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Broken Healthcare

Delay, Repeal, Replace

January 31st 2013

Obamacare Protest

Watching Congress take the final steps to pass Obamacare in March 2010 was a bitterly disappointing moment for the law’s opponents. They didn’t have to be told that what was being rammed through the House and Senate was the largest power grab by the federal government in at least a generation, with immense consequences for the nation’s economic vitality and political health. Opponents understandably redoubled their efforts to see the law repealed and replaced, and Republicans rode the popular revolt against the excesses of Obamacare all the way to a landslide midterm victory.

Unfortunately, the two best opportunities to stop the law in its tracks were missed. At the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts twisted himself into a pretzel to conclude that the law’s centerpiece, the individual mandate, was constitutional (but only as a “tax”), and President Obama beat back the campaign of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, securing a second term. As a consequence, outright repeal is off the table for at least four years. Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

It Isn't Time to Thank President Obama for Helping Charities

January 31st 2013


With tax law changes swirling around us every day, nonprofit executives like me lie awake nights wondering how these changes will affect the charitable giving on which we depend. Will the recent tax increases hurt us, as so many journalists and commentators have warned? And what will be the effect of the changes President Obama still plans to seek?

We don’t have to speculate. We have data about which fears are legitimate and which ones are not. And some may find the truth surprising.

Predictably, the deal that emerged over the holidays featured President Obama’s promised tax-rate comeuppance for America’s dreaded “millionaires and billionaires,” raising the top marginal income-tax rate from 35 percent to 39.6 percent It also reintroduced an old law (the so-called “Pease” provision) that slightly lowers the value of all deductions.

In these policies, some observers predict a hard blow to charitable giving. In the long run, it is true that the best way to ensure healthy giving is a stable and growing economy in which Americans have an incentive to earn more money—and that will happen only if they can keep what they earn. In the short run, however, the tax changes just adopted will actually raise giving slightly. Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

Newspaper Proves Hagel in 2003 Insisted that Israel Keeps ‘Palestinians Caged Up Like Animals’

January 30th 2013

Chuck Hagel

The Washington Free Beacon has reported quotations by Defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel that reflect flammable opinions that minimize the actions of terrorists and castigate Israel in no uncertain terms. Read the artcle here. Using videotaped speeches, the Beacon countered Hagels' protests of "what he called the “completely distorted” record on Israel that his critics are promoting in an interview earlier this month with his hometown newspaper." The Beacon wrote: "The former Nebraska senator said an accurate assessment would show “unequivocal, total support for Israel.” Yet a decade earlier, the same newspaper–the Lincoln Journal Star–quoted Hagel making a startling accusation against Israel in a Jan. 12, 2003 article. Israel, Hagel declared, was “keep[ing] Palestinians caged up like animals.” Read more ..

The New Egypt

Failure Is an Option in Egypt

January 30th 2013

Flames in Cairo

It is an axiom of the bi-partisan foreign policy consensus that failure in Egypt is not an option. America has invested nearly $60 billion in aid to Egypt since Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1977, and the Egyptian-American relationship has remained a pillar of U.S. foreign policy for nearly half a century. As Sen. John McCain said in a Jan. 17 statement on behalf of a Congressional delegation in Cairo,

Among our group here, Democrats and Republicans, there is plenty that we disagree about. But when it comes to Egypt, we largely speak with one voice. We all believe that what happens in Egypt will have a decisive impact on the future of this entire region. We all believe in the continued importance of the U.S.-Egypt relationship. We were all early supporters of the peaceful aspirations of the Egyptian people that inspired your revolution nearly two years ago - for democracy, for economic opportunity, for the protection of justice and human rights under the rule of law. And we have come to Cairo with one major message: For us in the United States, especially in the Congress, the promise of Egyptian revolution is the opportunity is has presented us to recast our relationship with Egypt - to make it a truly strategic partnership between our peoples, our nations, and our elected governments, not one that rests narrowly on one person or one party. Read more ..

Economic Jihad

Taxpayer Funded BDS at CUNY Is Illegitimate, Racist and Anti-Semitic

January 30th 2013

Boycott Israel

In my 13 years as a trustee of CUNY, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to observe the intellectual corruption and anti-Semitism of many in America’s academic elite. I hear about it from trustees in colleges and universities across America and it’s become more common at CUNY, with Brooklyn College as an unexpected hotbed. The current plans for an anti-Israel BDS conference with the school’s co-sponsorship by the political science department raises new questions.

If an individual professor engages in selective hatred of Israel and the resulting intimidation of Jewish students, that is bad enough. If branches of the MSA (Muslin Students Association, all chapters of which are affiliated with ISNA – the Islamic Society of North America, which is the Muslim Brotherhood on our soil), that is bad enough. I’ll be damned however, if I were to be silent on the official co-sponsorship by an entire academic department of a Nuremberg-like conference on a CUNY campus. This is a misuse of tax-levy funds. This is NOT an academic conference in any sense. Furthermore, other than through the intimidation of liberal arts professors who might support Israel, how do we know that EVERY professor in that department supports this drivel? Read more ..

Palestine on Edge

Hamas's Talibanization of the Gaza Strip

January 29th 2013

Palestinian Authority police

Those who thought that Hamas would ever establish a modern and liberal regime in the Gaza Strip received another reminder this week of how the radical Islamist movement is pursuing its effort to create a Taliban-style entity in the territory that has been under its control since 2007. The reminder came in the form of a decision taken by the Al-Aqsa University administration in the Gaza Strip to force female students to dress in accordance with Islamic teachings.

This means that all female students would be required to wear the hijab or niqab which cover their heads and faces. This latest measure is part of a Hamas campaign aimed at "inculcating [Islamic] values and virtues" in the Gaza Strip, Hamas officials explained. As part of this campaign, Hamas last week imposed a ban on low-waist trousers, Western-style haircuts and tight gowns. Read more ..

Israel and Palestine

Allah Does not Break His Promises: Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel

January 29th 2013

Click to select Image

Jerusalem is the capital of the Children of Israel, now called the Jews; and it is forbidden for Muslims to demand it, just as a married woman belongs only to her husband. Is it possible that Allah, who on His infinite mercy, calls them the Chosen People, and promises them the Holy Land, also plans to murder them, using the Muslims in Palestine as His intermediary? Every Muslim knows that Allah does not break His promises.

If you listen in Arabic to the hate-speeches made by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi; or to Turkish President Erdogan; or to the calls made from Qatar by Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and from the Gaza Strip by the head of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal for the killing of the Jews, you will understand why Arabs and Muslims believe Allah is punishing them by having them kill each other: It is because His prophecies are not being fulfilled. Read more ..

Broken Government

Total Tax -Code Termination

January 28th 2013


It would be the ultimate fiscal cliff. A group of House Republicans wants to put an expiration date on the 75,000-page U.S. tax code. The Tax Code Termination Act would require the repeal of the entire code in 2017 — except for the bits dealing with Social Security and Medicare — with a new system ready to go for the following year.

Of course, the U.S. economy would benefit from major tax reform that eliminated the current bias against investment, axed crony-capitalist tax breaks, and lowered marginal rates on individuals and business as much as possible. But Republicans can put aside any fantasies of starting 2018 with a flat income tax or a national sales tax such as the Fair Tax, two popular right-of-center alternatives to the status quo.

First, both of those sweeping reforms would likely either raise taxes on middle-class voters — including millions who currently pay no income tax — or be huge revenue losers. This is a big reason that the Romney campaign passed on these ideas. Read more ..

Broken Government

Tales of the Red Tape #38: OSHA Advances Worker Risk—and Not Much Else

January 27th 2013

EMS with injured worker

If the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulated its own doings in the manner it does private business, the agency’s doors would surely be shuttered. So lousy is its record of accrediting workplace safety examiners that some applicants have waited 10 years for their paperwork to be processed.

It’s gotten so bad, in fact, that OSHA officials actually jettisoned their internal performance measures rather than even attempt to make the grade. In other words, the agency stopped tracking its operations because the results were so dismal.

All of which came to light during a recent investigation by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). According to the report, nearly half of the applications for accreditation under consideration as of June 2012 had been pending for between five and 10 years. With characteristic restraint, the GAO concluded that this dysfunctional bureaucracy “has potentially negative economic consequences.” Read more ..

Book Review

Sandy Tolan’s The Lemon Tree--Bias and Misinformation Cloaked as Fact

January 26th 2013

Lemon Tree

We should be deeply concerned that some secondary schools are using Sandy Tolan’s The Lemon Tree (2006) to educate students about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Despite its thin veneer of balance, the book distorts history and context, makes systematic factual errors, uncritically repeats propagandistic anti-Israel claims, and either justifies, sanitizes, or even heroicizes Palestinian extremism and terrorism. Through these distortions, Tolan tries to convince the reader that the conflict is caused solely by Israel’s alleged expulsion of Palestinians in 1948 and refusal to grant them the “right of return.” Propaganda rather than history, this book should not be recommended as a guide for understanding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Tolan tries to tell the history through the real-life stories of Israeli Dalia Eshkenazi Landau and Palestinian Bashir Khariri. The Khariris, a prominent Arab family, built a home in Ramla in 1936 but became refugees during the 1948 war when Bashir was six years old, and they relocated to Ramallah, where Bashir became a lawyer. The Eshkenazis, Jewish refugees from Bulgaria, moved to Israel near the end of the 1948 war, and the then-empty Khariri house became their new home and the place where Dalia grew up. After the 1967 war, Bashir was able to visit his old home and meet Dalia. They developed a long friendship even though Bashir became associated with a terrorist group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and was frequently imprisoned. Disturbed by Bashir’s grievances about his “lost” home, Dalia tried to right things by donating the house as a kindergarten for Arab children in Ramla in 1991. The house, named “Open House,” is still operating as a peace and educational center.

The very structure of the book poses problems. Bashir and his family present the extremist Palestinian case against Israel, while Dalia is simply not informed enough to counter their claims, and Tolan’s narrative constantly reinforces Bashir’s version. The second problem is that by focusing on Dalia, Tolan gives the impression that the Holocaust was the reason Israel was founded. Dalia’s frequent refrain justifying the Jewish presence—that Jews had to have a refuge and their own state—erases the deep historical roots of Zionism, the Jews’ 3,000-year presence, and the backbreaking labor of early Zionists who returned to join Jews already there and restore the land during the 19th and 20th centuries. Read more ..

Mideast on Edge

Witnessing the Disintegration of the Levant

January 26th 2013

Syrian refugees

One hundred years after the Levant embarked on a journey to build modern political societies, our experiment has failed and we are now back to square one. Lebanon collapsed in the 1970s, Iraq disintegrated in the 1990s and 2000s, and Syria is in the process of tearing itself apart. Unlike Egypt, Tunisia, and several other Arab countries, we have managed to keep neither nation nor state intact. As we in the Levant – or what we refer to in Arabic as the Mashrek – enter a period of profound division and uncertainty, will we be able to find a path to national unity and modern statehood? Or is our decline into disunity and conflict inexorable? Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

The North Korean Dance Begins, Again

January 25th 2013

Kim Jong-Un

With most countries, one remembers dates, such as 1066 or 1776; with North Korea, one remembers U.N. resolutions. Tuesday, the U.N. Security Council passed Resolution 2087, the seventh since 1993 concerning North Korea’s illicit nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program. Like the other resolutions, it is empty and meaningless, and will do nothing to resolve a growing crisis on the Korean Peninsula. It’s time for Washington to grow up and either decide to put real pressure on North Korea or to admit diplomatic defeat and reserve the right to retaliate for any unprovoked North Korean aggression in the future.

There’s nothing new, either, in North Korea’s strident denunciations of the U.N. resolution, except perhaps its clarifying reiteration of the United States as a “hostile power” and enemy of the Korean people. Nor must any observers delude themselves into thinking that, simply because Beijing decided to support this resolution, China is in any way serious about crimping Kim Jong Un’s style. The Kim regime long ago figured out that China would much rather have an obstreperous and unbalanced quasi-theocratic totalitarian state controlling the northern half of the Korean Peninsula than trust that a reunified Korea would not somehow decide to side with the United States and possibly even Japan in the game of global geopolitics in Northeast Asia. Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

Yes, Mr. President, We Are a Nation of Takers

January 25th 2013


In President Obama's second inaugural address, he not only outlined an ambitious agenda for his second term but also seemed intent on shutting down debate about the social-welfare state and its impact on American life.

"The commitments we make to each other—through Medicare, and Medicaid, and Social Security—these things do not sap our initiative; they strengthen us," Mr. Obama said. "They do not make us a nation of takers; they free us to take the risks that make this country great." In other words, the president is tired of listening to critics of America's entitlement programs, and as far as he is concerned, the discussion is now over.

It is not over—and won't be anytime soon, because the country's social-welfare spending is generating severe and mounting hazards for the nation. These hazards are not only fiscal but moral. A growing body of empirical evidence points to increasing dependency on state largess. The evidence documents as well a number of perverse and disturbing changes that this entitlement state is imposing on society. Read more ..

Japan on Edge

Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso Tell Elderly "Hurry up and Die"

January 25th 2013

sunset in japan

Once again, Finance Minister Taro Aso find himself in hot water after saying that people should give elderly people the freedom to “hurry up and die” instead of allowing the government to take care of the costs for their end-of-life medical care.

Reports say that the 72 year old Aso, who’s also the deputy prime minister, said this during a meeting of the National Council on Social Security Reforms: “Heaven forbid if you are forced to live on when you want to die. You cannot sleep well when you think it’s all paid by the government.” He also shared that he has left instructions that when he reaches that stage, he doesn’t want his life artificially prolonged. “I don’t need that kind of care. I will die quickly.” But after reports about his statements in this meeting came out, he clarified that he was just talking about his personal wishes and not dictating what the government policy should be for end-of-life medical care. Read more ..

The Battle for Syria

Won’t Syria Be Obama’s Main Middle East Crisis in 2013?

January 24th 2013


While President Barack Obama has been inaugurated for a second term and made his speech, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is still in power in Syria, making speeches that he will not give in politically. The Syrian civil war will go on until one side wins and the other loses. And a lot more people are going to die. The idea of some kind of compromise or diplomatic process has always been ridiculous. These two sides—the government and rebels—have nothing to talk about. On one hand, they thoroughly distrust each other with good reason. On the other hand, they both want power and that’s something which cannot be shared.

Incidentally, please forgive me when I point out that in 2010 I said that Egypt would be the big story of 2011, and that in 2011 I said that the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt would be the big story of 2012. For those who are asking why I’m not saying Iran will be the main crisis, that’s possible but 2013 is more likely to be a year of endless talk between the Washington and Tehran, punctuated mid-year by Iran’s election of its own new president. Iran will buy time, the election of a new president alone will be good for about three months or so since he’ll need to get into office, appoint his cabinet, and formulate his “new” policy. So 2014 is more likely to be the year of Iran. Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

Obama's Supports "Democracy" a la Brotherhood

January 24th 2013

Mohamed Morsi Speaks at Press Conference

In his second inaugural address Obama's brief comment on foreign policy promised to support "democracy" in the Middle East and elsewhere. But as his inaugural celebration was taking place at the White House, the State Department delivered four F-16 fighters to the autocratic Brotherhood led government of Egypt. Senator James Inhofe (R., Okla.) request to cancel or delay of the "shipment" (or, rather, "fly in"), was refused by the State Department in early January, on grounds that the arms deal with Egypt "serves U.S. regional security interests."

But Egypt's regional interest, as voiced by its Muslim Brother President Mohammed Morsi, is to end the "Zionist" project. Does the State Department's declaration signals a departure from the U.S. long standing support of the "Zionist" project, the Jewish State of Israel? This statement all but assures the delivery of remaining twelve F-16s and 200 Abrams tanks that are to be given to Egypt before the end of 2013 under a 2010 deal with then-president Hosni Mubarak. Read more ..

Edge of Film

What's Right, and Wrong, about 'Zero Dark Thirty'

January 23rd 2013

Click to select Image

The critical commentary about the Bigelow-Boal movie “Zero Dark Thirty,” about the search for and killing of Osama bin Laden, is wrong. The chief criticism is that the movie condones torture. I think its portrayal of torture is likely to repel most viewers, to force them to look away from it. How is that condonation? As director Bigelow remarked, a movie’s showing something is not necessarily endorsing it. Exposure in drama is often, in the best cases, the best argument against it. Think of “Gentleman’s Agreement” or “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.”

Portraying cultural anti-Semitism or racism did more to condemn it than condone it. The brilliance of “Dead Man Walking” was that it even-handedly dramatized both sides of the death penalty issue. It isn’t clear in this movie, or in any accepted historical evidence, that torture led to Osama bin Laden’s assassination. Read more ..

The Edge of Terrorism

A Pattern of Deception at Clinton's Department of State

January 23rd 2013

Hillary Clinton in blue

The gruesome murders of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 other Americans at the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya have deservedly attracted much attention. But it is the latest, not the first, in a pattern of disregard for the safety of American diplomats as is evidenced in other African diplomatic stations.

On August 26th, 2011 a suicide bomber blew up the United Nation’s headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria literally a couple of blocks from the US embassy. At the end of the day, more than 2 dozen people from different countries lost their lives. A US government official and an American working for the UN were fortunate to survive this bold strike by the jihadist terror group Boko Haram.

While current news headlines are filled with the travails of American oilworkers kidnapped by Islamist terrorists in Algeria, not a whimper emerged from the State Department on the Americans including one of their own, caught up in this bombing. That was 2011. Read more ..

The Edge of the Cliff

We Cannot Forget National Security

January 22nd 2013

Stealth Jet

During the presidential campaign, there was a striking lack of debate on homeland security. Given the country’s economic problems, the public understandably wasn’t focused on terrorism, and President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney may have been satisfied that the government’s reforms since the 9/11 attacks enhanced our safety and left little to debate.

The silence is eerily reminiscent of the 2000 presidential campaign, when, despite a horrific attack on a U.S. warship during the height of the campaign and the bombings of two U.S. embassies only two years before, neither candidate had much to say about terrorism. As then, we cannot afford to forego an ongoing debate on our security.

We are undoubtedly safer since the pre-9/11 days, and our political leaders and the thousands of dedicated government security professionals deserve our thanks. New government counterterrorism organizations have been created, including the Department of Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence and National Counterterrorism Center. The “no fly” list has grown from 16 names to more than 20,000 — a change that has immeasurably increased the security of commercial flights. Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

Reflections on President Obama’s Inaugural Address, His Second Term and Presidential Leadership Style

January 22nd 2013


The parades and the parties are over. As the nation’s capitol returns to the routines of governance, everyone wants to know – how will President Obama change in his second term? Will he be a different leader? A better leader?

Presidential leadership exists in a special, charmed section of the universe where substance and style intersect. It’s no secret that Obama’s first term leadership drove both his friends and his enemies to distraction on both counts. From time to time, the left wing of the Democratic Party was beside itself, convinced that what they were getting was Clintonism without the love. And from time to time, the centrists in the party were convinced that he was an old fashioned liberal in high-tech clothing. Among his enemies, especially on Capitol Hill, his detachment from the intimate, personal, in-your-face persuasion of politics made it easy for them to demonize him as some kind of alien elitist whose existence was dangerous to the Republic. Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

Obama’s Second Inaugural Address--A Translation

January 22nd 2013

Obama Bowed Head

Members of Congress—who are about to debate raising the debt ceiling tomorrow—should have paid attention yesterday. The President was very clear that he sees no urgency about reducing the debt and cutting the deficit. In fact, in his second inaugural address, President Barack Obama was honest about his intentions to grow government in order to remake our country along his progressive vision.

To sell his agenda, the President borrowed imagery and terminology from America’s first principles. But he twisted the American founding idea of “We the people” into the liberal “It takes a village.”

His rhetoric on the issues only thinly disguised his true meaning. Let’s translate some of his key points.

Obama on “we the people”: “For the American people can no more meet the demands of today’s world by acting alone than American soldiers could have met the forces of fascism or communism with muskets and militias. No single person can train all the math and science teachers we’ll need to equip our children for the future. Or build the roads and networks and research labs that will bring new jobs and businesses to our shores.”

Translation: In case you didn’t hear me the first time, you didn’t build that.

He may have surrounded these words with lip service to the Constitution and America’s promise of freedom, but the President revisited his core message here: It takes a taxpayer-subsidized village to build things. According to his philosophy, entrepreneurs don’t create jobs—the government does. Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

Why the Current U.S. Foreign Policy Debate Doesn't Make Sense and How to Fix It

January 21st 2013

Professor Obama at work

Something very bad is happening with the U.S. foreign policy debate. Aside from all of the specific problems and bad appointments, the whole discussion is being conducted on the wrong assumptions and context.

There is nothing easier than to argue about obsolete issues simply because we've become so used to the reality of those that have been around for decades. The first step is comprehending that we are dealing with entirely new categories.

In the old days, at least supposedly, the battle was between those who wanted a high level of U.S. intervention and activism--including a relative willingness to use military force--and those who wanted to do less and were horrified either by the use of force or by recent experiences where that strategy had failed. For the last decade, this argument is most symbolized by President George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq. In theory, conservatives were and are gung-ho for American unilateralism and intervention; liberals were and are more circumspect. Read more ..

China on Edge

Chinese Growth, GDP, and Other Things the U.S. Should Doubt

January 21st 2013


The first question regarding China’s newly released economic numbers is not how fast the People’s Republic of China (PRC) grew last year. Rather, it is whether stars are aligned for the State Statistical Bureau (SSB) to provide accurate information about GDP and more useful measures, such as household consumption.

Answer: to some extent. The Chinese economy is undergoing a cyclical recovery and the SSB can honestly report a noticeable improvement.

There are two large qualifiers to this happy statement. First, the SSB never provides much valuable information due to political imperatives and flaws in GDP accounting itself. Second, the recovery is cyclical, not structural. The PRC’s economy structurally weakened under Hu Jintao’s outgoing government and, until market reform restarts, slow weakening will continue. Chinese data do not reflect this weakness and, therefore, incentives at work in Beijing. The U.S. needs its own measurements of China’s economy as the first step toward better policymaking. Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

White House: Deeper Policy Thinking on Morsi

January 20th 2013


When it came to light that Egypt’s new president had made blatantly antisemitic (in the Western context today they could also be called racist) remarks, it finally became necessary--albeit only when the New York Times covered a story (putting it in the most apologetic light, by the way) that's been evident during many years--for the U.S. government to reluctantly and grudgingly remark on these statements, through the medium of spokesman Jay Carney. A State Department statement said that Mursi's saying he is against intolerance was an important first step and expected him to show that he believed in religious tolerance.

My problem in dealing with such statements is that they are seen as  isolated acts. As I’ve been writing now for about 30 years, the Muslim Brotherhood has always talked this way as do Hamas, Hizballah, the Ba’th Party, the Iranian regime, and many—though not all—Arab intellectuals, journalists, politicians, and journalists  in living memory. In fact, already a new Mursi statement has surfaced, "We must nurse children on hatred towards Jews."  Note he did not add, until I become president and then we can start teaching them to live in peace with others of different faiths. Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

Party Organizers Pull Plug On Lupe Fiasco After Anti-Obama Performance

January 20th 2013


The organizers at an event celebrating startup companies pulled the plug on rapper Lupe Fiasco Sunday night after he reportedly performed an an anti-war song criticizing President Obama for half an hour. "Lupe Fiasco performed at this private event, and as you may have read, he left the stage earlier than we had planned," organizers said in a statement. "But Lupe Fiasco was not 'kicked off stage' for an 'anti-Obama rant.' We are staunch supporters of free speech, and free political speech. This was not about his opinions. Instead, after a bizarrely repetitive, jarring performance that left the crowd vocally dissatisfied, organizers decided to move on to the next act."

Video of the performance posted to BuzzFeed shows the artist criticizing the president along with prominent conservative commentators. Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

Kerry, Powell, and Hagel

January 19th 2013


Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and nominated by President Obama to serve as secretary of State, stands foursquare in a bipartisan national-security tradition that has served America well for generations. Former Secretary of State, National Security Adviser, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and U.S. Army Gen. Colin Powell stands solidly in this bipartisan tradition. Former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.), nominated by President Obama to serve as secretary of Defense, whom Powell correctly called “superbly qualified,” and who is currently chairman of the Atlantic Council and co-chairman of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, similarly stands with this bipartisan security tradition.

It is important, and profound, that Hagel is strongly supported by so many former officials who served President Reagan and other Republican presidents and so many senior retired military officers, former U.S. ambassadors to Israel and leading diplomats who served presidents of both parties. Read more ..

America's Darkest Edge

NRA Stumbles in Fight with Obama Over Gun-Control Proposals

January 19th 2013


Facing its toughest fight over gun reform in decades, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has stumbled out of the gate. The powerful gun-lobby group responded to last month's Newtown, Conn., massacre with a defiant press conference calling for more guns in schools, then doubled down this week with an in-your-face web ad that drew President Obama's young daughters into the fray.

To be sure, the NRA — which did not respond to a request to comment for this story — remains an enormous influence on Capitol Hill, and there’s no evidence its actions have increased the likelihood that Obama's ambitious gun-reform agenda can move this year, even through the Democratically controlled Senate. Yet the public relations missteps have given Obama an opening in the difficult fight by making him look like the more reasonable party, even as it has made the NRA look out of touch with mainstream thinking. Read more ..

The Edge of Terrorism

The Demise of North African Dictators and the Rise of al-Qaeda

January 19th 2013

Tourag at Timbuktu

Muammar Qaddafi's warning that his removal will open the door to al-Qaeda's takeover of the region, dragging it into chaos, didn't take too long to materialize. The links between the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has been known at the  time France intervened on behalf of the LIFG during NATO's attack on Libya,"providing weapons, training, special forces and even aircraft to support them in the overthrow of Libya's government."  Now France, and soon other countries will be mired in Mali. And if the recent past is of any indication, Algeria and West African countries could be AQIM'S and other jihadist groups next target.

Analyzing the situation in globalresearch.ca, Tony Cartalucci, points out that NATO has turned Libya into a Western-sponsored sanctuary for al Qaeda, and was right saying that "AQIM's headway in northern Mali and now French involvement will see the conflict inevitably spill over into Algeria." Read more ..

Broken Government

Wake Up, Socially Liberal Fiscal Conservatives

January 18th 2013


Dear Socially Liberal Fiscal-Conservative Friend, That’s pretty toothy, so I’m going to call you “Bob.”

But whatever specific name you go by, Bob, you know who you are. You’re the sort of person who says to his conservative friends or co-workers something like, “I would totally vote for Republicans if they could just give up on these crazy social issues.”

When you explain your votes for Barack Obama, you talk about how Republicans used to be much more moderate and focused on important things such as low taxes, fiscal discipline, and balanced budgets.

When Colin Powell was on "Meet the Press" the other day, you nodded along as he lamented how the GOP has lost its way since the days when it was all about fiscal responsibility. And, Bob, you think Republicans are acting crazy-pants on the debt ceiling. You don’t really follow all of the details, but you can just tell that the GOP is being “extreme,” thanks to those wacky tea partiers. Read more ..

The Obama Edge

Is Obamacare Socialism or Fascism? Ask Whole Foods CEO

January 18th 2013

Obama in front of AMA

As a general rule, I avoid “healthy” food whenever possible. I try to eat things with extra fat and lots of additives. This is a conscious strategy that should assure that I keel over before being left to the tender mercies of Medicare after the Obama administration has transformed it into a system that rations care based on a Byzantine formula that purports to measure how many “quality” years of life a patient has left. Moreover, if I consume enough chemical additives, I can save my family some money by arriving at the funeral home pre-embalmed.

For a brief period this week, however, I was on the verge of bestowing my custom on Whole Foods Market, despite its deplorable policy of “selling the highest quality natural and organic products available.” Why? Because it seemed that the grocery chain’s CEO, John Mackey, was that elusive creature for whom Diogenes searched so fruitlessly — an honest man. Mackey is currently promoting his new book, Conscious Capitalism, and has therefore subjected himself to a series of media interviews, including one recently broadcast on NPR.


America's Darkest Edge

Gun Control: Obama Abandons Logic and Facts

January 17th 2013

Guns for sale

Whenever a politician proposes a policy surrounded by children, skepticism is in order. But skepticism, logic and sound argumentation are the enemies of President Obama in his gun control push, which kicked off Wednesday on a White House stage filled with kids.

After December's Sandy Hook massacre, Obama has reached deeper than usual into his bag of debater's tricks and rhetorical ploys. He assigns evil motives to those who disagree with him on policy. He tries to pre-empt cost-benefit analysis with facile assertions that any policy is mandatory if it will save "only one life." And the most contentious policy he seeks -- a ban on so-called assault weapons -- has near zero correlation to the problem he claims to be addressing.

Obama on Wednesday told voters to ask their congressman "what's more important, doing whatever it takes to get an A grade from the gun lobby that funds their campaigns, or giving parents some peace of mind when they drop their child off for first grade?" Read more ..

Jewry on Edge

Liberal Jewish Israel Bashers: Ignorant or Malicious?

January 17th 2013

Isi Leibler headshot

I must confess to a rising sense of frustration and rage when observing the increasing number of ill-informed and fallacious critiques of Israel by liberal Diaspora Jews.

This is not in reference to the loathsome so-called anti-Zionist Jews who call for boycotts of Israel. Nor even to jaundiced far-Left Jewish groups like J Street, that inflict considerable damage on the Jewish state by calling on the US government to pressure Israel, or orchestrate petitions such as those recently circulated among liberal Jewish clergy demanding that Israel cancel plans for residential construction in Jerusalem’s Jewish suburbs and the E-1 area.

I refer to those Jews who, when it was fashionable, were enthusiastic supporters of Israel. But the estrangement of many of their liberal non-Jewish friends from the Jewish state encouraged them to also assume politically correct attitudes, even adopting an “anti-Zionist chic.” Some were swept up in the tide of post-modernism with its often espoused view that Israel was born in sin and represents one of the last bastions of colonialism.

This was an evolutionary process which began with the progressive application of moral equivalence to Israelis and Arabs and climaxed with Binyamin Netanyahu’s election and demonization as an extremist nationalist. At this point, these Jewish liberals began chanting the mindless mantra that Israel had become obsessed with maintaining “the occupation.”

They adopted the Arab narrative that settlements represented the greatest obstacle to peace, dismissing the fact that settlements comprise only two percent of territory over the Green Line and that since Oslo, every territorial concession from Israel merely emboldened Palestinian radicals and resulted in intensified terror. Read more ..

Broken Economy

The Wages of Unemployment

January 16th 2013

People lined up for jobs

From the mid-17th century to the late 20th century, the American economy grew roughly 3.5 percent a year. That growth rate has since declined significantly. When the final figures are in for 2012, the annual rate of real output growth for the first dozen years of this century is likely to be about 1.81 percent.

What accounts for the slowdown? An important part of the answer is simple: Americans aren't working as much today. And this trend reflects more than the recession and sluggish economy of the past few years.

The national income accounts suggest that about 70 percent of U.S. output is attributable to the labor of human beings. Yet there has been a decline in the proportion of working-age Americans who are employed.

In recent decades there was a steady rise in the employment-to-population ratio: For every 100 working-age Americans, there were eight more workers in 2000 than in 1960. The increase entirely reflects higher female participation in the labor force. Yet in the years since 2000, more than two-thirds of that increase in working-age population employed was erased. Read more ..

Boycott Jihadis

Boycott Israel Groups Continue to Fake Their Victory Claims

January 16th 2013


The latest breathless announcement from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) "movement" regarding their alleged victory in getting the state of California to refuse to do business with a company on the BDS blacklist has something in common with dozens of other BDS announcements and press releases over the last several years, notably:


(1)    It didn't include a single official statement by the institutions they claim had joined their cause; and;

(2)    The announcement turned out to be totally fraudulent


Generally, these all-too-common BDS hoaxes follow the same pattern whereby an institution's decision to sell off shares or not do business with some company on the BDS blacklist (such as Caterpillar Tractor or the French transportation giant Veolia) is cast as a political choice resulting from pressure from anti-Israel activists.  But a little digging (in the form of a few seconds of Googling or, at most, a brief phone conversation with the organization allegedly doing all this boycotting and divesting) is all that's required to expose that the BDSers were simply providing their own spin on someone else's apolitical decisions. Read more ..

America's Darkest Edge

Gun Debate Overheats

January 15th 2013

NRA shotgun ammunition

Recent polls show an increasing majority of Americans support improved gun-safety laws — Gallup found a 13-point increase, now at 38 percent — and they aren’t buying the National Rifle Association’s tired mantra that any attempt to address gun safety impossibly conflicts with protecting our Second Amendment rights, as the NRA’s favorability ratings within and outside of the organization continue to drop.

President Obama, Vice President Biden, Democrats in Congress and other elected leaders have also continued to affirm the seriousness of their commitment to move forward with executive and legislative solutions aimed at addressing basic issues, including the 40 percent of gun sales that occur without a background check; the lack of a national database system that could alert local law enforcement about a citizen amassing weapons and ammunition; and the accessibility and use of weapons of war carried by our soldiers in Afghanistan in American communities like Newtown, Conn., and Aurora, Colo.  Read more ..

France and Mali

Mali is France’s Gaza

January 15th 2013

Francois Hollande

France is now going to war in Mali because it says “we cannot have a terrorist state at the door of Europe,” but when Israel launches a defensive operation to protect its citizens from missile attacks from terrorists in Gaza, all the French newspapers and television commentators scream about Israeli aggression. The distance between Bamako and Paris: 6266km. The distance between Gaza and Israel: 1km. This situation starkly exposes the hypocrisy of the Europeans in their attitudes toward Israel, which drives me insane.

In my many years of commenting on  foreign affairs, I haven’t seen a clearer indication of incredibly malicious hypocrisy directed toward Israel than the recent statements justifying France’s intervention in the conflict in Mali. Read more ..

The Media on Edge

The Fox Effect

January 14th 2013


It is nothing if not disorienting to live in times when a former Vice President of the United States finds the deeply patriotic, Constitution-respecting worldview of Glenn Beck to be political anathema in direct comparison with that of the sharia-compliant Qatari dictatorship that owns and controls Al Jazeera, better known as "the Muslim Brotherhood channel." I'm referring to Gore's decision to sell Current TV to Al Jazeera and not Beck's The Blaze TV, a subject that has occupied this blog this week.

By the way, "controls" is the appropriate verb to describe how the muscular little dictatorship runs its international media org. Qatar, after all, is a country Freedom House deems "not free" where, as reported in Freedom House's the 2012 Freedom of the Press Report, it is against the law for journalists to "criticize the Qatari government, the ruling family or Islam." The country's seven newspapers are all owned by the ruling family or its business associates, while "the state [i.e., the ruling family] owns and operates all broadcast media." That would include the country's two TV networks, Al Jazeera and Qatar TV. As for the Internet, "the government censors political, religious, and pornographic content through the sole, state-owned internet service provider." Interestingly enough, Qatari totalitarians are harder on foreigners than nationals when it comes infringements on goverenment speech controls. As Freedom House reports: "While local reporters often receive warnings and threats when they push the limits of permissible coverage, noncitizens employed by Qatari media outlets risk harsher repercussions, including termination, deportation, and imprisonment." Read more ..

Broken Immigration

New Illinois Driver's License Law Opens Door For Criminal Aliens

January 13th 2013

Traffic Jam

The General Assembly in President Barack Obama's home state of Illinois passed legislation (SB 957) to establish a "lower tier" driver's license for individuals who assert that they cannot provide proof of lawful presence within the United States. It now awaits Governor Pat Quinn's signature, notes a public-interest group, concerned with the security of driver's licenses, on Friday.

The Illinois Senate on Dec. 4, 2012, passed SB 957 on a 41-14-1 vote, and despite the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police's testimony that the bill is "unsafe," because it lacks "basic public safety and homeland security safeguards," and despite bi-partisan opposition, SB 957 passed the Assembly by a vote of 65 - 46.

During the Bush Administration, several U.S. states either passed legislation allowing illegal aliens access to driver's licenses or were toying with the idea. However, with the current administration pushing de facto amnesty and other perks for illegal aliens, states are re-evaluating their laws regarding illegal aliens. Read more ..

Venezuela on Edge

Hugo Chavez and his Recondite Connection with Peru’s Fujimori Dictatorship

January 13th 2013

Hugo Chavez waves

At the time of this writing, the Western Hemisphere, and Venezuela in particular, continues to wait for news regarding the fate of President Hugo Chavez, who is in a Cuban hospital recuperating from several rounds of surgery meant to treat his recurring cancer. The Venezuelan leader was re-elected for a new presidential term (2013-2019) on October 7, and was scheduled to be inaugurated on January 10. Nevertheless, Chavez has been in Cuba since mid-December due to his latest surgery and, for the past weeks, there has been a constitutional crisis brewing in Caracas regarding what would happen in the case Chavez is unable to return to Venezuela by January 10. Ongoing rumors suggesting that Chavez may be at death’s door have also raised questions regarding the legitimacy of the due process affecting his possible succession.

The possibility that Chavez’s time as head of state of Venezuela may be coming to an end (he’s been president since 1999), has prompted a plethora of analyses in recent weeks regarding the outspoken president, including his domestic and international policies, as well as his legacy. For example, Foreign Affairs has published an analysis entitled “Chavismo after Chavez,” while Al Jazeera‘s website recently released a commentary entitled “Venezuela: Prospects fading for truly revolutionary change.” Read more ..

America's Darkest Edge

Biden's Faulty Lifeguard Logic

January 12th 2013

joe biden

‘As the president said, if your actions result in only saving one life, they’re worth taking,” Vice President Joe Biden declared on Wednesday as he previewed what his commission on gun violence might actually do.

“There are executive orders, there’s executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet. But we’re compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action that we believe is required.” Biden insisted that it is a moral imperative for the White House to do something: “It’s critically important that we act.”

Most of the attention, understandably, is on Biden’s suggestion that the president will consider using executive orders to do things he couldn’t possibly accomplish legislatively. The imperial presidency is always troubling, but when it rubs up against the Bill of Rights it is especially so. But what I find to be arguably the most disturbing — and definitely the most annoying — part of Biden’s remarks is this nonsense about if it saves only one life, the White House’s actions would be worth it. Read more ..

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