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The 2012 Vote

If Herman Cain Called Me for Advice

November 19th 2011

Politics - Herman Cain speaking
Herman Cain

A hypothetical conversation:

“Hello, Mr. Davis, this is Herman Cain. People tell me you combine the practice of law with crisis communications — I could use your help.”

“Sure, Mr. Cain — I’m a Democrat supporting President Obama, but I am willing to provide you advice. What’s the problem?”

“Well, I’ve been given 10 days to respond to a story that Politico says it is going to publish, stating that two women accused me of sexual harassment in the 1990s and my employer at the time, the National Restaurant Association, settled the cases. It’s all confidential. So what should I do?”

“My first question to you is, did you do it?”

“Well, my question to you is, did you ever engage in sexual harassment?” Read more ..

Egypt and Israel

Will Sinai Test the Israeli-Egyptian Peace?

November 19th 2011

Israel Topics - Sinai, Egypt-Israel Border
Israel/Egypt Border in Sinai

The Sinai Peninsula has been the main battlefield in most of the wars between Egypt and Israel. The latter seized a small part of Sinai during the 1948-1949 war, and then most of it in the 1956 war. All of Sinai was soon after returned to Egypt without obtaininga peace agreement. In the 1967 war, Israel conquered the entire Sinai, but this time it was returned to Egypt as part of the 1979 peace treaty.
Israel has no intention of re-conquering any part of Sinai. Israelis do wish to go there, but only as tourists. In fact, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been visiting the peninsula since it was given back to Egypt in the early 1980s, to the delight of the Egyptian tourist industry. Many Israelis would like to continue vacationing in Sinai, and this is most welcome by Egypt. Encouraging tourism is now very important because its sharp decline in the wake of President Mubarak's fall has had a major negative impact on the Egyptian economy. Read more ..

Islam on Edge

Walid Phares Remains A Hero to Muslim Liberals

November 19th 2011

Lebanon Topics - MMGeha

I am a Muslim liberal activist in Lebanon and the son of Mustafa Geha, the author of several books on Islam, Shi’ism, and reforms. My father’s legacy stretched two decades prior to, during, and following Lebanon’s conflict in the mid-1970s and 1980s. Among the many books he authored was a daring essay titled, Mihnat al Aql fil Islam (English: The Crisis of Islamic Thinking) which opened the way, not only for critical thinking in Shia and Islamic theology, but in Islamic history and politics. Although Mustafa Geha’s body of literature was perhaps too early for his time, most of his calls for action, including rational thinking, civil society and democracy were espoused many decades later in what is today known as “the Arab Spring,” or at least the authentically secular part of it.

But writing on challenging topics in the Middle East and particularly in Lebanon during the fifteen-year conflict was extremely dangerous. My father paid a heavy price for his attachment to intellectual freedom. Indeed he was cowardly assassinated in 1992 by pro-Syrian operatives while he was about to take a ride in his car. I didn’t enjoy having a father in my life because of the totalitarian views that dominated Lebanon in the 1990s.

My father wasn’t the only writer who was killed by Terrorists. Before him, Yussef Kamal al Hage, a leading Lebanese thinker of the 1960s, was assassinated in the 1970s by radicals. Salim al Lawzi, editor of the weekly al Hawadeth, Riad Taha, the president of the Union of journalists, Gebran Tueni, editor of daily al Nahar, and many others who lived and fought with the pen, were executed, assassinated and, in some cases, tortured. During Lebanon’s bloody war, as in most of the region’s conflicts, there were men and women who pursued their vision of freedom and democracy through ideas, irrespective of affiliation or geographic location. Read more ..

After the Holocaust

Congress hears Testimony on Billions of Insurance Money Stolen from Jews

November 16th 2011

History-Genocide - Holocaust survivor

Thousands of U.S. Holocaust survivors are lobbying Congress for the right to sue European insurance companies for billions still owed from illegally confiscated Nazi-era policies.

"It’s a shameful thing. We have been robbed of our dignity," exclaimed David Schaecter, an 82-year-old survivor of Auschwitz and president of the Holocaust Survivors Foundation USA.

On November 16, the House Foreign Affairs Committee will hear testimony from Schaecter and others on a bill that would allow survivors to sue companies such as German-based Allianz that are suspected of withholding some $20 billion in Jewish life insurance policies.

"We are survivors, and yet we are not allowed to sue a person or a company or an entity like every other person has a right to do." Read more ..

War Against the Weak

Eugenic Extermination was Philanthropy's Best Practice

November 14th 2011

History-Genocide - Verschuer-Twins-Height

As I was pulling together the research for my recent Chronicle of Philanthropy op-ed on philanthropic involvement in North Carolina’s eugenic sterilization program — a program highlighted recently on Brian Williams’ new TV program “Rock Center” — I was struck by this thought:

Were it not for the niggling little fact that it is now understood to be an utter moral abomination, eugenics would be touted today as one of American philanthropy’s most significant and successful undertakings.

For no other project in the 20th century came as close as eugenics to replicating, in the social realm, philanthropy’s model practices and demonstrable successes in the scientific realm, such as the campaign against hookworm or the Green Revolution. By any standard — other than that of human decency — eugenics was a spectacular example of effective strategic grantmaking.

As is often noted, the modern American philanthropic enterprise is grounded in its determination to get to the root causes of problems, as opposed to charity, which merely relieves symptoms. Washington University biologist Garland Allen reminds us this approach characterized the Progressive Movement in general, which received a substantial boost from the first large American foundations at the beginning of the 20th century. (Allen’s essay on the Eugenics Record Office at Cold Spring Harbor is must-reading for anyone grappling with this topic.)

Eugenics, in Allen’s view, may be understood in part as a reflection of the Progressive cult of efficiency.

Applied to the social sphere, efficiency meant correcting problems at their source, not in the aftermath of damage already done. Prevention became a central organizing concept with the efficiency movement. Efficiency also involved knowledge and the use of scientific principles, and it became commonplace to talk of certain kinds of reform as the scientific solution to social problems. . . . The application of rational planning in general, and of concepts of efficiency in particular, required the active participation of scientifically trained experts, professionals whose job it was to bring technical concepts and knowledge to bear on problem solving. Read more ..

The Edge of Terrorism

US Tunnel Vision Strengthening Jihad Against America

November 13th 2011

Terrorism - Hezbollah Nazi Salute

Since 9/11, the major focus in the War on Terror has been al Qaeda. 

Now, after recent successes, including the death of Osama bin Laden, U.S. government officials have expressed optimism in the fight against terrorism. 

But while al Qaeda may be weakening, the jihad against America is actually strengthening, at home and abroad.

But first, let's examine the state of al Qaeda.

From the Fort Hood massacre and the Underwear Bomber in 2009, to last year's failed Yemeni cargo plane plot, no terror group has wreaked more havoc against the U.S. homeland. Al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki had a hand in each of these terror plots and inspired many more, including the 2010 attempted Times Square bombing in New York City.

Al-Awlaki's death in a U.S. drone strike last month dealt a major blow to al Qaeda's operations in the West. Read more ..

The Edge of Justice

Fighting for Jerusalem

November 11th 2011

Israel Topics - Jerusalem pre 1948 - Princess Mary Ave.
Jerusalem "Bevingrad" Princess Mary Ave, pre 1948

Americans for Peace Now this week put to pen their opposition to a united Jerusalem. In a shocking and revealing legal brief, Peace Now opposed the designation of Jerusalem as “Israel” on American passports because this would “undermine the establishment of two capitals in Jerusalem,” and Peace Now believes that “any action that undermines the establishment of two capitals in Jerusalem jeopardizes the vital interests of Israel.”

The group presented its opinion to the U.S. Supreme Court in a petition brought to the court by estimable Washington attorneys Nathan and Alyza Lewin on behalf of my friends, Rabbi Dr. Ari and Naomi Zivotofsky of Beit Shemesh (whose son Menachem was the “delisted” American born in Jerusalem). The case had become an argument about presidential privilege in deciding foreign policy, since Congress has allowed the listing of Israel in the passports of Americans born in Jerusalem. Read more ..

The Digital Edge

TI calls Baseband a Distraction, but is it?

November 11th 2011

Technology - IC Layout

While Texas Instruments pushes forward quickly and aggressively with its OMAP mobile processor, some still wonder whether the firm's “strategic decision” to leave out baseband could come back to bite it.

While competing silicon vendors have rushed to integrate baseband onto their chips, TI has shied away from doing so, calling it a mere “distraction” and proclaiming itself glad to no longer be dealing with the connectivity side of the business.

“TI made a strategic decision in 2008 to phase out of the baseband segment and focus on two key Wireless growth areas: OMAP processors and wireless connectivity solutions,” said the firm’s Director of Strategic Marketing Avner Goren when confronted with the question. Read more ..

Arab Fall in Egypt

The Battle for Egypt: The Army Strikes Back

November 11th 2011

Egypt - Wary Egyptian Cops

This is of tremendous importance. I had previously written about how the Egyptian military felt forced by circumstances to play a bigger, longer political role in order to stem anarchy and prevent Egypt from becoming an Islamist state. Now there’s more evidence of that happening.

In an editorial that reflects also the Obama administration’s position, the Washington Post explained that the army having political power is bad and civilian rule is good:

    "The generals’ justification for their proposed decree will sound familiar to any student of the Mubarak regime: They claim to be protecting the country from Islamic fundamentalists, who appear likely to capture a plurality of seats in parliament." Read more ..

The Mideast on Edge

The Insanity of the Middle East: A Handy Guide

November 8th 2011

Islamic Topics - Islam vs Copts

Every day in the Middle East, terrible things take place. The worst are the material acts of violence and oppression. The second-worst are the lies and distortions of truth that help ensure things don’t get better. Every day in the West, the lies are echoed, amplified, and invented. This also helps ensure things don’t get better in the Middle East and that they do get worse in the West.

Now I’ve found, from the most unexpected place, a single sentence, an ancient proverb, that explains it all. It comes from the Navahos and it goes like this: You cannot awaken someone who pretends to be sleeping.

In other words, you cannot convince someone who is not merely mistaken but is deliberately lying. They have abandoned professional ethics, democratic and intellectual norms. They have embraced being propagandists and supporters of authoritarian and bloody regimes. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everyone, and in those others are the hope for something better. It is those people, who honestly don’t realize that their leaders follow foolish policy, their newspapers all too often lie, and their universities (or at least significant sections of them) have abandoned the pursuit of truth in favor of the manufacture of lies. Read more ..

The Iranian Threat

Iran's Thuggish Behavior Endangers the World

November 7th 2011

Iran - Iranian women trample US flag

Quirky though it was, U.S. officials are convinced that the recently exposed plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to Washington was the work of the vaunted Quds Force, the special operations branch of the Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC). As policymakers consider how best to respond to Iran's increasingly dangerous behavior they should look first to our own back yard south of the border.

To be sure, this plot demands a response. Pointing to the 1983 and 1984 Beirut bombings, the CIA reported in 1987 that "many Iranian leaders use this precedent as proof that terrorism can break U.S. resolve" and view "sabotage and terrorism as an important option in its confrontation with the United States in the Persian Gulf." Read more ..

The Iranian Threat

Iran’s MAD Strategy Has a Strategic Rationale

November 7th 2011

Iran - Iranian Qiam missile launch

My first book, The Iranian Islamic Revolution, published way back in 1986, dealt with the historicity of the 1979 Khomeinist Revolution in Iran. In it, I exposed the Khomeinist regime’s long-term ambitions and revisionist account of events that led to the Shah’s overthrow and Ayatollah Khomeini’s ascent to power in the alleged Islamic “Republic” of Iran. From my observatory in Beirut, where Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) were growing into a force to be reckoned with in the region and beyond, I absorbed and digested the thinking and logic of Tehran’s strategists. Boiled down, that strategy involved sending as many mixed signals in as many directions as possible so as to confuse opposing forces and make them tentative. This would allow the Khomeinists to pursue their global ambitions with minimal opposition.

First, Tehran formed an alliance with the Assad regime in Syria. Next, Hezbollah was established in Lebanon and later, in 2003, penetrated Iraq’s Shia communities. Now, Tehran is about to achieve its most important goal since the inception of the Islamist regime—a strategic intercontinental ballistic missile arsenal capable of delivering nuclear and other lethal warheads. Military historians will undoubtedly debate the ins and outs of the Iran’s long trek to join the nuclear club. What they will find is a Western world that was fooled for decades. It remains to be seen whether the West’s current leaders will be able to stop this final phase in Iran’s jihadist strategy. Read more ..

Argentina on Edge

Argentina's Elections: A Paradox of Democracy and Absolutism

November 6th 2011

Argentina Topics - Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
Pres. Cristina Fernadez de Kirchner of Argentina

The October 23rd presidential elections in Argentina have given a clear advantage to Cristina Kirchner, who was reelected president of Argentina with an overwhelming majority. Kirchner, of the Frente Para la Victoria – the Center-left wing of the Justicialista (Peronist) Party –took 54 percent of the vote, while her closest rival won 17% percent.

This will be Ms. Kirchner’s second term after being preceded by a full four-year term by her late husband, Nestor Kirchner. This means that at the end of the next presidential term Argentina’s politics will have been dominated by 12 years of Kirchner governance. She is barred from seeking a third term. This is why she is likely to pursue constitutional reform.

Last April, in a previous article in the Americas Report entitled, “Making Sense of Argentina’s Frenzied Policy” I wrote the following: “the Kirchners have behaved like dictators; intimidating the business sector every time there were price increases; attacking the media that criticized them and taking steps to destroy them while buying and co-opting media outlets they thought were supportive of the government." Read more ..

Mexico on Edge

Mexico Suppresses Human Rights Organizations

November 6th 2011

Mexican Topics - Juarez Mexico protest

Mexican authorities this past week suppressed two demonstrations in the border states of Chihuahua and Baja California. The actions drew sharp protests, and cast new doubt on Mexico's oft-stated commitment to uphold national and international human rights standards.

In the first instance, Ciudad Juarez police commanded by Julian Leyzaola broke up a November 1 march called by the Citizens Plural Front and other groups to demand justice for the 9,000-plus victims of the so-called drug war in the border city since January 2008. Read more ..

The Arab Winter

The U.S. Plan as the Islamist Winter Draws Near

November 6th 2011

Islamic Topics - Islamic Terrorists
Islamic Terrorists

As secular authoritarian regimes topple across the Middle East, there is the danger that governments with a pronounced Islamist bent will replace them. In the wake of the Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, this phenomena bears close watching.
In Tunisia this week, the Islamist Ennahdha (Renaissance) party has become the largest faction in the legislature following the first elections held since long-time strongman Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled into exile in January 2011. European Union monitors declared Sunday's elections free and fair, with Ennahdha capturing 40 percent of the vote. Failing to obtain an outright majority of seats in the 217-seat parliament, however, it will be forced to share power with the next largest vote recipients, two centrist secular parties.  Read more ..

Financial Jihad

Israel and the Apartheid Slander

November 6th 2011

Gaza Topics - Richard J. Goldstone
Richard J. Goldstone

The Palestinian Authority’s request for full United Nations membership has put hope for any two-state solution under increasing pressure. The need for reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians has never been greater. So it is important to separate legitimate criticism of Israel from assaults that aim to isolate, demonize and delegitimize it.

One particularly pernicious and enduring canard that is surfacing again is that Israel pursues “apartheid” policies. In Cape Town starting on Saturday, a London-based nongovernmental organization called the Russell Tribunal on Palestine will hold a “hearing” on whether Israel is guilty of the crime of apartheid. It is not a “tribunal.” The “evidence” is going to be one-sided and the members of the “jury” are critics whose harsh views of Israel are well known. Read more ..

Edge on Terrorism

It is Time to End the Hypocrisy of Terrorist Designations that Confuse Friends and Foes

October 25th 2011

Iran - Maryam Rajavi of MEK Iran
MEK leader Maryam Rajavi

As two current high-profile cases demonstrate, the U.S. government’s practice of listing “foreign terrorist organizations” (FTOs) has become an increasingly dangerous and hollow political exercise rather than a sober assessment of the real threats to America.

Last month, Afghanistan’s ruthless Haqqani Network reportedly staged a brazen attack against the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. The Haqqanis, who conduct grisly terrorist attacks on hotels, embassies and other targets to advance their agenda to become power brokers in a future political settlement, reportedly are responsible for hundreds of American deaths since 2001. Some American military officers apparently are furious that the Obama administration decided not to designate the Haqqani Network as a terrorist organization because it was feared that listing the group would make it harder for the Afghan government to negotiate with the Haqqanis.

At the same time, the United States continues to list the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), Iran’s main opposition group and a declared democratic ally, as an FTO even though it meets none of the criteria and long ago renounced violence. Importantly, the group was the first to reveal Iran’s 20-year clandestine nuclear program and provided invaluable intelligence to the U.S. military in Iraq, which not only helped identify and neutralize Iran’s proxy terrorist groups operating in that country but undoubtedly saved American lives in the process. Read more ..

America's Occupation Season

50 Million Will March

October 24th 2011

Economy - Occupy Wall St Oct 2011

I believe that the first big winner of the 2012 campaign is the Occupy Wall Street movement, whether or not it participates in electoral politics. Before next April 30 there will be more simultaneous marches around the world that could inspire up to 50 million men and women supporting a more just economy.

In only 30 days, Occupy Wall Street has reshaped our national political narrative and brought back to center stage the great American question: Are we a nation of the people and for the people, or a nation where the few and the factions with the money can dominate the politics and finances of the nation?

Today there is another great bailout being negotiated in Europe. Protests continue to gain powerful support. There is a firestorm of outrage from consumers against new bank fees, a firestorm of demand from workers to create new jobs and a firestorm of outrage against corruption in business and politics. Read more ..

The Edge of Terrorism

Ramallah Lynch Mob Leader to be Set Free for Shalit

October 23rd 2011

Israel Topics - Shalit Graffiti

Among the prisoners released in exchange for kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is a murderer whose hands, if not his name, are burned into the Israeli consciousness forever.

In the year 2000, just as the second intifada broke out, two reserve soldiers took a wrong turn into Ramallah. They were taken to a local police station, attacked by a mob, and literally torn to pieces.

The aftermath of this vile atrocity was captured on video, and the appalling image of Abed Alaziz Salaha at the station window, holding his bloody hands up before a cheering crowd, immediately became one of the most iconic and horrifying symbols of the campaign of racist mass murder upon which the Palestinians had embarked. Read more ..

The Edge of Terrorism

Iran’s History of Violence

October 23rd 2011

Saudi Topics - Saudi embassy dude

Is there anyone who still doubts that Iran is a terrorist state?

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement on Oct. 11 that a dual U.S.-Iranian citizen and a commander in Iran’s Quds Force, the special-operations unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), had been charged in New York for their alleged roles in a plot to murder the Saudi ambassador to the United States, Adel al-Jubeir, represents a brazen escalation in Iran’s struggle for regional dominance. But Iran’s willingness to use brutal means to achieve its foreign-policy goals is nothing new: Since the creation of the Islamic Republic, U.S. intelligence agencies have repeatedly identified terrorism as one of the regime’s signature calling cards.

The timing of this plot suggests Iran feels itself under increasing pressure, both from the international community (led by the United States) and from the regional alliance of Sunni states in the region (led by Saudi Arabia). Intriguingly, the plot seems to have been launched shortly after the Saudi-led military intervention in Bahrain against Shiite protesters, to which Iran objected loudly but was unable to affect. Read more ..

Economic Jihad

The Disingenuity of Divestment

October 17th 2011

Israel Topics - Richard Cravatts

The recent call by NYU’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) for TIAA-CREF to divest holdings in targeted companies doing business in Israel is part of a troubling trend that exposes dangerous radicalism on campuses disguised as efforts at achieving social justice. In 2010, for instance, student-led groups at both UC San Diego and UC Berkeley introduced initiatives to demonize Israel once again in the court of world opinion. One effort, disingenuously named “UCSD Divest for Peace,” was aimed at divesting university funds from U.S. companies which benefit Israel and which take a “non-neutral financial stance in the occupation of Palestinian territories.” The Berkeley initiative, endorsed by 41 student groups in March 2010 and cynically named “A Bill In Support of UC Divestment From [Israeli] War Crimes”—promoted by broader an anti-Israel effort named the “U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.”

The latest NYU effort, an “Open Letter to TIAA-CREF CEO and President Roger W. Ferguson from NYU Faculty and Staff,” signed by over 70 members of the NYU community, has as its purpose “to pressure TIAA-CREF into divesting its holdings in 5 key companies which profit from the illegal Israeli occupation and oppression of the Palestinians.” It has at its core the same baseless accusations and libels against Israel, namely, that companies like Caterpillar “sells the bulldozers used by the IDF to destroy Palestinian homes, infrastructure, and fruit and olive trees;” Elbit Systems provides “drones used to kill Palestinian and Lebanese civilians;” Northrop Grumman builds weaponry that “Israel needs to defend itself from crowds of children throwing stones;” Veolia “operates a light-rail system linking Israel’s illegal settlements to Jerusalem;” and Motorola “manufactures surveillance equipment for Israeli checkpoints” [emphasis added]. Read more ..

Economic Jihad

NYU Israel-Divestment Push Ill-conceived

October 16th 2011

Congressional issues - Gary Ackerman (D-NY)

I strongly condemn the ill-conceived and dangerous effort by some of the professors and staff at NYU to instigate divestment from American and Israeli companies by TIAA-CREF. While they have managed to assemble a pastiche of smears and falsehoods against Israel, they have not actually come up with anything resembling a sound rationale for divestment.

The faculty and staff who signed the open letter to TIAA-CREF claim the companies they list are profiting from the so-called “occupation of Palestinian territories.” What they actually seem to be most upset about is that these companies and the goods they produce enable Israel, the only true liberal democracy in the Middle East and a staunch American ally, to defend itself, protect its citizens, and fight back against relentless terrorist assault targeting Israeli civilians.

Strangely, there is not a word of concern in their letter about the many thousands of Israelis who have been murdered or maimed by rockets falling on their homes, bombs going off on their buses, or by suicide bombers slipping into restaurants and religious celebrations. Likewise, no word is mentioned about the declared, and often repeated, intent of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and their radical allies to destroy Israel altogether. Should we assume these erudite employees of NYU forgot, omitted, or are actually ignorant of this essential fact? Surely these exceptional educators wouldn’t cherry-pick the facts to present only one side of a complex issue. Read more ..

America’s Occupation Season

“Occupy Wall Street” Should Also Take Aim at Health Insurance Companies

October 12th 2011

Economy - Occupy DC Oct 2011

The lobbyists for U.S. health insurers surely have to be feeling a little uneasy knowing that thousands of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators who have been marching and protesting in Washington as well as New York and other cities might target them in the days ahead. After all, the headquarters of the insurers’ biggest lobbying and PR group, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), at 601 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, is just blocks away from Freedom Plaza, where the demonstrators have set up camp, and problems with health insurers appear to be near the top of the list of protesters’ concerns.

Health Care for America Now, an umbrella advocacy group that played a key role in the health care reform debate, last week analyzed the 546 comments that had been posted by then on the “We Are the 99 Percent” site. It found that 262 of the comments mention such problems as getting denials for doctor-ordered care from their insurance companies and having to forego treatment because of hefty out-of-pocket costs. Read more ..

Islam on Edge

Muslim Brotherhood Making Itself at Home in the United States

October 11th 2011

Islamic Topics - Muslim Brotherhood Jordan

They were the first modern terrorists and the forerunner of al-Qaeda. But these days, the Muslim Brotherhood is becoming mainstream not only in Egypt, but in Washington, D.C.

While the final chapter of the so-called Arab Spring has yet to be written, it appears that radical Islamic forces could emerge as the big winners. None more so than the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Jordan, the Brotherhood has used unrest to increase its influence.

The group is also making inroads closer to home, according to one expert.

"Their goal is primarily deception, manipulation and intelligence gathering," former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo said.

Guandolo said Brotherhood operatives have infiltrated the halls of power in Washington, D.C.

"What we're seeing not just inside the White House, but inside the government entities, the national security entities, the State Department -- is a strong push by the Muslim Brotherhood to get their people not just into operational positions, but policy positions -- deeper, long term, bureaucratic positions," he told CBN News. Read more ..

Egypt after Mubarak

Eyewitness to Mayhem and Geopolitical Convulsions in Cairo

October 11th 2011

Egypt - Flames in Cairo

The last time I visited Cairo, prior to the ouster of then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, a feeling of helplessness pervaded the streets. Young Egyptian men spent the hot afternoons in shisha cafes complaining about not being able to get married because there were no jobs available. Members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood would shuffle from apartment to apartment in the poorer districts of Cairo trying to dodge arrest while stressing to me in the privacy of their offices that patience was their best weapon against the regime.

The Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest Islamist organization, could be seen in places where the government was glaringly absent in providing basic services, consciously using these small openings to build up support among the populace in anticipation of the day that a power vacuum would emerge in Cairo for them to fill. Read more ..

War Against the Weak

Carnegie and other Philanthropic Institutions Share in the Blame for Eugenic Genocide

October 10th 2011

Book Covers - War Against the Weak

This article is part of our continuing coverage of the eugenic issues brought up in Edwin Black's bestselling book, War Against the Weak.

North Carolina has been transfixed this past summer by the gripping, tragic testimony of victims of its eugenics program, which forcibly sterilized some 7,600 state residents from 1929 to 1974. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, it might be instructive to recall that foundation’s contribution to North Carolina’s shameful past.

Why bring up this unpleasant, happily obscure historical footnote on the occasion of the Carnegie Corporation’s grand centenary? Because philanthropy at last seems a bit weary of self-celebration and has begun to realize that it will become more effective only if it is willing to learn from its mistakes. Eugenics presents a serious opportunity to do so.

Eugenics was a pseudo-science popular in the early 20th century, championing the notion that the human race could be biologically enhanced by encouraging the “breeding” of “superior stocks” while discouraging, even forcibly preventing, the propagation of “inferior stocks.”

In America, the mark of “inferiority” could be anything from inherited physical or mental disabilities to being poor or a member of a disfavored racial or ethnic group.

One of the most ill-defined but commonly targeted mental deficiencies, “feeblemindedness,” was thought to be the genetic cause of crime, prostitution, alcoholism, and other social ills. Read more ..

America on Edge

Missing Bill Clinton, the Comeback Kid

October 9th 2011

Contributors / Staff - Armstrong_Williams

I never thought it would come to this. I never imagined a time past 2000 when I would actually welcome a return to the past. But here we are, facing a recession as deep and even longer than the one in the early 1990s. A recession that ushered in none other than the Comeback Kid—President William Jefferson Clinton.

His was a presidency that brought us DNA samples; Don’t ask, Don’t tell; school uniforms; and wagging fingers regarding a certain intern.

But set all that aside (if you can), and recall some of the fiscal successes of his presidency, and it’s easy to long for those days again. Yes, the United States enjoyed years of growing surpluses during the Clinton presidency—many of which could be attributed equally to the Republican Congress—but pair them together, and it’s easy to see why the country could use another Bill Clinton in place of the current Oval Office occupant. Here’s why:

Trade policy.

I lead with this because it’s easily the quickest thing President Obama could accomplish to help set the economy on the right footing again. President Clinton bucked the powerful labor unions and even some of the most liberal wings in his party to push through Trade Promotion Authority during his tenure. For the first time, the Administration had the power to negotiate trade deals and send them to the Congress for an up-or-down vote. TPA was a signature legislative jewel in the crown of the Clinton presidency, and it took none other than Clinton himself to put his own political capital on the line to marshal it through the Congress. Read more ..

Turkey on Edge

Turkish Bellicosity is NATO’s Dilemma

October 7th 2011

Turkish Topics - Erdogan

Bellicose threats directed at Israel by the Turkish government delivered over the past two months are extremely disturbing and demand an American response. Never before in the history of the alliance has a NATO member used such strident and threatening language at a fellow democratic country. This is in addition to nine years of actions counter to the positions of its Western partners.

The succession of hostile declarations by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other Turkish officials has been accompanied by a downgrading of relations with Israel and a threat to deploy Turkish naval vessels to confront the Israeli blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza, a measure the UN recently declared legal. Read more ..

The Digital Edge

Steve Jobs: the Stanford Commencement Address—Love and Loss, Triumph and Death

October 6th 2011

Technology - Steve Jobs speaking

This is a prepared text of the Commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, on June 12, 2005 at Stanford University. See video here.

I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college. Truth be told, this is the closest I've ever gotten to a college graduation. Today I want to tell you three stories from my life. That's it. No big deal. Just three stories.

The first story is about connecting the dots.

I dropped out of Reed College after the first 6 months, but then stayed around as a drop-in for another 18 months or so before I really quit. So why did I drop out?

It started before I was born. My biological mother was a young, unwed college graduate student, and she decided to put me up for adoption. She felt very strongly that I should be adopted by college graduates, so everything was all set for me to be adopted at birth by a lawyer and his wife. Read more ..

America on Edge

New Mexico Law Enforcement plagued by Corruption and Abuse of Human Rights

October 6th 2011

Crime Topics - Guns for sale

Barely a week goes by without a scandal involving a New Mexico law enforcement officer making the headlines.

Angelo Vega, the former police chief of the border town of Columbus, pleads guilty to extortion and trafficking arms destined for the La Linea criminal organization, one of the protagonists in the so-called Mexican drug wars.

At Albuquerque’s iconic Frontier Restaurant on historic Route 66, where the stern mug and big brim of John Wayne hangs tall, a Bernalillo County sheriff gets involved in a dispute over a table that ends with the officer’s friend, a former Texas deputy, pulling a gun on an unarmed man.

The deputy is fired but not before a video showing the confrontation gets ample play on the Internet. In separate trials last month, an Albuquerque cop gets six months in jail for tipping off a friend who was the subject of a federal drug investigation, while a former Santa Fe County sheriff begins serving a three-month jail sentence for stealing department equipment and peddling it on E-Bay. Read more ..

War Against the Weak

Compensation for Victims of North Carolina's Eugenic Genocide Should Also Come from the Charities That Funded It

October 5th 2011

Book Covers - War Against the Weak

America's eugenics movement was not just a tragedy for North Carolina. During some five decades of 20th century science-based ethnic cleansing and class elimination, the state sterilized almost 8,000 of its own citizens — mostly women. The war against the weakest residents of North Carolina was not waged at night with burning crosses by men dressed in sheets, but at high noon by the best and brightest men and women of North Carolina's academic, legislative and medical elite.

Eugenic stalwarts, powered by millions of dollars from the opulent Carnegie Institution, Rockefeller Foundation and the Harriman railroad fortune, sought to extend their reach into Germany. Rockefeller and Carnegie spent Depression-era fortunes to finance the worst Nazi doctors and race institutes. Hitler promptly implemented American precepts that he studied with stunning ferocity and velocity. Among the central recipients of Rockefeller money was top Nazi doctor Otmar von Verschuer. During the Final Solution, Verschuer's assistant, Josef Mengele, continued the Rockefeller-funded eugenic twin research at Auschwitz. Mengele's efforts yielded monstrous experiments.

While 27 states joined in the campaign once projected to eliminate the reproductive viability of some 90 percent of the nation, most abandoned the practice after the full realization of Hitler's eugenic Holocaust and his quest for a master race. But North Carolina continued its eugenic practices for years, with vestigial race laws designed and deployed purportedly to eliminate poverty but mainly implemented as a heinous tactic of Jim Crow. From 1929 through 1974, an estimated 7,600 North Carolinians were sterilized, mainly poor blacks. Read more ..

Greece Edge

The Tyranny and Devastating Glory of Greece

October 4th 2011

Europe Topics - Nazi officers at Acropolis

On the eve of World War II, in 1935, the British scholar, E. M. Butler, spoke about the “tyranny” and “devastating glory of the Greeks.” She explained:

“Greece has profoundly modified the whole trend of modern civilization, imposing her thought, her standards, her literary forms, her imagery, her visions and dreams wherever she is known. But Germany is the supreme example of her triumphant spiritual tyranny. The Germans have imitated the Greeks more slavishly; they have been obsessed by them more utterly and they have assimilated them less than any other race. The extent of the Greek influence is incalculable throughout Europe; its intensity is at its highest in Germany.”

Butler was not quite right. WWII shreded the classical façade of Europe rather quickly. Read more ..

Israel and Palestine on Edge

Letter from Prague: What the Betrayal of Czechoslovakia in 1938 Can Teach Us About The World and Israel Today

September 30th 2011

 - sudetenland_1938

"We have no interest in oppressing other people. … It is not so much the country of Czechoslovakia; it is rather its leader, Edvard Benes. He has led a reign of terror. … The Czech maintenance of a tremendous military arsenal can only be regarded as a focus of danger. We have displayed a truly unexampled patience, but I am no longer willing to remain inactive while this madman ill-treats millions of human beings."- Adolf Hitler, September 1938.

Visiting the Czech Republic prompts thoughts of the 1938 Munich agreement. Analogies with Nazism and the 1930s are overused today, made even more tasteless and cliché-ridden by the fact that many of those using them know very little about the situations then and now. Read more ..

Religous Tolerance

Christian pastor faces Death Penalty in Iran for Refusing to Recant his Faith

September 27th 2011

Iran - Pastor Yousef Nadarkhan
Pastor Yousef Nadarkhan

A Christian pastor may be executed in Iran if he refuses to give up his faith. Rev. Yousef Nadarkhani has twice refused to recant his Christian faith during two court hearings held in Rasht, Gilan Province, September 25- 26. According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, recanting will again be demanded at sessions scheduled for September 27-28, and that if he continues to refuse, he will be executed thereafter. He belongs to the Church of Iran, an evangelical Christian denomination.

Pastor Nadarkhani was tried and found guilty of abandoning Islam in September 2010 by the court of appeals in Rasht. The verdict was delivered verbally in court, while written confirmation of the death sentence was received nearly two months later.

At the June 2011 appeal, Iran's Supreme Court upheld Nadarkhani’s sentence, but asked the court in Rasht that had issued the initial sentence to re-examine whether or not he had been a practicing Muslim adult prior to converting to Christianity. The written verdict of the Supreme Court’s decision included provision for annulment of the death sentence if he recants his faith. Read more ..

Guatemala on Edge

Evil Times in Guatemala make for Difficult Choices in Fight against Narco-Terror

September 27th 2011

Latin American Topics - Guatemalan special forces
Guatemala 'Kailbil' special forces

The Guatemalan elections are taking place against a complex background of a largely impoverished population yearning for some semblance of law and order. The September 11th presidential elections resulted in a run-off between Otto Perez Molina, a conservative former general and Manuel Baldizon, a wealthy businessman running as a populist.

Guatemala is far from being a solid state. It is a state where insecurity, corruption and drug trafficking has destroyed its foundations. Institutional corruption is such that people have lost all confidence in their government up to the point that people often refuse to pay taxes or take the law into their own hands by conducting public lynching of suspected criminals.

As Mexican drug cartels control most of the trafficking of drugs to the United States, Guatemala has become a bastion of organized crime. Guatemala shares an uncontrolled border with Mexico. For a very long time it has had weak state institutions. This makes Guatemala a perfect transit country for the passage of drugs on their way to the U.S. Indeed, more than one ton of cocaine passes through Guatemala every single day. Read more ..

Oil Addiction

How to Weaken the Power of Foreign Oil

September 27th 2011

Energy Topics - Oil Barrels 400px

Our country has recently gone through a sober national retrospective on the 9/11 attacks. Apart from the heartfelt honoring of those lost—on that day and since—what seemed most striking is our seeming passivity and indifference toward the well from which our enemies draw their political strength and financial power: the strategic importance of oil, which provides the wherewithal for a generational war against us, as we mutter diplomatic niceties.

Oil’s strategic importance stems from its virtual monopoly as a transportation fuel. Today, 97 percent of all air, sea and land transportation systems in the United States have only one option: petroleum-based products. For more than 35 years we have engaged in self-delusion, saying either that we have reserves here at home large enough to meet our needs, or that the OPEC cartel will keep prices affordable out of self-interest. Read more ..

The World on Edge

Palestinian Statehood Would be Diplomatic Disaster

September 27th 2011

Contributors / Staff - Armstrong Williams Headshot
Armstrong Williams

The world is abuzz with the possibility of a U.N. vote to recognize a Palestinian state. Should this vote take place, it would be a disgrace and a diplomatic debacle for Israel, the Palestinians and the United States.

Since its founding in 1948, Israel has lived under the constant threat of physical danger, surrounded by hostile regimes committed to its obliteration. In recent weeks, Israel’s diplomatic ties with Turkey, at one time its closest ally in the Muslim world, unraveled completely. Meanwhile, across the border in Egypt, Israeli diplomats literally ran for their lives as a lawless mob stormed the Israeli Embassy. These events, combined with the Palestinian Authority (PA) seeking U.N. recognition, are creating a perfect storm of diplomatic danger.

PA efforts to secure statehood represent an abandonment of the very foundation of the peace process, which requires the Palestinians and Israelis to negotiate directly to resolve their conflict. The PA lusts for statehood despite its near-total reliance on foreign aid to prop up its frail economy and the government’s physical and political division between PA-controlled areas on the West Bank and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

The proposition of Palestinian statehood today is ludicrous. This would involve bestowing legitimacy on a government that includes a radical, Islamist terrorist group which is committed to the destruction of its neighbor Israel, has championed use of suicide terrorism to murder innocents, and has indiscriminately fired thousands of rockets into Israeli towns and cities after Israel withdrew completely from Gaza.

Should the U.N. really grant the precious gift of global recognition to a PA that pays salaries to known terrorists imprisoned in Israeli jails, honors suicide terrorists as martyrs and holds them up as role models for children? Read more ..

The Arab Spring

Arab Spring—or Islamist Winter?

September 27th 2011

Egypt - Members of Muslim Brotherhood

A fierce debate is gripping Israel’s defense and intelligence community over fateful questions that have arisen from the recent period of Middle Eastern turmoil.

The first, most basic question concerning defense officials is: Can stable states eventually emerge around Israel from the chaos and uncertainty that has replaced the old regional order?

Alternatively, will the Arab states be hijacked by powerful, radical Islamist currents that have been deceptively dormant until now, lying in wait for a golden opportunity to fill a vacuum? Moreover, if the Islamists do take over, is it inevitable that they will drag the region into war?

In January of this year, just as the Arab revolts began spreading like wildfire, Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror—who would go on to become Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s national security advisor—expressed an unequivocal and discomforting prognosis. Read more ..

Religious Tolerance

Former Muslim Seeks to Enlighten Americans on Politically Incorrect Truth about Islam

September 23rd 2011

Book Covers - Quran Dilemma

It's been 10 years since Muslim terrorists carried out the 9/11 attacks. Yet polls show that most Americans still have very little understanding of Islam.

A former Muslim is looking to change that by revealing the politically incorrect truth about the Koran. Al Fadi, a Saudi native, said it's no coincidence that a majority of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia.

"When I lived in Saudi Arabia, not only did I look at non-Muslims as second class, you would look at non-devout Muslims as second class citizens," Fadi said. "If Islam has to prosper, be the superior religion, then certain steps must be taken by its followers, including spreading Islam at any cost, including the sword and killing any opposition," he said.

Real Life Under Islam

These days al Fadi, which is a pseudonym, lives in the West. He also left Islam for Christianity, a move that would bring a death sentence in his native country.

"The Koran will emphatically say in chapter 4, verse 157 that the crucifiction never took place, that someone else was made to look like Jesus and was put in his place," Fadi explained.

It's been 10 years since Muslim terrorists carried out the 9/11 attacks. Yet polls show that most Americans still have very little understanding of Islam.

A former Muslim is looking to change that by revealing the politically incorrect truth about the Koran. Al Fadi, a Saudi native, said it's no coincidence that a majority of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. "When I lived in Saudi Arabia, not only did I look at non-Muslims as second class, you would look at non-devout Muslims as second class citizens," Fadi said. "If Islam has to prosper, be the superior religion, then certain steps must be taken by its followers, including spreading Islam at any cost, including the sword and killing any opposition," he said. Read more ..

Israel and Palestine on Edge

President Clinton Reinvents Israel

September 23rd 2011

Israel Topics - Israel pre 1967

Bill Clinton recently blasted Benjamin Netanyahu, blaming the Israeli prime minister for the lack of progress toward peace with the Palestinians.

The errors and misstatements in Clinton’s interview with bloggers are sufficient to change his reputation from that of a firm supporter of Israel into that of a firm supporter of Israelis who agree with his twisted version of the facts. Clinton simply blames the Israeli right for killing peace efforts. He appears entirely—in fact, embarrassingly—unaware of what has actually happened to the Israeli right over the last ten years, where the change has been extraordinary.

First, Ariel Sharon embraced Palestinian statehood in 2003, at the Aqaba Summit, and then took all Israeli settlements and bases out of Gaza in 2005. Sharon broke up his Likud Party over this, forming Kadima to back his policies. Likud fought those new Sharon policies for years, but Netanyahu is now bringing Likud, or most of it, around to supporting the basic Sharon view—that there should indeed be a Palestinian state. In his speech to the Knesset on Israeli independence day this year (May 16), ignored by Clinton (as it was by the Obama administration), Netanyahu agreed again to Palestinian statehood and the compromises it entails: “These compromises, by the way, will be hard to make because, no matter what, they involve parts of our homeland. Read more ..

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