Ever get hungry at work and wish you could ordering a pizza? That’s exactly what happened to Doron Marco and his team at White Innovation, an Israeli company based in Rishpon, established four years ago to “engineer ideas” for manufacturers. (The name “White” is a metaphor for what is created when all the colors on the light spectrum are blended together.)

“We think of a problem in the market, and find a solution,” Marco tells ISRAEL21c. “And then we seek out the right partner to share it with and develop a plan to create a product.”

So rather than merely moaning about the empty cupboard at their office one evening, Marco’s staff of eight began to brainstorm, as they always do. This time, however, rather than trying to come up with a technological solution for someone else’s company, they focused on their own.

“We thought it would be great to have some contraption for making meals materialize with no fuss or mess,” Marco recounts. “Like on Star Trek.”