What is wrong with us survivors that we have so little self esteem?

Deaf Language Gives Deaf People a Distinctive Culture

October 18th 2010
The German language, the Arabic language and the French language give those groups their identity and their culture. No one disputes that. If that is the case, why can the world not understand that Deaf people have their own language and identify around that as individuals in their own distinct culture. Trying to wipe out Deaf sign language is as bad as forcing Mexicans to stop speaking Spanish. It cannot be morally done. Don't do it. But if we open our minds and listen up we will discover that the Deaf language is a real--but not visual--spoken language. That visual nature does not lessen the richness of the Deaf culture.

Edwin Black on Farhud Tells the Fuller Story Too Long Hidden

October 11th 2010
I recently heard Edwin Black speaking on a radio show about his new book The Farhud. I have long heard the stories of the Mufti of Jerusalem. I have done some poking around on this topic. What I found was terrible. I for one had no idea that the relationship between the Nazis and the Arabs was so expansive and far-reaching with whole German divisions of Nazi Arab soldiers fighting on Hitler's side. This information is shocking but I am also shocked at why the fuller picture has not been brought out sooner.

German Government Protects Iranian Terror Bank

October 4th 2010

While Iranian president Ahmadinejad had his appearance at the UN in New York last week, the STOP THE BOMB campaign in Germany held a rally against the continuing transactions between the Hamburg-based Europäisch-Iranische Handelsbank (EIH) and the Islamic Republic of Iran. While the US treasury has put EIH on the sanctions list, the German government still refuses to do so. STOP THE BOMB calls for the immediate closure of the this terror bank, which is owned by the Iranian regime and registered as a German institute. On September 8th the EIH has been blacklisted for sanctions by the American Treasury Department. According to Treasury official Stuart Levey, EIH has supported the Iranian nuclear weapons program. EIH is the loophole in Europe regarding the enforcement of Iran sanctions and the German government won´t close this terror-bank despite criticism. Previous news reports suggest that Germany did protect the Iranian bank before the EU sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran were issued on July 26th. The New York Times reported on a phone call by President Obama to German chancellor Merkel, who refused to sanction EIH. Chancellor Merkel has to immediately ban EIH. Germany has to get active regarding Iran sanctions. The claim of the German government to prevent Iran from getting nuclear, while intensively sustaining trade relations with Iran, is just lip service when it protects a bank which circumvents existing UN sanctions. German trade volume with Iran increased by 14 percent in the first months of 2010 despite the EU sanctions. Similar to the case of EIH, Stuart Levey put several German companies on his sanctions list in August. Mainly the Germany-based Iranian companies Ascotec and IFIC and their subsidiaries are subject to the US ban. It is not known if the German authorities have started to investigate the involvement of these companies in Iran's nuclear weapons program. IFIC also holds 4.5 percent of Germany's steel giant ThyssenKrupp which recently has announced its retreat from Iran business. A vast amount of German engineering exports to Iran is still not effected by the current EU sanctions. To exert decisive pressure on Iran a ban on these businesses is necessary.

Religion of Peace Should Seek to Coexist with Bahai

October 2nd 2010
I recently saw a reference in The Cutting Edge News to Islam persecuting Baha'i. Just now, Baha'i leaders are still jailed, their possessions seized and their families persecuted by the Iranian regime solely because they are worshipers of the Baha'i faith. Why does the media ignore this reality when they ask their questions of Muslim  leaders or do their explanatory special features? Do members of the Baha'i religion have a right to exist in a Muslim land or not? That would go a long way to answering whether Islam is a religion of peace.

Deaf Community Celebrates Veto of Mendoza Eugenics Bill

September 30th 2010

Today the Deaf American Sign Language community is celebrating the veto of AB2072 Mendoza Eugenics Bill which should have never been introduced in the first place. We are expecting thousands to attend the American Sign Language Celebration today. The fight to stop eugenics and linguistic genocide does not end today. It is time for the diverse Deaf community to take its rightful place in politics and have a voice in its own future. We must stop our tax money from supporting national organizations such as the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM) at Utah State University which, like a wolf in sheep's clothing, pushes its agenda of cochlear implants and the auditory-oral education method, while claiming that its representative of the communication options. The diverse Deaf community needs to exercise its might to ensure early intervention and Deaf education respects American Sign Language.

Thanks for Removing Inaccurate Remarks about Rep. Dennis Kucinich

September 29th 2010

Yesterday, September 28, The Cutting Edge News ran a story online that was authored by a Congressional candidate which contained completely unsupported assertions about Congressman Dennis Kucinich. I contacted you to alert you regarding the inaccurate and misleading statements in the story. I appreciated your immediate response, your professionalism, and ultimately your decision to remove this article from The Cutting Edge News. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. 

Editors Note: We agreed the reference to Kucinich could not be supported, even in an Opinion piece, and it was removed shortly after it appeared.

American Sign Language Celebrates its Worldwide Culture

September 28th 2010
On September 30th, Sacramento, California will have an American Sign Language Celebration which attracts thousands of people who use American Sign Language. It is a global movement to celebrate International Day of Sign Language Rights and promote awareness about Deaf people. Senator Wiggins, Senator Leno, Assemblymember Huffman, Assemblymember Chesbro, and the Office of the Governor plan to appear as well to speak about the importance of recognizing and respecting American Sign Language and including Deaf people in the political process regarding anything about them. I read in the news that a recent celebration of Indian Sign Language in India ended in tears after a long day of public ridicule, but their success is that state social welfare minister Ram Kishore Saini did arrive at the venue two and a half hours after the scheduled time to speak.There is much to celebrate about sign languages around the world, which in too many countries are facing linguistic genocide and public ridicule.

J-Street Should Lose Tax Exempt Status

September 27th 2010
J-Street is a disgrace. They have lied about the source of their funding and misrepresented their true aims. They are part and parcel of the George Soros-oil lobby Obama White House which lifted them into the saddle. Should this group not be compelled to forfeit its tax-exempt standing for misleading so many people and raising money in the process? Sounds like a reasonable prosecution to me.

J-Street Funding Revelations Show the Soros-Saudi Connection has an Obama Implication

September 26th 2010
The latest revelations show that J-Street--a so-called pro-Israel lobby--is a just massive deception by Saudi money and the George Soros fortune, a fortune which he is determined to use for anti-Jewish and anti-Israel purposes. Since Soros is a major funder of President Barack Obama, it explains the White House's sudden elevation of this fake Israel lobby J-Street to share the roundtable with such organizations as AIPAC and the Conference of Presidents. I had placed a lot of hope in both Obama and J-Street. I now join the ranks of many Americans, Jewish and otherwise who feel disappointed and deceived by both.

Mendoza Eugenics a Threat to Deaf People Nationally

September 22nd 2010
I have read with shock the saga of Tony Mendoza and his eugenic campaign against the Deaf of California. This is not a crisis just for California. This legislation will be emulated throughout the country. Mendoza should now be yanked from office, voted out or recalled and referred for prosecution if justified. It should be a warning to the other state legislators everywhere. The Deaf will not sit still for these measures designed to erase our identity. Edwin Black and 10 more like him should speak about the horrors of eugenics before it takes root across the nation.

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