Bomb Iran to Stop a Wider War in Europe and Protect Taiwan
After the Afghanistan and Ukraine debacles, the West must show strength to save the world.
By Joshua S. Block | 13 Apr 2022

Putin’s war against Ukraine is far from Tehran. But if the Biden administration hopes to deter Russia in Ukraine, and its growing alliance with China and Iran, it needs to move decisively against Iran’s nuclear assets—now … Read more

Ben & Jerry’s Tries to Force Food Apartheid
By Edwin Black | 4 Apr 2022

For the first time in human-rights history, an international mega-corporation has attempted to coerce a licensee into food apartheid. This unprecedented contractual demand has provoked a turning-point lawsuit that asks whether it is legal to attempt to force a food licensee to discriminate against entire communities … Read more

Russia’s Fight to Monopolize Ukraine’s Natural Resources
If Russia gets its way, what’s next for Europe—and the world?
By Faye Lincoln | 3 Mar 2022

Ukraine’s right to democracy, freedom, and self-determination is threatened by conflicts over energy and food economics. In an interdependent world, President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, has determined that blatant warfare is more desirable than peaceful trade negotiations … Read more

By Holly Abernathy | 15 Feb 2022

I am standing in the kitchen laboring over a Middle Eastern salad when my thoughts drift to Nina. “No one ever cooks for me,” she once said with genuine surprise in her voice. “I always do the cooking for everyone else, but no one does it for me.” … Read more

A Reopened Jerusalem Consulate Will Again Proclaim that Jerusalem Is Not in Israel
By Alyza Lewin and Nathan Lewin | 14 Oct 2021

Many consider the Biden administration’s oft-expressed intent to open a US consulate-general in Jerusalem a minor administrative change. In fact, it is a dangerous resurrection of a fiction that dominated American attitudes and policy toward Israel for decades. It is nothing less than a devious scheme to reverse US recognition that Jerusalem is in Israel by pressuring Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to abandon Israel’s claim to sovereignty over its own capital city … Read more

Afghanistan Lost, Values Vanquished
By Faye Lincoln | 4 Oct 2021
For the sake of ending a 20-year war, the demise of Afghanistan’s democracy and the tragedy of lives lost is the gravest of all failings on the part of the US. By negotiating troop withdrawals with the Taliban, the Islamic fundamentalist group that harbored al-Qaeda during the 9/11 attacks, America failed in preserving the value of peace. Instead, it is increasing the chances of war in the region. The implications for Israel might be stunning … Read more

The Court Decision That is a Clear and Present Danger to America’s Jews
By Nathan Lewin | 20 Sep 2021
Try painting a swastika on the wall of a synagogue, and you’ll be arrested and charged with vandalism and probably serve jail time for a hate crime. But a federal appellate court has just gone out of its way to grant constitutional protection to signs bellowing “Resist Jewish Power” and “Jewish Power Corrupts” … Read more

Biden Must Stop ISIS from Finishing Genocide of Assyrians and Yazidis
By Abraham Cooper, Juliana Taimoorazy, and Hadi Pir | 30 Aug 2021
America’s precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan spawned a new humanitarian crisis. As the Taliban rebrands the country they captured with nary a fight—the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan—desperate people are trying to flee, even to neighboring countries already struggling with their own crises … Read more